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  1. Kubz Scouts

    Kubz Scouts14 days ago

    Wanted to get this up early for all my Danganronpa fans out there, 50K Likes for the next episode!

  2. Baby Reimi

    Baby Reimi11 hours ago

    Plsss do another part

  3. Itz bxbby Chloe

    Itz bxbby Chloe4 days ago

    Heyo where my danganronpa video at jay 😑 hand it over nicely and no one gets hurt 🔪🐖

  4. gaiscum slut

    gaiscum slut7 days ago

    Thank you father

  5. Jay

    Jay8 days ago

    @Mikan Tsumiki lmao u dead

  6. Giorno Giovanna

    Giorno Giovanna8 days ago

    1k more for a new DR vid

  7. some one

    some one17 hours ago

    1:38:57 I thought Hajime found Nagito waving to him for some reason and I was so confuzzled

  8. Adina Anghelus

    Adina AnghelusDay ago

    There are A LOT of G U N D A M T A N A K A cosplays on TikTok

  9. baguette wolf

    baguette wolfDay ago

    1:38:57 the ibuki hanging being censored by a happy nagito makes it look like that hajime saw nagito and then he got terrified

  10. PlushBunns VA

    PlushBunns VADay ago

    Praaow and my headphones came out 12:00

  11. Acadia Darling

    Acadia DarlingDay ago

    SPOILERS Her 'beloved' is Junko Enoshima. I won't give any more information than that, since you should find out later in the game.

  12. Narcissistic Lema

    Narcissistic LemaDay ago

    bullying a girl??? Not cool, Hajime

  13. Shivani

    Shivani2 days ago

    1:42:50 i noticed that too - in the first game, they were always trying to find a way to escape which led them to kill (ofc motives were a thing but it was different), but i feel like in the second game, it didn’t really have any way to escape and the motives to kill were more personal (like fuyuhiko and the remembering disease mikan had),, wack

  14. peachynil

    peachynil2 days ago


  15. XxAgentMJxX

    XxAgentMJxX3 days ago

    I swear the opening of the trial is different then my original PC play though of the game.... like the dialog about hotel team and motel team. That dialog part was never included.

  16. Cryztal

    Cryztal3 days ago

    I honestly really disliked Mikan until the last moment when she started saying stuff like “Is it because you don’t have anyone to love? Is it because you’re also someone who isn’t accepted by anyone? ...What a pity. I feel sorry for you.” towards Nagito, AND DAMNNNNN, SHE GOT HIM! I love her just for that lmao. But that really makes sense why Nagito is like that.... IM JUST GONNA GUESS THE TRAITOR IS KAZUICHI JUST CAUSE HE HAS BRIGHT COLORS. Idfk, it could be Hajime.. but it’s too obvious for it to be Nagito or Fuyuhiko ..so it’s probably someone else.

  17. Anna

    Anna16 hours ago

    You know it is always going to be the person you never even thought about in murder mystery games

  18. Hazel Potato

    Hazel Potato3 days ago

    Mikan: “Huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh?” Jay: “huh?”! Me: *dead of laughing *

  19. Craig Bolton

    Craig Bolton3 days ago

    When every killer turns out to be a psycho with multiple personalities it stops being interesting

  20. shinchin paje

    shinchin paje4 days ago


  21. gaiscum slut

    gaiscum slut4 days ago


  22. Lauren Baldwin

    Lauren Baldwin4 days ago

    spoilers for v3!!! can’t wait for him to censor kaedes death 😭

  23. Northern VA

    Northern VA4 days ago

    I really appreciate jay censoring out the word 🥺🥺🙏❤️

  24. Emerald Cordova

    Emerald Cordova4 days ago

    43:13 Dude is it me or does he sound just like Chat Noir in Chat Blanc?? :O xD Omg Edit: OMG it's the same voice actor reeee

  25. Opel Oreo`

    Opel Oreo`4 days ago

    1:35:04 ultra despair girls

  26. Lemar Dofash

    Lemar Dofash4 days ago

    Mikan literally straight up said to Nagito "ur so single like a pringle" in the most indirect way and it kinda hit him like a truck or probably a f*ck you to the face lol the way she called him out was so sad like I felt bad

  27. The Memezer

    The Memezer4 days ago

    28:20 I think kyoko traumatized jay a little “tell em naegi”

  28. jes !

    jes !4 days ago


  29. mxfuyu lolz

    mxfuyu lolz5 days ago

    Fun fact: in Japan Culture, wearing your bow infront of your Kimono is saying that you’re a wh0re, so (insert killers name) was calling hiyoko a wh0re

  30. Finn Sixman

    Finn Sixman5 days ago

    and no spoilers but the person MIkan was talking about was from the first game and you get there!

