AKINATOR Could NOT Figure Out Who I Was 3 Straight Times And I Feel Disrespected

Frizzle WAP & THAT DUDE are two things not on the Akinator's mind
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  1. •ClockWorkRabbit347 •

    •ClockWorkRabbit347 •11 hours ago


  2. Isabella Smith

    Isabella Smith19 hours ago

    omg I just looked on akinator and it has Ms Frizzles WAP on it hahahaha 😂🤣😂🤣🤣 OMG

  3. CandyCane Plays

    CandyCane PlaysDay ago

    Mom: what youtuber are you watching now 😐 Me: Jay from the cube scouts MOM

  4. Elizabeth Afton

    Elizabeth AftonDay ago

    I'm Indonesian and i'm pround bcs akinator✨

  5. I love you

    I love youDay ago

    ☕the tea sis☕💅👏

  6. Sophia Pfeiffer

    Sophia Pfeiffer2 days ago


  7. shyu ito

    shyu ito3 days ago


  8. Ben Ellis

    Ben Ellis4 days ago

    Jay: and THE CUBE SCOUTS? Me: laughs Hysterically.

  9. •Marinette Agreste• Or Lolbit

    •Marinette Agreste• Or Lolbit6 days ago

    "Jay from the Cube Scouts" Me: wow impressive.

  10. Queenshappystagesandfun :D

    Queenshappystagesandfun :D6 days ago


  11. Tiffany Michelle

    Tiffany Michelle6 days ago

    i found you on akinator :3

  12. Coba 123

    Coba 1238 days ago

    Jay:HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA Me in the background:laughing so hard

  13. A4 paper

    A4 paper8 days ago

    5:05 i cant stop repeating it

  14. Nfires man

    Nfires man9 days ago

    5:01 please, it’s midnight and I screamed with all my heart and threw my phone 😭✋

  15. Efi Giapoutzi

    Efi Giapoutzi10 days ago

    i just found you jay on akinator lol you are there

  16. Fantasy Eclipse

    Fantasy Eclipse10 days ago

    I got you in that game

  17. Zenia 76

    Zenia 7611 days ago

    Edho Zell Is an Indonesian youtuber :)

  18. DaFatCat 2

    DaFatCat 211 days ago

    Jay: NO-ONE IS IN THE APOCALYPSE! (7:31) Corona virus: am I a joke to you..

  19. Naomi Adeosun

    Naomi Adeosun12 days ago

    You have kidsssssss!

  20. ajeremiah 913

    ajeremiah 91312 days ago

    CUBE SCOUTS LOL😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😮😯😲😀😀

  21. Karla Casey

    Karla Casey12 days ago

    Jay: this game is actually really relaxing not even 5 seconds later 5:04 screams when he saw the creeping zombie.I love that scene and i replay it all the time and i sound like kuroo and his hyena laugh

  22. Irene Esti

    Irene Esti12 days ago

    Edho Zell is a USlikesr from Indonesia

  23. izz sous

    izz sous12 days ago

    I got you on akinator

  24. Sarah Kathleen Cabrera

    Sarah Kathleen Cabrera13 days ago

    Bruh philosopher stone of Harry Potter😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤦

  25. Sarah Kathleen Cabrera

    Sarah Kathleen Cabrera13 days ago

    Jay: "Hey im jay from CUBE SCOUTS and welcome back to another video of akinator"😂😂😂

  26. Dontay Lee

    Dontay Lee14 days ago


  27. Noor

    Noor14 days ago

    why is he laughing at random unfunny questions??

  28. • Sxnset Foxiela •

    • Sxnset Foxiela •15 days ago

    For now on, it's no longer kubz scouts, Its Cube scouts lol

  29. Theodora jaim

    Theodora jaim15 days ago

    Cube scouts... I can't 😂😂😂

  30. Musiclover7826

    Musiclover782615 days ago

    you say someone cant have 2 daughters and 2 sons?? I was my moms first daughter (im non-binary now) and then had 2 sons before my little sister. my best friend before they found out they were trans was a girl and has 2 brothers and a sister. sooo people can have 2 of each, may be less common but it can happen.

