Murder house is a horror game from the gods at Puppet Combo and this time you're part of a news crew investigating a Serial Killer known as the Easter Ripper, but he's still done ripping if you know what i'm sayin...leave a LIKE if you enjoyed!
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  1. Kubz Scouts

    Kubz Scouts6 months ago

    Danganronpa 2 is coming, been busy lately in my personal life!!! Please be patient these next 2 weeks with me! Thank you

  2. apple apple

    apple apple5 days ago

    Its good

  3. {Angel Chan}

    {Angel Chan}Month ago

    Did you say... DANGANRONPA :D

  4. aesthetic edits

    aesthetic edits3 months ago


  5. Monika Mizenkova

    Monika Mizenkova3 months ago

    Welp u finished that game now

  6. ¿-•Lavender•-?

    ¿-•Lavender•-?3 months ago

    All good dude. 😁

  7. Y30ubi _

    Y30ubi _21 hour ago

    Jay is getting good at making dad jokes in a way that makes him even cooler

  8. Y30ubi _

    Y30ubi _21 hour ago

    I want never part of this

  9. Uh Marshy

    Uh Marshy4 days ago

    This gives me silent hill vibes and I Stan for it

  10. KatAnimates9

    KatAnimates94 days ago

    I like how he can make any scary moment funny-

  11. Angelia Lilly

    Angelia Lilly4 days ago


  12. Hoodiegamer89

    Hoodiegamer894 days ago

    He called the easter bunny santa that's why he came to kill him

  13. xxAliceNightxx

    xxAliceNightxx4 days ago

    (Tom is revealed as the killer) Jay: I did not see that coming. Also Jay 26:23 : Tom sucks I bet Tom is the killer

  14. Samrawit Solomon

    Samrawit Solomon5 days ago


  15. Digitus Medius

    Digitus Medius6 days ago

    i am crying tana mongeau tears

  16. Digitus Medius

    Digitus Medius6 days ago

    "I do like *pencils* if I do say so myself"

  17. roblo124 roblox

    roblo124 roblox6 days ago

    dhis is a beta game

  18. Wolfna fandom

    Wolfna fandom7 days ago

    present day 1987 FNAF fans: tHe BiTe oF 87

  19. christoferdrewrocks1

    christoferdrewrocks18 days ago

    So this dude kidnapped, tortured, r**ed, and murdered little kids and his brother still thought that protecting him and taking the fall was the best thing to do???

  20. Y30ubi _

    Y30ubi _10 days ago

    Him: runs into plant Also him: gets mad and does It again

  21. Y30ubi _

    Y30ubi _10 days ago


  22. Y30ubi _

    Y30ubi _10 days ago


  23. Y30ubi _

    Y30ubi _10 days ago

    Damn whymi so jumpy rn

  24. Y30ubi _

    Y30ubi _10 days ago

    You can tell how uneasy he gets when his voice goes 📉📉📉📉

  25. Fritz Basbas

    Fritz Basbas11 days ago

    I was like "It's Tom,Toms are always like that"And when it was revealed that it WAS him,I was like "I was just messing around I-" (When I said Toms are always like that it was meant as a joke SKSKSHSL)

  26. Rebecca Bise

    Rebecca Bise12 days ago

    47:46 that shit is empty like garry

  27. Blake CD

    Blake CD12 days ago

    1:39 short short song

  28. XxAnimegurlxX

    XxAnimegurlxX13 days ago

    Until dawn wasn’t scary for me when I played it

  29. Adonis Alferez

    Adonis Alferez17 days ago

    There was a shotgun there

  30. Sh4dowWolfy

    Sh4dowWolfy19 days ago

    2:21 Ay Chihuahua😩

  31. Sh4dowWolfy

    Sh4dowWolfy18 days ago


  32. Sh4dowWolfy

    Sh4dowWolfy19 days ago

    5:16 another ay chihuahua

  33. Elena Goulding

    Elena Goulding21 day ago

    me shipped tom and emma:👁👄👁

  34. Leo Heisterkamp

    Leo Heisterkamp22 days ago

    8:33 Netflix and chill, but he had no protection.

  35. Mixie Gacha

    Mixie Gacha23 days ago

    1:05 Only arabs will get that XD. Kaka = Shit/poop

  36. Kirazulej0

    Kirazulej05 days ago

    Same in Spanish (I'm mexican) XD

  37. Lannyis Dead

    Lannyis Dead23 days ago

    I love whenever Jay plays Puppet combo games because of how HIGH those high notes are and also because puppet combo gives me the 80's - 90's gameplay vibes.