  31. Finn Sixman

    Finn Sixman5 days ago

    for a comeback on monokuma I would have said "your face looks half assed"

  32. Lullaby Luna

    Lullaby Luna5 days ago

    Sonia: you are right and you’ve been a great help to us so far Jay: shut up Sonia Me: 🤭 😂

  33. Gaming Striker

    Gaming Striker5 days ago


  34. DespairLilies

    DespairLilies5 days ago

    I wish her execution was like an autopsy and would complete the "imitation murder" by chopping her up like the tin man

  35. DespairLilies

    DespairLilies5 days ago

    I wish people understood Mikan better. It wasn't her fault, it was all [her beloved]. She remembered all the trauma and manipulation she's been through and the experiences came back to her. She needed help.

  36. Meryl Davidson

    Meryl Davidson5 days ago

    Monokuma: if the victim committed- Video: BARK BARK Idk why this is so funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  37. Cringiot45

    Cringiot455 days ago

    "mikan... what happened to you?" hAVeNt yOu heaRD??? noT oNe oF tHEsE kIDs aRE saNE oR noRmAL anD tHAt iS tRuE fOr eVerY gAmE. SHHHHHHH dont "but what about makoto or aoi" me its fax that everyone in this game is weird and i love them all and now they're all dead.

  38. Midnight Blares

    Midnight Blares5 days ago

    The reason why the case seems short is becuase originally fuyuhiko was the one supposed to die instead of hiyoko but in a last minute decision they changed it to hiyoko and the case was cut in half so we only get half of what this case originally intended, at least thats what i remember hearing but i could be wrong and just making an excuse for why it seemed so short

  39. Alastor with a gun

    Alastor with a gun6 days ago

    It’s so funny how jay just agrees with everything nagito says 😂

  40. Black Pearl Animations

    Black Pearl Animations6 days ago

    Sooooo Junko has some kind of despair desease too ?

  41. Unadvised Gaming

    Unadvised Gaming6 days ago

    Interesting theory! Maybe she does

  42. alex The cat

    alex The cat6 days ago

    She killed rockstar waifu 😔🤟

  43. Phương Bạch

    Phương Bạch6 days ago

    he didn't even hit 50k yet but he still gives us a new dangan video :< what a dude!

  44. Triggered Grammar Nazi

    Triggered Grammar Nazi6 days ago

    I know that execution sucked but don't worry, it's probably the worst one in the franchise. Also the executions get really dope in the third (if you don't count the spin-off) game.

  45. Ester Tanutama

    Ester TanutamaDay ago

    If u look at the execution from the outside instead of the inside,then ye it sucks,but once u look at an explanation for the execution,it is actually quite tragic

  46. Vera Supremacy

    Vera Supremacy7 days ago

    oh your gonna cry about chiaki.

  47. bella gamer

    bella gamer7 days ago

    I feel like yandere chan is mikan tsumiki mom because the of the hahahaheehehe

  48. Slepii

    Slepii7 days ago

    If a depressed person was in the danganronpa games i bet they would be the first killer

  49. Gundham Tanaka

    Gundham Tanaka7 days ago

    *Spoiler* but not a really big one When Jay said I hope Monomi dies I was like, ooh jay, your wish will come true soon.

  50. Iyzawa Flicka

    Iyzawa Flicka7 days ago

    D...did he release the next episode before this hit 50k or did people unlike or something?

  51. nudya kb

    nudya kb7 days ago

    1:30:56 Nagito back there like, "get DUNKED ONNN"

  52. mukuro ibusaba trigger

    mukuro ibusaba trigger7 days ago


  53. mukuro ibusaba trigger

    mukuro ibusaba trigger7 days ago


  54. Malorie Maminta

    Malorie Maminta7 days ago

    Am I the only one that has trouble hearing the voice acting over the music lol love your content Jay!

  55. Dariuš Urbanovič

    Dariuš Urbanovič7 days ago

    Oh God I knew Jay would be disappointed by the punishment

  56. Nashkii

    Nashkii7 days ago

    Mikan's twitsted personality is literally able to be audio tiktok lmao. I need someone to edit these lmao

  57. Eddie Rowe

    Eddie Rowe7 days ago

    Why did you put some one in front of the person who got hanged!

