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  1. Kubz Scouts

    Kubz Scouts3 months ago

    Wanted to get this up early for all my Danganronpa fans out there, 50K Likes for the next episode!

  2. Nur Izzah

    Nur Izzah5 days ago

    Can you please Danganronpa v3 please

  3. Yuuichirou Hyakuya

    Yuuichirou HyakuyaMonth ago


  4. Margaret Rose Martin

    Margaret Rose MartinMonth ago

    Imma be legit when you put that Nagito censor when Hajime saw the body I honestly thought Nagito was what he saw ngl😂

  5. Kyhabelys Cruz

    Kyhabelys CruzMonth ago

    Did Mikan and nagito say among us-

  6. Kokichi Ouma

    Kokichi Ouma2 months ago


  7. Michelle Aleman

    Michelle Aleman5 hours ago

    No cause jay is the ultimate nagito kinnie


    HYOKO SAYONJI23 hours ago

    1:39:16 nagito covers hanged body bc It can be sensitive to people He good boi

  9. grace's wxnderland

    grace's wxnderlandDay ago

    1:25:15 pov: you now know where that tik tok sound came from

  10. XxEdyrxsesxX

    XxEdyrxsesxXDay ago

    “I’m monomi” “Shut uppp” 42:50 lol

  11. ShipQueen28

    ShipQueen28Day ago

    Every single USlikesr I know of absolutely HATES Mikan's execution. Granted, they aren't familiar with Mikan's backstory and how it's playing off of her childhood trauma, but that shit is very, _very_ easily missable. I do feel it would've been better if they went for something maybe a bit less symbolic, because a lot of people didn't do all of Mikan's FTEs on a blind first playthrough so they just thought it was a lame ass execution. And to be fair, it kinda was, even knowing Mikan's backstory.

  12. wogney

    wogney2 days ago

    uwu! :3 i love nagito!!! he is so kawaii

  13. wogney

    wogney2 days ago


  14. ella

    ella2 days ago

    31:54 i started wheezing cuz of the sounds jay was making

  15. Yxanthe_102 TMAAB

    Yxanthe_102 TMAAB3 days ago

    "This isn't a game" *But-*

  16. •M i l k M o o n•

    •M i l k M o o n•4 days ago

    This is the thing I don't get about a ibuki's death 🤔 If hiyoko walked in the scene would've hear ibuki scream while the person was hanging her? IM CONFUSED😵

  17. Z2BX YT

    Z2BX YT4 days ago

    Worst case ever

  18. Cheeky The Birb

    Cheeky The Birb4 days ago

    Noooo she was like my fav character!

  19. Fatal.

    Fatal.5 days ago

    really hyped for that dude to play v3!

  20. Ho.For.Minghaos.Mullet

    Ho.For.Minghaos.Mullet6 days ago

    I should not be laughing so hard at “committed BARK BARK”

  21. Magical Unicorn281

    Magical Unicorn2816 days ago

    50:26 LMAO- His face when she says that- ngl I'm kinda of worried about what would have happened if Nagito said that instead of Akane-

  22. Ibuki Mioda

    Ibuki Mioda6 days ago


  23. Ibuki Mioda

    Ibuki Mioda6 days ago

    Akanes skirt gonna rip off

  24. Magical Unicorn281

    Magical Unicorn2816 days ago


  25. Ibuki Mioda

    Ibuki Mioda6 days ago

    Mikan i lve you but why you leave me hangin WHY?

  26. Ashley Rosal

    Ashley Rosal7 days ago

    Nagito thinking Hajime did self-report lmao

  27. itsCritic ._

    itsCritic ._7 days ago

    Spoilers? I guess Notice how in every game in chapter 3 a double kill happens 👯‍♂️

  28. Luna Amor

    Luna Amor7 days ago


  29. Kaori Miyazono

    Kaori Miyazono7 days ago

    How come you block it sometimes but not others? I understand why you do it but it's slightly annoying because I wanna solve the case as well 😅

  30. Soggy Toe

    Soggy Toe7 days ago

    Is it teru teru?😂

  31. Soggy Toe

    Soggy Toe8 days ago

    I love the dog barks😂✋

  32. HeadacheCity

    HeadacheCity8 days ago

    Who actually watched this 2 hour video without pausing? Like if you did

  33. FernzZey

    FernzZey9 days ago


  34. Lois Pasion

    Lois Pasion9 days ago

    Funny how monomi dangling at mikan's back makes the rope look as if she were hanged

  35. Lois Pasion

    Lois Pasion9 days ago

    Izzat lotus juice i hear?

  36. chicken_nugget

    chicken_nugget10 days ago

    I love that detail when Mikan tied Hiyokos sash wrong bc if the sash is tied in the front it resembles prostitution. So it was Mikans way of saying "Oh so you wanna call me pig-barf? Fine then..." and tied her sash wrong

  37. ICEBerry ••

    ICEBerry ••10 days ago

    8:25 40:50

  38. CGrascal

    CGrascal10 days ago

    Just here to explain that the idea of this executions makes sense if you are aware of the Japanese title card. The title card is "Pain, pain, fly away." which is Japan's version of the "Pain, pain, go away" song parents/teachers would sing when they are taking care of a kid's ouchies. So, they took a medical centered song and gave it a literal spin to it.

