Murder house is a horror game from the gods at Puppet Combo and this time you're part of a news crew investigating a Serial Killer known as the Easter Ripper, but he's still done ripping if you know what i'm sayin...leave a LIKE if you enjoyed!
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  1. Kubz Scouts

    Kubz ScoutsMonth ago

    Danganronpa 2 is coming, been busy lately in my personal life!!! Please be patient these next 2 weeks with me! Thank you

  2. boirs Cusano

    boirs CusanoDay ago

    I love ya jay i also your vids are amazing ❤

  3. Scarlette

    Scarlette7 days ago

    ofc king ily

  4. Mauranda Harris

    Mauranda Harris7 days ago

    400th Comment

  5. Ayashi Saikou

    Ayashi Saikou9 days ago

    Ok? If ya say so

  6. ᒪIᖴE Iᔕ ᗩ ᒍOKE

    ᒪIᖴE Iᔕ ᗩ ᒍOKE10 days ago

    I love ur vids jay and take all the time u need

  7. Cory Lowder

    Cory Lowder4 hours ago

    Jay always knows how to make everyone's day better no cap

  8. Samar Tarbine

    Samar Tarbine10 hours ago

    ick, its creepy how u go in the house in the morning and u stay at night.

  9. Samar Tarbine

    Samar Tarbine10 hours ago

    he wears SHORT ShOrtS haha mullet head.

  10. Nobody Justme

    Nobody Justme10 hours ago

    I love those graphics, they looks like if it's made of paper and I want to chew it!

  11. Nobody Justme

    Nobody Justme10 hours ago

    Dana kinda looks like a bald man with a wig

  12. kukuh iman putra raharja

    kukuh iman putra raharja15 hours ago

    27:39 jay got jumpscared when he ran into dana (who just stand there looking bored doing her make up).

  13. Katzvielle R

    Katzvielle R17 hours ago

    After watching this I want see him play clock tower 1996 verson Or silent hill 1 lol

  14. Empirrean !!

    Empirrean !!17 hours ago

    why is this kinda nostalgic

  15. Rezende II Z. Knight

    Rezende II Z. Knight18 hours ago

    on the torture chamber the skeleton on the bed got fked until death horrible but the one on the bondage much worst left to suffer while warching them man the man in the easterbunny mascot suit is a psycho geez not only kidnapped childs,he kills and epar...(probably Ive seen to much I guess with the add of horrible ways to torture the bondage and the chained one looks like xes position tho)

  16. churry psycho_Atiny_ .-.

    churry psycho_Atiny_ .-.9 hours ago

    I was thinking dat too

  17. bakugous big tittys

    bakugous big tittys21 hour ago

    I'm going full screen boys Tell my mom I love her

  18. Actressintrain Bri

    Actressintrain Bri22 hours ago

    Who volunteered there black baby to be on that missing persons poster 😂😂😂 no hate but damn little TAMIKI THEY DID YOU WRONG GIRL 😂😂😂🤦🏽‍♀️😂😂😂

  19. Mariela Garcia Rico

    Mariela Garcia Rico23 hours ago

    49:38 yo can I just say something, the Easter bunny *freaky freaky* like damn

  20. DanganEdits

    DanganEditsDay ago

    Bro did he use his Nagito voice when he was saying "A nice juicy glass of water"

  21. Snookumzie

    SnookumzieDay ago

    If Jay were to get murdered his neighbors would just be wondering what kind of horror game he’s playing

  22. Ash Holmes

    Ash HolmesDay ago

    I jumped so hard i shook my bed

  23. XeeBABII NewMainWhoDis

    XeeBABII NewMainWhoDisDay ago

    Easter Ripper: YOU CAN’T KILL ME! The Dead kids: *VIBE CHECK* Edit: I just realized I’m a huge Dana Kinnie...Why do I relate to her so much...