  38. TestPlayer82

    TestPlayer8223 days ago

    Dude forgot he could go into first person lol

  39. RY RS

    RY RS24 days ago

    This game is makin me carzy Bru ur always crazy

  40. Tommy Eiselman

    Tommy Eiselman26 days ago

    I just realized that there's a store called Jay's jewelry and you passed it And also excuse me but 1987 The bite of 87 am I right

  41. Housecraft

    Housecraft29 days ago

    Remember the last time you used a public restroom :) 8:50

  42. Speedy Painter

    Speedy Painter29 days ago

    10:42 WAS THAT THE BITE OF 87??!?!?!!??

  43. Awesome Milkshake

    Awesome Milkshake29 days ago

    10:40 brb

  44. suck my non existent dick and choke on it

    suck my non existent dick and choke on itMonth ago

    8:33 this just sounds so wrong when you close your eyes

  45. Ozee Atiemwen

    Ozee AtiemwenMonth ago

    EVERY GET READY TO BUCKLE UP- wait wha- Bc Here we go ;-;

  46. selever

    seleverMonth ago

    i know im a bit late to comment but jay be hitting those high high notes tonight

  47. Shingshang I’minpain

    Shingshang I’minpainMonth ago

    Jay you missed the bunny in the mood change scene he was on the side just rewatch it

  48. Shingshang I’minpain

    Shingshang I’minpainMonth ago

    Where you’re at the photo studio

  49. Muhammad Haris

    Muhammad HarisMonth ago

    nice video

  50. Cat_Queen 262

    Cat_Queen 262Month ago

    The fact that I saw this on Easter-

  51. Kas Yandere

    Kas YandereMonth ago

    1:03:57 why were they gobbling him up like he was a god damn Thanksgiving Dinner.

  52. - * - U n c l a i m e d G a r b a g e - * -

    - * - U n c l a i m e d G a r b a g e - * -Month ago

    Legit though with the whole story thing of when Tom was holding the camera he wasn’t being walked on at all unless there’s something from the previous game that I missed-

  53. Angel bunny

    Angel bunnyMonth ago

    #2:27 jay giving Spanish lessons

  54. Unknown

    UnknownMonth ago

    nah ,he looks like a Jacob summers.

  55. Ella FrOsT is my elf’s name

    Ella FrOsT is my elf’s nameMonth ago

    “AI NEED A FLASH LIGHT(£7%(7(2/#3($; -runs cutely-

  56. jaden vadraro

    jaden vadraroMonth ago

    like is he dora for what do i need a letter opener yes but its for letters



    hears go home chace theme with no manhole covers near by

  58. Kayla

    KaylaMonth ago

    Ay. ¿Hablas español? Aprendo español.. hablo inglés.

  59. 1gameplayzzs

    1gameplayzzsMonth ago

    the sad thing is this killer writes like a 2 year old when the note was on the van lol

  60. Craig Leabon

    Craig LeabonMonth ago

    3.40 Anyone else see the bunny

  61. Farhani Nadhifa

    Farhani NadhifaMonth ago

    Jay: He looks like... Gregory Wilson My FNAF addiction: Who summonth thee?

  62. JSandwich 96

    JSandwich 96Month ago

    reminds me of good old ps1s Resident Evil, hope Jay will play them on this channel :)

  63. Pam Cairns

    Pam CairnsMonth ago


  64. Pam Cairns

    Pam CairnsMonth ago


  65. Imm0rtal Tu

    Imm0rtal TuMonth ago

    Subscribed, for being in my boyfriend's subscription.

  66. honey bumblebee

    honey bumblebeeMonth ago

    Jay: This is the smallest man alive Six: And I took that personal

  67. x8

    x8Month ago

    38:36 yes he is , and now i have fkng goosbumps

  68. Mika

    MikaMonth ago

    3:02 what was the name of the music in the background?

  69. The Chill one

    The Chill oneMonth ago

    i like ya cut G :)

  70. Chris Hansen

    Chris HansenMonth ago

    Hmmm a middle aged man dressed up as a rabbit killing kids in the 70s and 80s only for them to come back for revenge, where have I heard that before?

  71. Elvis Winkler

    Elvis WinklerMonth ago

    I was never scared of the game, but that hair, it scares me.

  72. Artsy Aub

    Artsy AubMonth ago

    1:40 don't mind me I'm making this for myself

  73. Milk Duds

    Milk DudsMonth ago

    😭 i clicked this video at 3am in the morning and i hear Jay screaming. I’m now scared

  74. hacker627 hsu

    hacker627 hsuMonth ago

    This is the most longest vid you ever made mate

  75. Alyssa Carr

    Alyssa CarrMonth ago

    theres a game that puppet combo made I don't know how long ago it was made but it's called seven days I think, it's about the back rooms.