  39. *- Ūłtìmåtė -Wèëb -*

    *- Ūłtìmåtė -Wèëb -*10 days ago

    Monomi: I’m Monomi! Jay: Shut up!

  40. Exstic

    Exstic11 days ago

    yo.. mikans smart for changin up the whole cod

  41. 3pico simp3

    3pico simp312 days ago


  42. 399

    39912 days ago

    Mikan: Huh Huh Huh Huh Huh Huh Huh Huh Huh Jay:Huh?

  43. •Søy Bėan•

    •Søy Bėan•12 days ago

    Me: Nagito STFU TALKING ABOUT HOPE ITS ANNOYING- Jay: You have chosen death.

  44. Tatsuki !!

    Tatsuki !!14 days ago

    I can prove it with this candle!

  45. Genshin_xiao&qiqi

    Genshin_xiao&qiqi14 days ago

    Mikan's beloved is junko

  46. crystaele the simp

    crystaele the simp14 days ago

    Mikan's voice actor did such a great job!

  47. Sophia Emilie

    Sophia Emilie15 days ago

    SPOILER Damn that would’ve been so cool if her execution was the third kill from the movie Monokuma made >~

  48. abi’s umbrella

    abi’s umbrella15 days ago

    i love the happy nagito censor, that makes me happy

  49. Mak DeMoney

    Mak DeMoney16 days ago

    ok nvm like 5 min in and its already sooo easy to tell its mikan

  50. Mak DeMoney

    Mak DeMoney16 days ago

    no cuz mikan is the one who first told everyone that ibuki was missing, remember? also she has an alibi for when they were looking for ibuki, considering fuyuhiko was there, assuming thats the truth.

  51. Mak DeMoney

    Mak DeMoney16 days ago

    i still think it might be sonia and i havent even watched the vid yet. cmon man shes rly sus. dont get me wrong tho i also identify mikan as a prime suspect too, but im not so sure its that simple.

  52. Peppermint Tea

    Peppermint Tea16 days ago

    Why is it always my favourites who kill two people? damnit celestia...

  53. The SuperSisters

    The SuperSisters16 days ago

    I like how they just ignored the weapon which was used to kill Hiyoko

  54. a dead body

    a dead body18 days ago

    Sometimes I just skip the investigation episode bc I find them kinda boring and survive on context clues during the class trial lol

  55. Marigold

    Marigold18 days ago

    I like how the fandom can collectively agree that Mikan's execution sucks. Even if you know her backstory and how it links to her fear of large objects and the various types of abuse she's suffered, it still just...sucks. I'd love for people to reply with concepts they had for Mikan's execution that would've been better than the canon one

  56. Pepperoni Guy

    Pepperoni Guy19 days ago

    i live for jay’s dissatisfaction while watching mikan’s execution

  57. Samaire Angelique

    Samaire Angelique19 days ago

    Worst execution of the series I'm convinced that they only did it that way for fanservice Both the executions Jay came up with were 100x better

  58. Heidyangely

    Heidyangely19 days ago

    Huh? Noo mikan!💔 i love you and junko love mikan

  59. jenelle

    jenelle20 days ago

    53:22 ignore this

  60. ッRõżēッ

    ッRõżēッ20 days ago

    26:52 I choked on thin air

  61. Angie Yonaga

    Angie Yonaga20 days ago

    Fun fact: her beloved is actually atua

  62. Super panda Channel

    Super panda Channel20 days ago

    In the intro there was Peko I'm sad, I love Peko

  63. Nagito Komaeda

    Nagito Komaeda21 day ago

    53:45 huh? really? that's annoying. i guess i should just awkwardly laugh about it then. heh..... heh.....heh heh......

  64. None of Your business

    None of Your business22 days ago


  65. ᴋᴏᴋɪᴄʜɪ ᴏᴍᴀ

    ᴋᴏᴋɪᴄʜɪ ᴏᴍᴀ22 days ago

    Among Us Meetings be like:

  66. I D.M

    I D.M23 days ago


  67. Megan Gonzalez

    Megan Gonzalez23 days ago

    W-what are you doing Stepladder!! *this was the only thing I was thinking this while timee*

  68. CocøaHeart

    CocøaHeart23 days ago

    Hanging body: *exists* Nagito: “Allow me to introduce myself” (scene is 1:39:13 for those who are wondering)

  69. Rylee James

    Rylee James23 days ago

    just did this trial, good thing i got all her hope fragments

  70. Le Joesph

    Le Joesph23 days ago

    rebuttal showdown 30:45 48:07

  71. llenabon

    llenabon23 days ago

    Sad because I love Mikan as a character but this execution suckedddd

  72. Kristy- Honeyyy

    Kristy- Honeyyy24 days ago


  73. 【Katsukoi】

    【Katsukoi】24 days ago

    Hold up if when Hiyoko tied her kimono 👘 the sash was tied in the front because she successfully tired it in the front but was going to turn it around but when she was doing it the killer approached her? (I am at 40:29 in the video so don't blame me) what if that's what happened?!