  24. YouTube Yadz

    YouTube YadzDay ago

    Are we not gonna talk abt how Emma looks like Velma from ScoobyDoo-

  25. Ethan Ryan

    Ethan RyanDay ago

    Also I want to mention before you play this game well there’s a killer bunny I forgot to mention there’s a lot of torture devices so you’re going to get so cringe you’re going to say this game is so cringe he so scare me and so totally and so inappropriate

  26. Aishi Roy

    Aishi RoyDay ago

    28:50 who is Emily? (at the chat box)

  27. Katie Henderson

    Katie HendersonDay ago

    If the kid in the game was wearing red he would look like lord farquad😂😂😂😂😂omg lol

  28. Banana _ Bread

    Banana _ Bread12 hours ago

    if he wore a black robe he'd become young Voldemort

  29. Crow Bird feather.

    Crow Bird feather.2 days ago

    Jay: I don’t like it I don’t like it Me: and i don’t like life but here we are

  30. James 5373

    James 53732 days ago

    1:00:12 that voice crack tho

  31. Jichu

    Jichu2 days ago

    𝑰 𝒘𝒂𝒏𝒏𝒂 𝒗𝒂𝒏𝒊𝒔𝒉✨

  32. jotaro kujo!

    jotaro kujo!2 days ago

    The eggs are all tarot cards

  33. Lazie Potato

    Lazie Potato2 days ago

    This is like my worst fear getting lost in the mall at the middle of the night and have a creepy bunny stalking me I would be busting at the exit door

  34. kukuh iman putra raharja

    kukuh iman putra raharja18 hours ago

    empty malls does feel like a great place for horror games/movies. its also very realistic for this year.

  35. celia

    celia2 days ago

    not me watching this at 1am checking behind my back every second 😩

  36. privé

    privé3 days ago

    "'nunca' means never for all you bilingual wannabes out there" me, a brazilian: well.

  37. Mmm cheese.

    Mmm cheese.3 days ago

    He stared screamed and I got a lifeafter ad

  38. Victorya Ferrara

    Victorya Ferrara3 days ago

    Why did this game lowkey look like your dreams and your running from something

  39. D I A M O N D Z

    D I A M O N D Z3 days ago

    The Thumbnail gave me some afton vibes-

  40. 【 just stop replying to my comment ignore me lmao 】

    【 just stop replying to my comment ignore me lmao 】3 days ago

    *Jay: “It’s like a redhead with no soul!”* *Me: JJBA Kakyoin?..*

  41. Nicci Leon

    Nicci Leon3 days ago

    Oh hey! Its almost the Bite Of 1987 That bunny guy looks like a mix of William and Springrap lol

  42. kenma’s Nintendo

    kenma’s Nintendo3 days ago

    I DIED 💀😭😂

  43. Ïñtr0 Ränđ0m

    Ïñtr0 Ränđ0m3 days ago

    Jay: *Still Walking* Me: BrUh I think he’s gonna walk all day =- = Me: *Skips* Video: BUNNY WALKING OUT OF NO WHERE Me: *Almost peed my pants* Me: O-O I DID NOT SEE THAT COMING Me: *Keeps on skiping* Video: *JAY SCERAMING THIS TIME BUNNY IN MY FACE* Me: HOLY BUDDHA

  44. Shawna Greathouse

    Shawna Greathouse4 days ago

    I have learned to not watch jay while you are on a group chat call because if you scream your friends will think your crazy and also scream but laugh

  45. Sniper legend gamer

    Sniper legend gamer4 days ago

    Game:Sercuity Jay:Security it is!

  46. 、•Messy• 、

    、•Messy• 、4 days ago

    ... Wow... I sharded myself...

  47. lilmonster_ imhappy

    lilmonster_ imhappy4 days ago

    lmao seán is janitor jack .-..

  48. lilmonster_ imhappy

    lilmonster_ imhappy4 days ago

    Jay: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! Me: gets scared and crys * 👁️💧👄💧👁️

  49. James Bryant

    James Bryant4 days ago

    Holy shit

  50. -14khrs -

    -14khrs -4 days ago

    I feel like this game is based off a guy who would dress up as a Easter bunny for a daycare and follow the kids home and kill the parents with a axe made and once nobody knowed who he was he was always seen in a purple or white bunny costume the police caught him walking down a street signing “here’s comes the bunny man axeings everyone” the police taser Him then shot him when he wouldn’t put the weapons down it was a white guy his name started with a d I believed A week later two guys were fishing and heard screaming from the little hut and there was the children the bunny kidnapped. Btw this happened in 1942 or 1943

  51. All about Gianna normal girl

    All about Gianna normal girl4 days ago

    In 9:21 he really went like nhgvbyhnyunthbtgvrgvrfvrgvtgv🤣

  52. Liu-Chan Tony

    Liu-Chan Tony5 days ago

    2:30 it sounds like he said aikae lol

  53. Choco Chip

    Choco Chip5 days ago

    I was think jays avatar is scarier then the easter bunny.