  31. Mr_Nut

    Mr_Nut16 days ago


  32. Krisna Pineda

    Krisna Pineda16 days ago

    When I hear Alice in borderland it's time to shine


    BARRICADE16 days ago

    He looks like a combination of brandon rogers and the ryan asmr

  34. Mordecai1524

    Mordecai152417 days ago

    Did anyway else try getting Ms frizzles WAP after this or was it just me? Lmao

  35. Madison Scott

    Madison Scott17 days ago


  36. ᗰᗩᗰᗩ ᑎOOT

    ᗰᗩᗰᗩ ᑎOOT18 days ago

    “Who the hell has two daughters and two sons?!” My mom and dad: 👁💧👄💧👁

  37. Typicalness

    Typicalness18 days ago

    all these years i’ve watched jay, AND I JUST FOUND OUT HE’S ASIAN

  38. Maliha Jules

    Maliha Jules18 days ago

    I forgot about the magic school bus

  39. strawberrycookiestargacha

    strawberrycookiestargacha19 days ago

    He said" let's slap some disrespect on his name

  40. Neonoah Dizon

    Neonoah Dizon19 days ago

    What cube scouts it is a joke

  41. Shadow GSS7

    Shadow GSS719 days ago

    There is no wap on that lol

  42. Gru With Drip

    Gru With Drip19 days ago


  43. Cerberus Wolf

    Cerberus Wolf19 days ago

    9:28 Jay’s face his voice changed at this exact moment and I was like laughing over here

  44. Oh Kay

    Oh Kay19 days ago


  45. Mari Perez

    Mari Perez19 days ago

    Bruh I got so jumpscared by that zombie I dropped my phone on my face I-

  46. Kilah TV

    Kilah TV20 days ago

    I actually got jay though lmaoo

  47. Witch_ girl

    Witch_ girl20 days ago

    Jay: "So i'm not trying to be something here, but it is easy to get me on Akinator" 71 questions later* Akinator: " I'm thinking of Edho Zell" Jay: Awkward slight laugh* "wow that's crazy I cant get Akinator to guess who I am, I guess i'm not as sweet as I thought I was huh!"

  48. RayArts

    RayArts20 days ago

    Jay you have the same 1st name as TheOddOnesOut. *How do you feel about that*

  49. Xx_HunnyBee_Gacha_xX

    Xx_HunnyBee_Gacha_xX20 days ago

    Welp its official jay is now Jay from the cube scouts😂😂

  50. T K

    T K20 days ago

    2:20 cant get thet shit out

  51. Max Jaken

    Max Jaken20 days ago

    In the Canon series mrs.frizzle has a sister

  52. doris magee

    doris magee20 days ago

    I love your videos j

  53. Eclispe The Hybrid

    Eclispe The Hybrid20 days ago

    "This is kinda relaxing..." *Zombie comes* "AHHHHH."

  54. Kaitlyn Sierra

    Kaitlyn Sierra21 day ago

    Me not knowing he has kids and has been watching him for a year now😀🤭😮

  55. daniel dan marcos

    daniel dan marcos21 day ago

    This is my real Roblox account sorry my Roblox account is Scothh

  56. Shayleah Keleher

    Shayleah Keleher21 day ago

    Lol the cube scouts

  57. Brooke Perez

    Brooke Perez22 days ago

    am i the only one who did not know he had a kid...? 5:25 ok?

  58. ambxrellei

    ambxrellei22 days ago

    5:22 😂😂🤣

  59. posted cringe you gonna lose a subscriber

    posted cringe you gonna lose a subscriber22 days ago

    I bet if your kids name was bo there full name would be bo o chi

  60. Cr0me

    Cr0me22 days ago

    Cube Escape: Cube Scouts Edition

  61. ʕ¿butterfly¿ʔ

    ʕ¿butterfly¿ʔ22 days ago

    It took akinator FOUR tries for him to get inuyasha WHICH WAS THE PERSON nvm I meant character it's an anime

  62. Deafraccoons

    Deafraccoons22 days ago

    the sad thing is YuB is a smaller content creator is easy to find it's kinda sad

  63. アッカーマンミカサ

    アッカーマンミカサ22 days ago


  64. 066Fresh

    066Fresh23 days ago

    Fun fact: borderlands is a game...

