A Crazy Ex Boyfriend Keeps Sending Disturbing Snapchats At School | Reacting To Scary Animations

Kubz Scouts scary animations reactions with 4 stories in today's episode; first one is about ordering mystery boxes from the dark web, second video is the people are watching..whatever that means, third video is a kid who keeps sending weird snapchats and the last video is for the freaks..leave a LIKE for more!
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  1. Leo A.

    Leo A.11 hours ago


  2. Lefet Fritos

    Lefet FritosDay ago

    Wait a minute, on the second one, some of the people looked like they were from some of the animations that guy made, like the girl in the front with the hoodie and the shorts, with the blonde ponytail. 🤔

  3. Blockman Villian

    Blockman VillianDay ago

    Me only seeing my ex boyfriend kept sending me di.... my dirty minded a-- thought something else...

  4. Amari Horsford

    Amari HorsfordDay ago

    the people trhat were there after he covered his eyes were people from past scary videos.

  5. Yashica Nayal

    Yashica NayalDay ago

    19:02 Looks like Jay got hands and legs. Sorry,I had to...

  6. Aaron Stoner

    Aaron Stoner3 days ago

    So, how did Pete bury himself after stabbing himself?

  7. DogePlaysRB

    DogePlaysRB4 days ago

    I stopped in the first 2 seconds of the video and already knew: *The only thing scary is the animated guy's hairline.*

  8. Hex Boy

    Hex Boy5 days ago


  9. Daniella Bradford

    Daniella Bradford5 days ago

    OMG I LOVE YOU JAY well not like that but still

  10. Jeira Palada

    Jeira Palada6 days ago

    how i say murdered: murdered how you say murdered: MuRdErEd~~

  11. Joji Casta

    Joji Casta7 days ago

    Omg dude the woman on the bus is so scary you should so watch it!!!

  12. Oxiz_4170

    Oxiz_41708 days ago

    jay: can u stop with that mouth also jay: 😯😯😯

  13. FaePhlox

    FaePhlox8 days ago

    "Dorothy the traveller" please im dead 😵😵😵

  14. Jossyj35

    Jossyj3510 days ago

    Jay: i got goosebumps, where'd they go!? not flexing but where'd they go? also jay: continues to flex arm while say "where'd they go"

  15. Person with a fnaf obsession 86

    Person with a fnaf obsession 8610 days ago

    My friend from school got left on request sent on snap for like 3 months by me

  16. Ahmed Muhammad

    Ahmed Muhammad11 days ago

    5:13 28 STAB WOUNDS!!!

  17. Pelumi Awopetu

    Pelumi Awopetu13 days ago

    “Come on man your seriously freaking me out” Who just stands there with a not normal human like he was just standing there like nothings going to happen🤣

  18. Larssonお兄ちゃん

    Larssonお兄ちゃん13 days ago

    "Dr. No sleep" Me: *I feel ya man*

  19. Kendrick Green

    Kendrick Green15 days ago

    I said man vase I was clise

  20. Elinor King

    Elinor King15 days ago

    who else loves his laugh 😉

  21. orange juice

    orange juice18 days ago

    a watch wearing a poney

  22. Nightwolf 014432

    Nightwolf 01443222 days ago

    Jay must open an ASMR channel...

  23. Zara Bagel ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    Zara Bagel ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ23 days ago

    8:07 I was playing Minecraft while watching this and when Jay said "Brainnnneessnsnsnennsn" I heard a zombie growl

  24. The dragon king

    The dragon king24 days ago


  25. Naveah Avila

    Naveah Avila25 days ago

    Yo anyone else love when jay says WHAT A TWIST?

  26. Pat My Head

    Pat My Head26 days ago


  27. Mr Memes

    Mr Memes28 days ago

    9:30 I think these are all people who were in the creator's previous vids, I remember the old man in the suit, and the girl standing next to the weird purple guy, I think she's the person that put their roommates body in a freezer in one of the animations.

  28. Jenna Budd

    Jenna Budd29 days ago


  29. Jayden The Top Shotta

    Jayden The Top Shotta29 days ago

    My man's said Dorthory the Traveler LMAOOOOO

  30. Melicoulous Ladybug

    Melicoulous Ladybug29 days ago

    Anyone notice that the guy in the first story tried to sound as smart possible

  31. Melicoulous Ladybug

    Melicoulous Ladybug29 days ago

    Dr No sleep

  32. Christina wheeler

    Christina wheelerMonth ago

    jay:talking mess me:shut the f up senior woofers

  33. Myracle Woodford

    Myracle WoodfordMonth ago

    *Dorothy The Traveler* 😆

  34. Casually Choking

    Casually ChokingMonth ago

    7:27 How you gonna call me out like that

  35. with Abby Ericka

    with Abby ErickaMonth ago

    my name is ericka leticia wtfffff


    CAYDEN GREYMonth ago

    dorthy the travelers ex sending her new boo some pics

  37. Starcade X

    Starcade XMonth ago

    WhAT a TwISt!