  54. DekusAxolotlRikuu

    DekusAxolotlRikuu5 days ago

    This is the only USlikesr I will watch an hour long game play of

  55. Savannah MonBeck

    Savannah MonBeck5 days ago

    Kubz Scouts:OH MY GOD I CAN'T SEE! Sokka from Avator The Last Airbender:It's so dark, i can't see a thing! Toph also from Avator The Last Airbender:Oh no, what a nightmare!

  56. 24 - Muhammad Zaumar Arjuna Wanala

    24 - Muhammad Zaumar Arjuna Wanala5 days ago

    31:42 jay souds like itsfunneh but swearing and a guy

  57. blank_2424

    blank_24245 days ago


  58. Aysha Maayouf

    Aysha Maayouf5 days ago

    Me thinking were she puts all that stuff that she found?🙃🤔🤔

  59. Funtime Freddy

    Funtime Freddy5 days ago

    Wow a long hour video im watching it

  60. •iM a dOnUt•

    •iM a dOnUt•5 days ago

    I Just Realized That This Vid Was 1 Hour

  61. Taliah Almahri

    Taliah Almahri6 days ago

    Love the video but all these ADDS

  62. who again

    who again6 days ago

    its the way jay guessed it was tom just because he was standing in the basement for me-

  63. A stranger That is someone

    A stranger That is someone6 days ago

    Might I suggest, Blood thirsty Santa , and Samhain also by puppet combo. :)

  64. WolfiePotato 13

    WolfiePotato 136 days ago

    Jay: Randy Martinez, that's made up name Me: b-but my dad is Randy Martinez😐🤨

  65. PS4GAMER

    PS4GAMER6 days ago

    Looking like mini elvis

  66. Leo Jimenez

    Leo Jimenez6 days ago

    He had to have watched a video on how to beat the game

  67. Meow Meow

    Meow Meow6 days ago

    44:19 is just gold lmao

  68. BunnyTheRoseBear

    BunnyTheRoseBear6 days ago

    when jay said "please don't be here bunny" i was like me? lmao thats my name 😂

  69. Anthony Marine

    Anthony Marine6 days ago

    Damn damn damn I got scared so much

  70. tail moncher

    tail moncher7 days ago

    thats glitch trap just trying to frame bonnie for murder OAO

  71. Sarah Vo-Vinkos

    Sarah Vo-Vinkos7 days ago


  72. Aaliyah Poe

    Aaliyah Poe7 days ago

    Who else saw jays jewelry

  73. Stella the rat

    Stella the rat7 days ago

    Mullet man 😏

  74. Mauranda Harris

    Mauranda Harris7 days ago

    30:16 He said "run by, not stand in the shot" Lmfao 😂😂😂

  75. Mauranda Harris

    Mauranda Harris7 days ago

    Well I was shocked to see a real picture 4:09

  76. Mauranda Harris

    Mauranda Harris7 days ago

    30:16 He said "run past not stand in the shot" Lmfao 😂😂😂

  77. ᗰᗩᗰᗩ ᑎOOT

    ᗰᗩᗰᗩ ᑎOOT7 days ago

    "Emma" *I've been summoned*

  78. Annie _G

    Annie _G7 days ago

    I've been getting a lot of FNAF ( specifically William Afton ) vibes 51:29 That's a WAP

  79. KaruNoodle

    KaruNoodle8 days ago


  80. William Samy

    William Samy8 days ago

    Lol the Easter bunny is April from ace attorny and egeworth is Gary

  81. Aurora Canzoneri

    Aurora Canzoneri8 days ago

    "torture devices" na bunny man knows how to get freaky

  82. girly of cheese c:

    girly of cheese c:8 days ago

    0:11 Those eyes tho.... They look like the principal when you get sent to detention 4 times-

  83. Hxt Milk

    Hxt Milk8 days ago

    10:42 got me I literally threw my cookie qwq

  84. Sky Maxwell

    Sky Maxwell8 days ago

    I have just 3 words for you. R.I.P Headphone Users.

