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  1. silent ghost

    silent ghost2 days ago

    I have school tomorrow...

  2. joseph

    joseph3 days ago

    why did i hear the re:zero sound effect in the pink guy game LMAO

  3. Saffron Ye

    Saffron Ye3 days ago

    idw jay follow 88rising!

  4. poo

    poo4 days ago

    “Pink Man” me: *that 5up??*

  5. Tae's_Kookies _and_Suga

    Tae's_Kookies _and_Suga5 days ago

    I see joji on cover I click

  6. Username_qqr11

    Username_qqr116 days ago

    Ravioli ravioli give me the formulae 😂😂 Another spongbob reference

  7. Your Local Creature

    Your Local Creature6 days ago

    “wanna hell spawn cuddle tweet?” “Yes hell spawn cuddle tweet me baby” Me: *hears a moan* Also me: wtf

  8. Daph C

    Daph C8 days ago


  9. callmelara

    callmelara9 days ago

    12:00 time stamp dont mind

  10. CheskaL

    CheskaL9 days ago

    I legit flinched so hard at the skeleton falling in the first game 💀

  11. Me is not cool Me

    Me is not cool Me10 days ago

    Bruh when he found the skeleton i was eating and i droped my spoon

  12. Jessica Salazar

    Jessica Salazar11 days ago


  13. Ma. Katrina Krisel Adecer

    Ma. Katrina Krisel Adecer12 days ago

    For me the scariest game was the pink guy one

  14. sweethoney thebee

    sweethoney thebee12 days ago

    Those are horrible accents

  15. Kθdak Vibez

    Kθdak Vibez13 days ago

    Jay: off-brand Bill Gates Me: please, JUST SAY *BILL FENCE*

  16. TehChickennuggetduck

    TehChickennuggetduck17 days ago

    grrrr I just ate a dolphin

  17. ღ Emoji Kittyz ღ

    ღ Emoji Kittyz ღ18 days ago

    The key wasn’t on the table before 👁👄👁

  18. Pixadragon

    Pixadragon18 days ago

    Those rezero SFX though😄✨

  19. Ryan

    Ryan3 days ago

    What is that?

  20. Dezirae Joi

    Dezirae Joi19 days ago

    am I the only one who noticed the Re:Zero return by death music?

  21. Ryan

    Ryan3 days ago

    What is rezero?

  22. emily

    emily19 days ago

    pls is anyone gonna talk about the re:zero sound effects in the last game PLASIHDAPAS

  23. Gru With Drip

    Gru With Drip19 days ago

    Content cop vs pink guy

  24. XXmoonshine loves yt XX

    XXmoonshine loves yt XX19 days ago

    It wasn't there tho

  25. Tayisia Yang

    Tayisia Yang20 days ago

    14:19 look at the left wall there is a message

  26. Bevonnie Bailey

    Bevonnie Bailey20 days ago

    28:25 I can't with the scream🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  27. Heather King

    Heather King21 day ago

    The key wasnt there

  28. Goldenglare_thewindeater

    Goldenglare_thewindeater22 days ago

    Both voice actors in the begining sound like they’re _trying_ to do southern accents and failing miserably. Mason with his wannabe plantation owner and ya girl with that general hick drawl. I guess for people who don’t live in the south and grew up around them, that’s what we sound like. But god it grades on my ears.

  29. sweethoney thebee

    sweethoney thebee12 days ago

    Omg I said same thing I'm from nc we do not sound like that

  30. stuffy

    stuffy23 days ago

    Mason tryna sound like a _hillybill_

  31. emeyeay

    emeyeay23 days ago

    24:23 Who the fõõk is that güy

  32. emeyeay

    emeyeay23 days ago

    13:24 who invited will Byers 🙄🥱

  33. Wolf Spirit

    Wolf Spirit24 days ago

    Can you play a game cald do not open you're eyes plzzzzz

  34. ghoul babi

    ghoul babi25 days ago

    i always say the intro with him everytime its so iconic

  35. Jungkooks Banana Milk

    Jungkooks Banana Milk25 days ago

    The pink guy is Joji 🤣 I was trying to figure out what they seemed semi familiar

  36. Nouristic

    Nouristic26 days ago

    that key was not there the first time lmao

  37. whiskers 110

    whiskers 11026 days ago


  38. Kjeana Forde

    Kjeana Forde26 days ago

    There: Is a guy named Mason in the first game. Jay: *That’s not my child.*

  39. Kirishima Eijirou

    Kirishima Eijirou4 days ago


  40. taeoncii

    taeoncii27 days ago

    26:55 but why Jay? You talking about that..always gives me so much hope..I really- ✨𝕲 𝕺 𝕯 ✨

  41. Glowstick something

    Glowstick something27 days ago

    you know that one time where you're a akane owari kinnie so when someone says 'fuyuhiko' you say 'ya' mean baby gansta?' thats me.