  74. Fragile _

    Fragile _25 days ago

    I just love how jay adores nagito, “every time nagitos on the screen I can’t help but smile” ☺️

  75. Strawberry

    Strawberry27 days ago

    you know what i love about this comment section I HAVENT SEEN ONE DISLIKE AND I LOVE IT

  76. Desty𓆉シ

    Desty𓆉シ27 days ago

    I have a feeling that she would talking about junko enoshima

  77. Fiona Wright

    Fiona Wright27 days ago

    Bullying a girl.. not cool Hajime

  78. Freddy Fan

    Freddy Fan27 days ago

    I just love Sonia's face when you agree with her. : )

  79. Seymora Brown

    Seymora Brown27 days ago

    Her head still going to exploded in space

  80. ettylavender

    ettylavender27 days ago

    monomi is cute tho why do you hate her ;-; fuyuhiko would have died if she didn't intervene, and she also opens up a new island after a trial

  81. Jonafe Bayag

    Jonafe Bayag28 days ago

    35:23 you really left Ibuki hanging

  82. -xanonymousx-

    -xanonymousx-29 days ago

    Her beloved was Junko-

  83. E _Nonbinary

    E _Nonbinary27 days ago

    Please add a spoiler warning! ⚠

  84. Real Brice

    Real BriceMonth ago

    I went to search up the death scene since he was blurring and It said the killers name and spoiled it 😭

  85. Real Brice

    Real Brice24 days ago

    @Plush Series Creator ik

  86. Plush Series Creator

    Plush Series Creator24 days ago

    Yea he did it because hanging, and suicide are sensitive tops. I think at least.

  87. Ash Bradford

    Ash BradfordMonth ago

    Mikan, Celeste, and (insert dangenrompa V3 chapter 3 murder) all have awesome voice acting during the trial.

  88. Kuhu

    KuhuMonth ago

    Gundham weird.

  89. Kuhu

    KuhuMonth ago

    I cant help but hear chat noir in nagito's voice lol.

  90. Ava Studios

    Ava StudiosMonth ago

    the execution was her reactions on the arm was supposed to be like how she got sexually abused! and the arm is her injured arm and the needle mikan hated over sized stuff

  91. Serena Tsukino

    Serena TsukinoMonth ago

    I kinda feel bad for Mikan. Don't worry Mikan. I forgive you.

  92. sunny days

    sunny daysMonth ago


  93. Hajime Hinata

    Hajime HinataMonth ago

    I'm glad that it was not who I thought it was

  94. g h 0 s t

    g h 0 s tMonth ago

    34:00 i thought jay was barking 😭😭

  95. poo

    pooMonth ago

    1:38:58 i love how Jay put happy Nagito to censor even in the comic thingy 😂

  96. Leen B.

    Leen B.Month ago


  97. smiffwilm

    smiffwilmMonth ago

    How exactly does a victim commit bark bark?

  98. Purple Elluka

    Purple EllukaMonth ago

    Duh I'm kinda upset it was Mikan, i kinda liked her, but I just hope Chiaki and Gundham will survive at the least!

  99. silverlightings

    silverlightingsMonth ago

    1:25:16 Mikan: it’s not fair it’s not fair it’s not fair not fair notfairnotfairnotfairnotfairnotfairnotfairnotfairnotfair Leon: stupidstupidstupidstupidstupidstupidstupidstupidstupidstupidstupid

  100. rantaro Amami

    rantaro AmamiMonth ago

    Hiyyoko was in a sticky situation

  101. rantaro Amami

    rantaro AmamiMonth ago

    Guess you could say ibukis new song title is flying hi

  102. Lippy

    LippyMonth ago


  103. Teh Long Pang

    Teh Long PangMonth ago

    Once I saw the tittle, I was like: "Boi, let's see what kind of weak exacution made Jay filled with despair. XD Edit: I now know why I forgot about Her death, it's so lame...

  104. renajuuu c:

    renajuuu c:Month ago

    nagito your dementia is showing 53:15

  105. ana :p

    ana :pMonth ago

    50:27 well akane if you insist i mean 😉😏😏

  106. Swampeii

    SwampeiiMonth ago

    Idk why but I think it's funny that Teruteru's sign is the only one with an X consisting of a crossed fork and knife

  107. Finley Herfel

    Finley HerfelMonth ago

    "you can't turn around and move froward" me who's an expert at walking backwards: objection

  108. Heriya rynzie Matundan

    Heriya rynzie MatundanMonth ago


  109. mafi 116

    mafi 116Month ago

    Jay wtf Y r u sensoring suicide on this video but in Sakura nothing 🤣 come on now

  110. Ariaz&Co

    Ariaz&CoMonth ago

    because he didnt know sakura's death was suicide lol

  111. Brooo Idek

    Brooo IdekMonth ago

    I wonder how jay will react to Kokichi in danganronpa v3 if he plays that game! I’m hoping he does tbhhhhhh