  85. Shoto todoroki

    Shoto todoroki8 days ago

    Lmao I was at their premiere

  86. •Big Simp•

    •Big Simp•9 days ago

    Oh god

  87. Nini {KIMSEOKJIN}•__•

    Nini {KIMSEOKJIN}•__•9 days ago

    At 33:29 you missed a object in the corner it was shining umm yeah oop he got it nvm it was needed with a magnet

  88. Honker Muck Bonker

    Honker Muck Bonker9 days ago

    The reason why you didn’t see jack was because he was behind the coded locked door at the beginning of the game maybe we’ll get a second episode to this

  89. [ᴘᴏᴄᴋʏ]

    [ᴘᴏᴄᴋʏ]9 days ago

    he’s purple.... 👁👄👁 purple gUy👁〰️👁

  90. Prisha Lal

    Prisha Lal9 days ago

    me looking for the jumpscare list 👁👄👁

  91. Crystal_Wolf

    Crystal_Wolf10 days ago

    Me watching this video then he gets killed for the first time: Welp looks like video will be over soon Me: *checks video time after it not being over* Me: Welp, where my popcorn we gonna be here a while and it's gonna be epic.

  92. ᒪIᖴE Iᔕ ᗩ ᒍOKE

    ᒪIᖴE Iᔕ ᗩ ᒍOKE10 days ago

    1:42 had me dead how he said “ I wear short shorts lol I’m still wear to this day

  93. Memphis Ritchie

    Memphis Ritchie10 days ago

    It keeps giving me happy adds so I will be seeing jay about to be hit by the Bunny and then like family commercials come on

  94. yari_u

    yari_u10 days ago

    Dana was in the room with Gary so when she died was Gary dead too

  95. Tailor Rice

    Tailor Rice10 days ago

    This is some silent hill looking shit. No wonder it gives me PTSD

  96. Amanda Tham Pei Yin

    Amanda Tham Pei Yin10 days ago

    r u glooms bf??

  97. Eee

    Eee11 days ago

    I just realized that the piano part is actually old McDonald

  98. Malachi Douglas

    Malachi Douglas11 days ago

    Jay's IQ is unmatched holy

  99. Kyanite14

    Kyanite1411 days ago

    I wonder if there’s two endings. There were items for mullet kid to collect. Maybe if you survived as the kid there would be a different ending?

  100. Why are you looking at my name?

    Why are you looking at my name?11 days ago

    Jay: is that Santa clause? Kylie Jenner: no. It’s a chicken

  101. DedeTheArtzyFan

    DedeTheArtzyFan11 days ago


  102. Kristel Rosa

    Kristel Rosa11 days ago


  103. Kristel Rosa

    Kristel Rosa11 days ago


  104. Kristel Rosa

    Kristel Rosa11 days ago

    Remember the door out side locked and the hide in the basement

  105. Kristel Rosa

    Kristel Rosa11 days ago

    I now spanich yo se español

  106. Kristel Rosa

    Kristel Rosa11 days ago


  107. Kristel Rosa

    Kristel Rosa11 days ago


  108. Kristel Rosa

    Kristel Rosa11 days ago


  109. Kristel Rosa

    Kristel Rosa11 days ago


  110. Kristel Rosa

    Kristel Rosa11 days ago


  111. Gilliani Gamas

    Gilliani Gamas11 days ago

    i didn't know i was watching jay for an hour now

  112. } Carnation {

    } Carnation {11 days ago

    William in glitchtraps suit be like:

  113. Saylin Cotzalo

    Saylin Cotzalo11 days ago

    Estaba vueno

  114. Edgy Ârínâ

    Edgy Ârínâ11 days ago

    Why this similar to the man behind the slaughter tho

  115. Aniki Vance

    Aniki Vance11 days ago

    I recommend playing little hope anthology pictures:)