  42. リゼっち

    リゼっち27 days ago

    I’ve heard the sf from rezero I think

  43. Ryan

    Ryan3 days ago

    What's that?

  44. Alizha's productivity

    Alizha's productivity27 days ago

    14:54 Jay: on last game on today's episode Also Jay: *plays another game* Me: THAT'S A BAG OF CAP

  45. Hi :3

    Hi :327 days ago

    15:45 Jay: “ravioli ravioli give me the formuoli”while holding ravioli me: at home eating ravioli at the exact same time

  46. Gay Snail

    Gay Snail28 days ago

    Jay is right the key wasn’t there before

  47. P Tamil Selvi

    P Tamil Selvi29 days ago

    I just love the line" everybody get ready and buckle up , cause here we go~"

  48. Kimber Smith

    Kimber Smith29 days ago

    I am watching this at night but it’s not scary cause I think it’s scarier when you don’t expect something there during the day

  49. {Amiko Ann}

    {Amiko Ann}Month ago

    Jay:Last game of todays episode Dilirious/Delirious game: *No not yet-*

  50. Wcc BEAST

    Wcc BEASTMonth ago

    Jays the best buy ik hell never notice me

  51. baby waby

    baby wabyMonth ago

    I watched horror movies since I was vary little and not one has ever scared me

  52. Sailor Saturn

    Sailor SaturnMonth ago

    Yeah, the key wasn't there the first time....

  53. Kai Melarstas

    Kai MelarstasMonth ago

    my name is Fiona and im so happy he said it XD like idk but I just feel happy

  54. KokichiOum_a

    KokichiOum_aMonth ago

    I can confirm that the evidence room key was not there before

  55. Tina Walker

    Tina WalkerMonth ago

    Mincraft 😔

  56. ࠄ 𐎅 Ⲉ ࠄ 𐎅 Ⲉ

    ࠄ 𐎅 Ⲉ ࠄ 𐎅 ⲈMonth ago

    I love the return by death reference in the pink guy game

  57. Ryan

    Ryan3 days ago


  58. Galaxy Cass

    Galaxy CassMonth ago

    Jay: HOW DO I GET OUT- The ad: ✨hello✨

  59. Oyinkansola fejuku

    Oyinkansola fejukuMonth ago

    yeah the key wasn't there

  60. Ivanna Merino Martinez

    Ivanna Merino MartinezMonth ago

    jay: oh that was a spider no an ant everyone who is watching the video :༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

  61. Apocalypse Arisen

    Apocalypse ArisenMonth ago

    responding to what you asked us to do at 4:52 I can say for certain the key was NOT there. magic keys man I'm telling you.

  62. Ivanna Merino Martinez

    Ivanna Merino MartinezMonth ago

    No one : jay: nan that's not Masson that's Jayson me : whyyy does that rhyme so well



    just to let you know the thing you all was see in horror games its a transmutation circle its something that they use to deconstruct and reconstruct matter

  64. sweethoney thebee

    sweethoney thebee12 days ago




    ok soooo it was not there the first time you went in there and im talking about the key

  66. Selwynzer Puedan

    Selwynzer PuedanMonth ago

    Abut the key...the key wasn't there

  67. Ssgaming God

    Ssgaming GodMonth ago

    Being a person named Jayson, jay saying he wanted to shot me sucks

  68. PotatoBrie

    PotatoBrieMonth ago

    Jay did the Nagito voice I just half died.

  69. Popcorn Sheep

    Popcorn SheepMonth ago

    My dad in the car: 0:13

  70. Random Bird loves curry

    Random Bird loves curryMonth ago

    4:11 "Don't ever mess with me!". Reminds me of Nathan from Life Is Strange 👀

  71. AriellaTheRobloxer

    AriellaTheRobloxerMonth ago

    my dad has 2 ps5 i swear to god

  72. • T o k y o •

    • T o k y o •Month ago

    Nobody: Not even a single soul: Not even James Charles: jay sees a spider: "That was a big ass ant"

  73. Jaymie VonFeldt

    Jaymie VonFeldtMonth ago

    Me: Drinking tea The very first jump scare: nope your not gonna drink tea anymore Me: Jumps aggressive asf and tea goes everywhere

  74. Sonya YT

    Sonya YTMonth ago

    Pink guy The man behind the slayer

  75. Sleeping all Day

    Sleeping all DayMonth ago

    25:30 "Everything got to come with me" pause on that

  76. I want to die

    I want to dieMonth ago


  77. Brokenlunchbox

    BrokenlunchboxMonth ago

    Thanks for finding serotonin for me when I can't.