  58. Nashkii

    Nashkii7 days ago

    1:28:00 is literally my most favorite nonstop debate

  59. ALeemations

    ALeemations7 days ago

    For anyone wondering...Mikan's beloved is Junko. I won't say anything else lmao

  60. ShatteredSoul77

    ShatteredSoul777 days ago

    A comment: spoilers!! Me: hehe read more go brr

  61. spozu chan

    spozu chan7 days ago

    my dog barked: 33:58 34:06 34:25 34:37 35:57

  62. Rose μ's

    Rose μ's7 days ago

    You know what would be cool? if you could reacting to the Anime xD that would be sooo nice to see

  63. Bianeho

    Bianeho7 days ago

    It saddens me that Jay does not get why Mikan kept on asking for forgiveness. It's not her asking for forgiveness for killing Ibuki and Hiyoko, she's asking for forgiveness from the bullies, sort of.

  64. Binh Phung

    Binh Phung7 days ago

    hi, I'm the ultimate Vietnamese :))

  65. Ya boi Smashing

    Ya boi Smashing8 days ago

    Don't close your eyes during the PTA

  66. pink was not the imposter

    pink was not the imposter8 days ago

    Jay:10/10 VA.

  67. Leonardo Herrera

    Leonardo Herrera8 days ago

    I thought as punishment monukuma was gonna complete the imitation murder and cut her apart like the tin man from the movie, disappointed 😔

  68. Legal ZA0

    Legal ZA08 days ago

    Jay somehow always figures out the killer, with the wrong logic.

  69. Tyrant

    Tyrant8 days ago

    Man kazuichi a simp

  70. Shadow Laze

    Shadow Laze8 days ago

    1:06:13 No one: Everyone else except jay watching the vid, or only me: OOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  71. kiriichaa

    kiriichaa8 days ago

    btw guys mikans beloved is junko :0

  72. Bean

    Bean8 days ago

    Gundam reminds me of delusional 9yr olds

  73. Angy Face

    Angy Face8 days ago

    am I the only one who started choking when jays face turned to excitement to disappointment in Mikans execution

  74. palentineghost

    palentineghost8 days ago

    JAY i have some advice: attack and THEN reload for the pta's and you won't run out of ammo!

  75. Livias

    Livias8 days ago

    y’all slacking the likes!! 1K COME ON !!

  76. gunmanxx12

    gunmanxx128 days ago

    Can someone put down all the character of danganronpa 2 (not monomi & monokuma) on my comment

  77. Mauve 27

    Mauve 276 days ago

    @gunmanxx12 1) Byakuya Togami 2) Teruteru Hanamura 3) Mahiru Koizumi 4) Peko Pekoyama 5) Ibuki Mioda 6) Hiyoko Saionji 7) Mikan Tsumiki 8) Nekomaru Nidai 9) Gundham Tanaka 10) Nagito Komaeda 11) Chiaki Nanami 12) Hajime Hinata 13) Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu 14) Kazuichi Soda 15) Akane Owari 16) Sonia Nevermind

  78. gunmanxx12

    gunmanxx127 days ago

    @Mauve 27 can you put it like 1. 2. That 3.

  79. Mauve 27

    Mauve 278 days ago

    Byakuya Togami, Teruteru Hanamura, Mahiru Koizumi, Peko Pekoyama, Ibuki Mioda, Hiyoko Saionji, Mikan Tsumiki, Nekomaru Nidai, Gundham Tanaka, Nagito Komaeda, Chiaki Nanami, Hajime Hinata, Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu, Kazuichi Soda, Akane Owari, and Sonia Nevermind.