  38. a Crackhead Child

    a Crackhead ChildMonth ago

    Trevor got framed for a murder? 1 2 3 WHAT A TWIST

  39. Camie Damel

    Camie DamelMonth ago

    the slitgh cut „nevermin-„ was jay feeling bad for my guy 😔

  40. Ashlyn Robin

    Ashlyn RobinMonth ago

    One dime down ads

  41. Elisha Antunez

    Elisha AntunezMonth ago


  42. Catherine Steelman

    Catherine SteelmanMonth ago

    Why did my mans burn the letter with it still in hand like my guy you gonna melt your fingers off.

  43. MikoHiro

    MikoHiroMonth ago

    Ace of spades means demon kingdom, spades are for digging... so..

  44. Laili Lakin

    Laili LakinMonth ago

    I LOVE this series!!!!!!!!!

  45. Cherry Squid

    Cherry SquidMonth ago

    Trent: So. You asked my girlfriend to prom huh? Me: She said yes so I guess I did.

  46. Kinjirō Sakamachi

    Kinjirō SakamachiMonth ago

    That dude from the second story thought this was Persona 3

  47. black lives matter

    black lives matterMonth ago

    6:01 r we not gona talk about how u paused the video at 4:20suwusj yaS

  48. Valentine

    ValentineMonth ago

    6:15 i have a answer for this story but im not saying this is correct so basically the main character is the creator of the channel and is getting haunted by the ones that he killed in his storys thats why we see some familiar people in the park and the gas station so this is my quote on quote answer

  49. Purple._. Gacha

    Purple._. GachaMonth ago

    I love at the end of the video you see I think is a recemended video of Dashie! Lol 😂

  50. funtime964

    funtime964Month ago

    Note: *says burn each letter after reading it* Me: YOUR NOT THE BOSS OF ME!

  51. Katarina Lambrou

    Katarina LambrouMonth ago


  52. Melissa Turner

    Melissa TurnerMonth ago

    Jay: I'm not flexing but where'd they go? Every lady within an 11-mile radius: Adios.

  53. Melissa Turner

    Melissa TurnerMonth ago

    this is an honest joke and I'm sorry if this offended you in any way. I just now realized that it sounded a bit rude. Thanks for understanding!

  54. Cream soda

    Cream sodaMonth ago

    That face don’t even look sad 😂

  55. Phil’s Eyelash

    Phil’s EyelashMonth ago

    When your friend tell you about their problems but you don’t know how to give advice:daaa daa (why does jay sound like a baby going dada? Xd)

  56. Pierson Gilliam

    Pierson GilliamMonth ago


  57. Assassin Strike

    Assassin StrikeMonth ago

    and kubz scouts is that dude

  58. Assassin Strike

    Assassin StrikeMonth ago

    cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu maaaaaan creeeeeeeeeeepy s.s

  59. Assassin Strike

    Assassin StrikeMonth ago

    these guys have the very deep voice in the whole world bruh

  60. Molly O'Connor

    Molly O'ConnorMonth ago

    omg i haven't seen it yet but i think that someone killed pete and they have framed bitchtits by making him touch the knife and the door n the shovel

  61. Molly O'Connor

    Molly O'ConnorMonth ago


  62. Tristan Spencer

    Tristan SpencerMonth ago

    jay saying hi is no flexing what a twist

  63. syo. !!

    syo. !!Month ago

    what happened to the guy who got framed

  64. Anne Mazun

    Anne MazunMonth ago

    Second vid has all the killers from the channel

  65. E l f h e a d

    E l f h e a dMonth ago


  66. •xX_Ïtz_ Møønlïght_xX•

    •xX_Ïtz_ Møønlïght_xX•Month ago


  67. Meow Busters

    Meow BustersMonth ago

    Principal and being looking like the knockoff of Dr Phil

  68. Roslia Sings

    Roslia SingsMonth ago

    Jay you should try storybooth animation.. It is very awesome!!! 😆😆😆 By the way luv the vid... So funny... I had broken my stomach... *My mind:- wait broken stomach?.. Lol* 😬😬😬😳😳😳

  69. Elizabeth Ortuno

    Elizabeth OrtunoMonth ago

    I like to share something that happened to me it’s not related to any of the videos but it’s a little scary so one evening I was finishing up my chores and I just had to take out the trash as soon as I was going to open the trash can I heard a scream it was loud and sound like a woman screaming she sound scared in pain or seen something that would scare someone as soon as I heard that I quickly put the trash in the trash can I ran back inside and looked the doors know I soon as I got back inside I was making logical Reasons of why I heard I scream none of them made sense because the Scream sound like it was in my backyard so then I decided to ask my siblings I asked my little sister if she heard scream or was outside she said that she was outside but didn’t hear a scream then I asked my older sister and she said no too because she wasn’t outside at these point I was scared was I hearing things but then it sounded so real since am left with all these questions but I never looked at my backyard at night now because am scared if I see something horrible anyway that’s my story it’s not really Scary but it did scare me