  76. Nxmjoonmxscles

    NxmjoonmxsclesMonth ago

    When your name is Emma-

  77. Deina Silva Romero

    Deina Silva RomeroMonth ago

    Not me feeling hella special cause Jay pronounced my name right. Shame it's not the same spelling tho...

  78. ProbablyDead Oof

    ProbablyDead OofMonth ago

    me at 1:21 am thinking ill be able to sleep tonight: 🧢

  79. Kitty Unicornia

    Kitty UnicorniaMonth ago

    janitor jack only appears if u survive with the kid at the start

  80. Άννα Κετσετζή

    Άννα ΚετσετζήMonth ago

    1:59 Kokichi approved

  81. bambinella

    bambinellaMonth ago

    I CRIED 4:45 😩

  82. Charlotte Welch

    Charlotte WelchMonth ago

    Meanwhile in fnaf...

  83. RussIsn'tRecording

    RussIsn'tRecordingMonth ago

    Now thats a epic ending

  84. Deleted

    DeletedMonth ago

    That actually scared tf out of me i didn't know the easter ripper can get u in the furnace room or whatever it's called

  85. joyuwu

    joyuwuMonth ago

    0:12-0:16 Well, based on the intro, *it did make you hit those hIgH noTeS*

  86. bella The smol neko

    bella The smol nekoMonth ago


  87. Pandora

    Pandora2 months ago

    Jay: *getting chased* Ad: gOoOoOo

  88. • SIHRILLE • V3

    • SIHRILLE • V32 months ago

    People when they find a weapon: “Try me I’m invincible” Also them when the killer comes: “RUN FOR YOUR LIVES”

  89. Malyun Cali

    Malyun Cali2 months ago

    There's gonna be a jump scare you going that's so hard 🤣😂

  90. y a n æ

    y a n æ2 months ago

    I guess im having nightmares tonight😌

  91. Delilah Wilmoth

    Delilah Wilmoth2 months ago

    'This game is jamaican me crazy' - Jay 2020

  92. Nerville

    Nerville2 months ago

    *EVERYBODY GET READY AND BUCKLE UP!* ..................cause here we go

  93. iris risky

    iris risky2 months ago

    When the doctor tells me that I only have 1 hour 5 minutes and 10 seconds to live

  94. Reines Keara Elzen

    Reines Keara Elzen2 months ago

    Resident evil and silent hill 3 vibes 😱

  95. MollysHere

    MollysHere2 months ago

    Jay: I hate Tom! I hate Him I hate Him I hate Him! Tomska: *Tom didn't like that* :( This is just a joke lmao please don't send the FBI

  96. connies fresh meat

    connies fresh meat2 months ago


  97. Kid that is not a weeb

    Kid that is not a weeb2 months ago

    Gonna go make a sandwich

  98. Blessie Masancay

    Blessie Masancay2 months ago

    Tom: "I'll catch you later." Hmm...


    DONT.TOUCH. MEE2 months ago

    ItS ThE MaN bEhInD ThE sLaUgHtEr

  100. Miley Lines

    Miley Lines2 months ago

    Is it just me or does the Easter ripper look like Bonnie from fnaf

  101. Liwen G

    Liwen G2 months ago

    No one: Absolutely no one: Jay: Oh no he came inside!!

  102. Zlatko Man

    Zlatko Man2 months ago


  103. Chloe James

    Chloe James2 months ago

    All the missing kid posters in this game are of real missing children

  104. Wondering Valentine

    Wondering Valentine2 months ago

    Nobody: Jay playing this horror game: "Uhg nanitikananoi *GASP*...." 9:18

  105. marky2fuego xxx

    marky2fuego xxx2 months ago

    I'll be the last comment to comment on this video

  106. K99p9r103

    K99p9r1032 months ago

    Wait... an Easter bunny... who murders children? IT"S FNAF REVAMPED!!!!!!!!!!

  107. Chiaki Osborne

    Chiaki Osborne2 months ago

    Kub: I HATE TOM the viewer named Tom: O-O

  108. Shea Genix

    Shea Genix2 months ago

    I GOT THE STRAP !!!😅

  109. SophyaBoutToBreakYoKneeCaps

    SophyaBoutToBreakYoKneeCaps2 months ago

    1:40 "hUh weAr shOrt shOrts, mUlEt mAn wIth shOrt shOrts" LMAO I CANT-

  110. Mashirao Ojiro

    Mashirao Ojiro2 months ago

    This game reminds me of Jack the Ripper