  80. Pepe the frog

    Pepe the frog8 days ago

    Nagito's a wildcard so if anything useful ever comes out of his mouth you better believe it's helpful

  81. tini sg

    tini sg8 days ago

    As soon as i finishes this he posted the other one haha nicce

  82. T_T

    T_T8 days ago

    I guess you could say Mikan was fisted

  83. LîttłeViølet💜

    LîttłeViølet💜8 days ago

    Nagito kind of reminds me of a teacher. Trying to help his students figure stuff out without giving direct answers

  84. Maya Artinian

    Maya Artinian8 days ago

    Who else saw the (titty tymoom)sighn on the wall

  85. Galaxy Productions

    Galaxy Productions8 days ago

    Bruh we are SLACKING on the likes lol

  86. Pastel Moonster

    Pastel Moonster8 days ago

    Hi Jay! I understand your frustration as I, at forst hated the execution too, but now I know why it's like that. The execution is about Mikan's personal dislikes and fears. When checking her profile, Mikan hates "Oversized things" And as you probably recall both the needle and the hand are oversized. From Mikan's free time events we can know she was abused, that's why she has bandages on her left hand. As we can see in the execution, the giant hand is a left one, which reminds her of the abuse. The execution is about her worst fears and her dislikes making her go away in more pain than when she would be killed normally

  87. Huney Bun

    Huney Bun8 days ago

    😭 come back to check the likes we’re sooo close!!

  88. Hajime Hinata

    Hajime Hinata8 days ago


  89. Sailor Toon

    Sailor Toon8 days ago

    We should’ve told jay to watch Danganronpa 3 despair arc AND future arc, it’s on Funimation though so it shouldn’t be a hassle to watch it to understand somethings in the game better

  90. BumbleBee

    BumbleBee8 days ago

    The danganronpa execution music slaps

  91. Samiayh Coz

    Samiayh Coz8 days ago

    Mikan: do you hate me that much hajime Hajime: erm...,. Me: he doesn’t...BUT I DO!

  92. nathen morales

    nathen morales8 days ago

    Let’s get this to 50 thousand likes

  93. A n i • M y u k i s s i

    A n i • M y u k i s s i8 days ago

    The blackened: gets executed The remaining students: _despair_ USlikesrs: *eyy let's gO* Mikan: Gets executed The remaining students: _..despair_ USlikesrs: what the _fuck_ is *this* ?? I ain't played a whole trial for this bs of an execution The remaining students:

  94. Gryphon Master935

    Gryphon Master9358 days ago

    49 k close

  95. Julia Fleck

    Julia Fleck8 days ago

    1k more cmon plsss

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    1k likes more guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CMON WE GOT THISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  97. Ss 123

    Ss 1238 days ago

    I like the fact that teruteru X is with a knife and fork

  98. Camelia V rijt

    Camelia V rijt8 days ago

    I fr feel like I'm nagito just bc i know whats going to happen LMAOO

  99. BunnyKit *

    BunnyKit *8 days ago

    **Spam clicks the video to see the 49k likes into 50k** 2 hours later it’s still 49k likes.. Another 2 hours later it’s still 49k likes..

  100. Chairos Random Gaming

    Chairos Random Gaming8 days ago

    Jay be solving these trials like he got experience from real life trials

  101. Adéla Němčíková

    Adéla Němčíková8 days ago


  102. Liz Portes

    Liz Portes8 days ago

    Jay is going to be so sad when he finds out who died in chap 5.1😶

  103. sour patch kids

    sour patch kids8 days ago

    i know, i can't wait!

  104. Bunz Bunz

    Bunz Bunz8 days ago

    come on guys! only 1k away!

  105. alyssa

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    *IF YOU SEE THIS COMMENT, LIKE THE VIDEO* also if you can, make new accounts to like it

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    i liked it on 7 different accounts lol

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    ny’aizha w8 days ago

    i keep coming back to see it this vid is at 50k likes and IT STILL ISN’T?!? i’m having withdrawal here guys, like the mf video already😠

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    Eweu8 days ago

    Bruh Im doing the same XD If only 2k out of all viewers just came back and liked

  110. Exploding_Diamond

    Exploding_Diamond8 days ago

    This is Billy. 👁👄👁 Billy doesn’t comment spoilers. Be more like Billy.

  111. İlayda Sıla

    İlayda Sıla8 days ago

    spoilers ok it was a bad joke sorry billy

  112. Shining Glitter

    Shining Glitter8 days ago

    Mikan is talking about Junko

  113. Zevn Dragonmaze

    Zevn Dragonmaze8 days ago

    Uh that might be a spolier but also not I guess you could've relized it but please put spolier warning before commenting. No offense or anything just saying

  114. Shining Glitter

    Shining Glitter8 days ago

    I agree Mikans execution was so lame

  115. Luciel

    Luciel8 days ago

    Bruh, 300,000 views, and not even 50k yet, smhh

  116. ny’aizha w

    ny’aizha w8 days ago

    right? i’m so mad abt it

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