  70. Meiela Espinoaa

    Meiela EspinoaaMonth ago

    I thought he said constipated 😂🤣

  71. BunnyTheRoseBear

    BunnyTheRoseBearMonth ago

    that first story was definitely one of the best i heard

  72. Monochrome GFX's

    Monochrome GFX'sMonth ago

    This isn't a story animation, it's a song but it is an animation 💖 it's called "Addict" from "Hazbin Hotel" I thought it'll just be cool to see your reaction to the song 😆

  73. KūbzSçōūts Gāmīng

    KūbzSçōūts Gāmīng2 months ago

    2:39 is definitely a mukbang sound

  74. Zuly Martinez

    Zuly Martinez2 months ago

    Jay don't you have a kid .-.

  75. Kiana

    Kiana2 months ago

    8:38 them bangs

  76. Bad Kitty

    Bad Kitty2 months ago


  77. Tripple Xo

    Tripple Xo2 months ago

    8.00 sees wh- holy shit

  78. Mark Frahm (Student)

    Mark Frahm (Student)2 months ago

    Jay:she’s three feet tall I woulda kicked her like a football Me:SMART IDEA. Punts the little girl*

  79. Rainbow dino

    Rainbow dino2 months ago

    I love when he does theese videos

  80. Ayanda Parkies

    Ayanda Parkies2 months ago


  81. Leaf Tohru

    Leaf Tohru2 months ago

    Jay: What the heck is wrong with the kids in this generation Me: AYE! I’m un subscribing JK JK I love your channel.

  82. ReeseIsMostly ,_,

    ReeseIsMostly ,_,2 months ago

    I think the story with the umbrella little girl was about a guy with schizophrenia

  83. Amy Fonex

    Amy Fonex2 months ago

    Jay: IT WAS PETE! Captions: *IT WAS PINK* And how is Pete solid? It’s a hooman skin

  84. Walking Dead Now

    Walking Dead Now2 months ago

    Nice video ♥! As a horror fan and fellow USlikesr, I am on the lookout for creative ideas!

  85. Hobby Katt

    Hobby Katt2 months ago

    In the first one I would not burn the notes 📝 why you may ask? cuss I’m lazier then two sleeping foxes


    SHYLA GRAY-TRAIMANY2 months ago

    Imagine having dr Phil as a principal

  87. Mythycal Beatle07

    Mythycal Beatle072 months ago

    "in shock, I called the police, devastated from the death of my best friend." also them: *literally doesn't change expression*

  88. Rula

    Rula2 months ago

    Man said "Dorothy the traveller" 😭😂

  89. Trevor Reviews

    Trevor Reviews2 months ago

    Yo my name is in the first story


    21DECLAN LUTTON-SEIGNORE2 months ago

    My guy says Dorothy the traveler

  91. Gia P

    Gia P2 months ago

    THE 2nd lama arts video did u guys notice all of those people Jay did u all of them were from the other animations they made

  92. YourWxifu

    YourWxifu2 months ago

    Nobody: Jay: aahhhdaa (18:17)

  93. Baka Chan

    Baka Chan2 months ago

    6:16 is that like white *stuff*

  94. Himiko Toga

    Himiko Toga2 months ago

    That guy: STOP IT Not even a single soul Me: *stop it get some help*

  95. BlueDarkCrystal

    BlueDarkCrystal2 months ago

    13:47 wait is that you dr phil?! 0-0

  96. mhaki lima

    mhaki lima2 months ago

    The second one. It made me think until the video ended. I think the boy has schizophrenia...

  97. hisoka moans for gon

    hisoka moans for gon2 months ago

    Glad I turned my phone off and finished this the next day :)

  98. Laetitia Seager

    Laetitia Seager2 months ago

    6:25 when he said Leticia I felt he was talking bout me :) ( check my name out)

  99. Emily Mcnally

    Emily Mcnally2 months ago

    Jay, could u please react to 'I got kidnapped by a 7-year-old' (search it up and it should be the first thing to come up) by my story animated, it also has a big twist! I love ur channel BTW❤❤❤xxxx

  100. ꧁Funtime Fred Boi꧂

    ꧁Funtime Fred Boi꧂2 months ago

    No one: Jay: *laughs whenever someone opens their mouth*

  101. dm b

    dm b2 months ago

    Im okey right now cuz its 4 pm but i will be scared af at 1 am tonight :D

  102. Sketch Book

    Sketch Book2 months ago

    I feel like in the second one the guy had schizophrenia

  103. Ritchel Ann Odag

    Ritchel Ann Odag2 months ago

    Actually jay we are watching you....... were watching you from USlikes