  78. Chillax Coffee

    Chillax CoffeeMonth ago

    "They like the cold" Me: well that's very familiar from stranger things...

  79. neko gal

    neko galMonth ago

    It sounded like miss frizzles wap best thing said in 2020

  80. gloom girl

    gloom girlMonth ago

    i have a wap i it is nie and

  81. gloom girl

    gloom girlMonth ago

    i mean i do have a nice wap

  82. cecelia mabes

    cecelia mabesMonth ago

    The key wasn't there before

  83. Arickson Sanchez

    Arickson SanchezMonth ago

    I love the sound effects they installed when you die in a pink guy horror game is Re:zero

  84. CasualMemer

    CasualMemerMonth ago

    Mason's voice is annoying

  85. sweethoney thebee

    sweethoney thebee12 days ago

    Fake ass southern accent

  86. ツ

    Month ago

    Is nobody else gonna talk about the re zero reference at 16:32?

  87. John Tony

    John TonyMonth ago

    Flames bro your gameplay is on point

  88. Leonor Oliveira

    Leonor OliveiraMonth ago

    That jump scare of the skeleton MADE ME HAVE A HEART ATTACK

  89. Call Me Maysin

    Call Me MaysinMonth ago

    Bro this vid my fav vid Bc my name is mason his kids name is mason and that characters name is masonnnnn

  90. Call Me Maysin

    Call Me MaysinMonth ago

    My name is masonnnnnnnn yooooooo

  91. AbnormalAsian

    AbnormalAsianMonth ago

    Jay: *talking about how he’ll rob the place* The person he’s controlling: I a joke to you?

  92. Sleeping all Day

    Sleeping all DayMonth ago

    As soon as jay said "HOW DO I GET OUT OF HERE!" an add played and I yelled "HE WANTS TO GET OUT OF HERE NOT ME!!"

  93. Emily Roberson

    Emily RobersonMonth ago

    As someone who was born and raised in the country in game 1 the fake accents were BAD. We dont talk like that, ive been all over the south so before you say "Maybe not where you live"

  94. sweethoney thebee

    sweethoney thebee12 days ago

    It annoying as hell

  95. Ree StoneMCPE

    Ree StoneMCPEMonth ago

    That pink guy is Filthy Frank just incase u didn't know

  96. Emnu Boi

    Emnu BoiMonth ago

    Does anyone notice that the Pink Guy game had re:zero audio ?

  97. Lunny

    LunnyMonth ago

    Damn Mason's voice fits worse to his body than Bane's

  98. Max Key

    Max KeyMonth ago

    Jay please watch a filthy frank video and react

  99. Virgo Vibez

    Virgo VibezMonth ago

    I rewind the vid and it wasn't there the first time :o

  100. Virgo Vibez

    Virgo VibezMonth ago

    but u prolly already knew ;-;

  101. Lily Graceful

    Lily GracefulMonth ago

    Jay is my happy place 🤝 . And he is that’s dude

  102. Lord Shaxx

    Lord ShaxxMonth ago

    Ms. Frizzle's WAP

  103. blueberry san girl

    blueberry san girlMonth ago

    Ok the key was not there

  104. Bert opina Mendoza

    Bert opina MendozaMonth ago

    Im your biggest fan

  105. Teia Morell

    Teia MorellMonth ago

    blair wich was bad it did not scar me

  106. Nathaniel Adams

    Nathaniel AdamsMonth ago

    correction I was kidding around."

  107. Nathaniel Adams

    Nathaniel AdamsMonth ago

    Mason is the pink man do not trust him every thing he says is a lie or I could be wrong but I could be right about him who knows he might help you at some point in time.

  108. Nathaniel Adams

    Nathaniel AdamsMonth ago

    in 3 min and 55 sec the key was not there it might be a glitch that sometimes happens when your not looking when you least expect it.

  109. Xxdonut - chanxX

    Xxdonut - chanxXMonth ago

    Mason: Exist* Jay: *tHaT aIn't mY mAsOn*

  110. prince smooth The second

    prince smooth The secondMonth ago

    There was no key there 3:52

  111. Sheyla Silva

    Sheyla SilvaMonth ago

    Did anyone notice about the Re:Zero sound effect? 10:14 16:30