  65. Starry Shadows

    Starry Shadows23 days ago

    When the minecraft clip popped up I died from laughter 😂

  66. Loafi

    Loafi23 days ago


  67. Eily106Red

    Eily106Red23 days ago

    Jay : who the hell has two daughters and two sons? Me: *looking at my two sisters and two brothers* well someone did once Jay. They did once (and technically still do)

  68. Alrom Vincent Pascual

    Alrom Vincent Pascual23 days ago

    The first time he said cube scouts I thought he said pube scouts

  69. Nik Netti

    Nik Netti24 days ago

    The First Character (Connie Kendall) is from a Christian audio series called Adventures In Odyssey

  70. Lol LikeBadge709

    Lol LikeBadge70924 days ago

    I cant stop repeating 5:02

  71. Shanti Pandey

    Shanti Pandey24 days ago


  72. ZondaMochii

    ZondaMochii24 days ago

    other youtubers: LETS GO WE BEATED AKINATER jay: CUB SCOUTS COME ON >:(

  73. Mean Athena

    Mean Athena24 days ago

    Akinator:have you wear mask Jay:hmmmmmmmmmmmmm Me: Coronavirus wear mask

  74. naoko

    naoko25 days ago

    ten likes and jay changes his youtube name to cube scouts

  75. speed xx

    speed xx25 days ago

    Why does he always laugh


    DONESSA SPEAR25 days ago

    i played it too and i was thinking of you, but i got Gloom. and a whole bunch of other people that arent you

  77. Eggs Benedict

    Eggs Benedict25 days ago

    Cube scouts? I know the teacher and her students Magic school bus? Bruh I know their names

  78. David Boleyn

    David Boleyn26 days ago

    Jay:I go by jay or that dude Me:and one take jay

  79. Nikki Kitty Cat

    Nikki Kitty Cat26 days ago

    I think he couldn’t get you because you clicked “commentary channel.” Yes you add commentary but commentary channels are more about criticism on other topics.

  80. ꧁Army Boba꧂

    ꧁Army Boba꧂26 days ago

    im Asian too I'm from Mongolia

  81. Garuu Cit

    Garuu Cit26 days ago

    Haha edho zell

  82. Aleaxtia Yang

    Aleaxtia Yang26 days ago

    When did you have a kid

  83. sweet cake s

    sweet cake s27 days ago

    Jay from the cubes scouts Me: who the f-

  84. Mina Ashido

    Mina Ashido27 days ago


  85. Antionetta Dean

    Antionetta Dean27 days ago

    oh.. and you that DUDE

  86. Antionetta Dean

    Antionetta Dean27 days ago

    akinator: ms. frizzles me: THE MAGIC SCHOOL BUS

  87. yaya Gonzalez

    yaya Gonzalez27 days ago

    sounds like jay from the PUBE scouts 🤣🤣🤣

  88. Chiaki Nanami

    Chiaki Nanami27 days ago

    The fact that Akinator said “Japanese anime” has be doubling over in physical and mental pain. Anime is _only_ Japanese. 🤦‍♀️

  89. Fnaf and Mha fan

    Fnaf and Mha fan27 days ago

    I played akinator and I made him guess you and he did in the first try.

  90. Uhmidk.12 Sure

    Uhmidk.12 Sure28 days ago

    Ok either I was lucky or you weren't(even though you were fiddling with a couple of your answers) because I tried to find you and I did. Also you really are THAT DUDE! Your vids always make me laugh and get me through hard times, so yeah. Keep being awesome!

  91. Itz Minty

    Itz Minty28 days ago

    Yo Jay, can you try watching anime (like for e.g shield hero) or try playing minrcraft or roblox again? And anyways....YOUR THAT DUDE!

  92. mika6550 mika6550

    mika6550 mika655028 days ago

    *Can we just take a moment to appreciate that outro.*

  93. Brennen Blanchard

    Brennen Blanchard28 days ago

    jay: i was being so cocky akinator: is your character a girl

  94. Just Jonessey

    Just Jonessey28 days ago

    Anybody else checking the comments to see if Cory or kassie watched this and commented?

  95. Hmm Ravenclaw

    Hmm Ravenclaw28 days ago

    Miss Frizzle is kinda cute, ngl-

  96. Celeste Ludenberg

    Celeste Ludenberg28 days ago

    My manz fr said "Ms.Frizzle's WAP"

  97. newton Roberts

    newton Roberts29 days ago

    Try making Akinator guess a banana maybe that will get them stop trying characters

  98. Demiyah Hobson

    Demiyah Hobson29 days ago

    Wa- I didn’t know you had a kid🤦🏾‍♀️

  99. Otilie Docherty

    Otilie Docherty29 days ago

    Wait. Am i the only one that didnt know that he had a Child. He said he had one.

  100. Lights_gamerz

    Lights_gamerz29 days ago

    Wait... HOLD UP... Jay has kids!?