Remember The game Meteor 60 seconds? Now there is a second episode of Meteor 60 seconds where we play as the anchorman who narrated the previous protagonists adventures, leave a LIKE for more Free Random Games!
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Song is "Sleepwalker" from youtube's free audio library
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  1. Nethapwee Ywashernay

    Nethapwee Ywashernay17 hours ago

    This game might be inspired by “60 seconds”

  2. Sonic The Hedgehog

    Sonic The HedgehogDay ago

    Imma big fan of your channel now I watched almost all your free random games and now I live this channel

  3. Alpha

    Alpha3 days ago

    I literally thought the dialogue was ingame

  4. ꨄᴘɪɴᴋ ᴄʀᴇᴀᴍꨄ

    ꨄᴘɪɴᴋ ᴄʀᴇᴀᴍꨄ5 days ago

    No te gusta verdad jay

  5. Michal Mazur

    Michal Mazur9 days ago

    Is that an undertale reference? 13:57

  6. 16pg

    16pg11 days ago

    the fist of fury is actually a move of ryo sakazaki ( my favourite chracter) from king of fighters

  7. Avery hateshugs

    Avery hateshugs17 days ago

    Does anyone else recognize that he was wearing coryxkenshins merch?

  8. izz sous

    izz sous17 days ago

    He has to pay a game that he played in 2016,2017,2019,2018,2014

  9. Arydoes_gacha 270

    Arydoes_gacha 27019 days ago

    Me: *about to fall asleep* Jay: 17:07 Me: *wakes up and starts freaking tf out*

  10. Chino Kafuu

    Chino Kafuu22 days ago

    Sweet 17:29

  11. fortnite4bot

    fortnite4bot22 days ago

    10:30 lol

  12. Roland Rodriguez

    Roland Rodriguez22 days ago

    Jay to the judge: *I'm judging you* Me: how the tables have turned hm?

  13. Sugar Hopes

    Sugar Hopes23 days ago

    The breaking news paper: THE WORLD WILL END IN 60 SECONDS!! News Anchor: ah screw it I’ll just kiss everyone before I die Some other news reporter: SOMEONE HAS COME TO SAVE USS News Anchor: * giggles * *IM IN DANGER*

  14. Audrey Norman

    Audrey Norman23 days ago

    I watched all of his videos so the intow is bad

  15. ann turner

    ann turner23 days ago

    your so crasey

  16. Sarah Igbiri

    Sarah IgbiriMonth ago

    *strangers smoking* Jay: STOP SMOKING WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN Also Jay: Just punches a passing child Me: MHM JAY that a bit sus

  17. 0xelk Roblox

    0xelk RobloxMonth ago

    “I’m a cheap sun of a gun” HOW YOU GET THAT PC? THAT EPIC SETUP MY GUY????

  18. Hahahadeadteadybear 1122

    Hahahadeadteadybear 1122Month ago

    jay:THINK OF THE CHILDREN Also jay: kills a random kid

  19. Lyx Lye

    Lyx LyeMonth ago


  20. sinead west

    sinead westMonth ago

    I am still mad that you didn't know that the moon orbita the earth

  21. Snowies Videosxox

    Snowies VideosxoxMonth ago

    In game 2 when the lights turned off my radio turned on😳

  22. Corey Jackson

    Corey JacksonMonth ago

    14:15 Notice That? The Music Ended With The Earth Being Destroyed

  23. B.J.M

    B.J.MMonth ago

    The price is $2.99? Come to India,it's only 2,if you count 2 rypeese is doller,it's likely to be free,every child can buy it

  24. aurxella

    aurxellaMonth ago

    is nobody talking about the fact that went the judge says “touching women” he goes and says I’m judging you and that’s not right? women’s respect I love itt🥺

  25. fan builder master

    fan builder masterMonth ago

    Dont swer its illigal

  26. DontPleaze

    DontPleazeMonth ago


  27. Zanaiyah Dre Agulto

    Zanaiyah Dre AgultoMonth ago


  28. pinky pink

    pinky pinkMonth ago

    pffft I can't stop laughing cuz that way he act when the boy is in the room I can't hahahahahhaah so funny

  29. kat blue

    kat blueMonth ago

    He cut the "unedited 60 seconds"

  30. ayee lmao

    ayee lmaoMonth ago


  31. Kimberly Bell

    Kimberly BellMonth ago

    17:05 is... omgg

  32. Harvinder Bhakerd

    Harvinder BhakerdMonth ago


  33. pumpkin pie

    pumpkin pieMonth ago

    You chould also have kissed the bride i see those lushes lip

  34. Fatma Mohammad

    Fatma MohammadMonth ago


  35. lordtek2k2

    lordtek2k2Month ago

    Litterally every buckle up cuz here we go: tomato jay

  36. Dawn juliano

    Dawn julianoMonth ago

    metor 60 seconds iv'e seen caption sauce play it

  37. N O V A

    N O V AMonth ago

    Hey jay, can you play a game called Goat Simulator? Its a funny AND weird game! You should try it!

  38. aniya bear

    aniya bearMonth ago

    jay: oh thats *wheeze/silent cream* thats cute

  39. aniya bear

    aniya bearMonth ago

    *Scream lol

  40. Armani YourBoy

    Armani YourBoyMonth ago


  41. Gachaclub gacha life Lumine

    Gachaclub gacha life LumineMonth ago

    Jay:I HATE ART!!! Me: I love art so Me: you have chosen death

  42. Kilua Zoldyck

    Kilua ZoldyckMonth ago

    I was convinced that he was the news reporter

  43. Melody Heinonen

    Melody HeinonenMonth ago

    who remembers jay playing the first game version 1 a long time ago liKE iF yOu ReMEnBeRkk

  44. Mia Paul

    Mia PaulMonth ago

    i loved the vid

  45. TsukiDrawzStuff

    TsukiDrawzStuffMonth ago

    3:29 JOSUKE IS SAVING THE WORLD 8:42 He should’ve used crazy diamond

  46. squeemy limeday

    squeemy limedayMonth ago

    what if you just stand on the meteor with te protagonist

  47. SKY CHAN!

    SKY CHAN!Month ago

    note to self, do not get married in front of jay... I don't a black eye for that.

  48. PhantomGamer 1.0

    PhantomGamer 1.0Month ago

    to be honest....i would stop the previous protagonist l:l like isnt it kind of selfish to just assume the the "young man" would save the earth l:l

  49. Kaleb Coleman

    Kaleb Coleman2 months ago

    How do you say to a cuss word do

  50. Siena Garcia

    Siena Garcia2 months ago

    omg make sure you and the plant survive hahaha

  51. Sisay Nune

    Sisay Nune2 months ago

    I played and completed the game

  52. Suga - R

    Suga - R2 months ago

    Me During any type of sport: 17:58

  53. Prince Laflare

    Prince Laflare2 months ago

    Jay’s voices are the best

  54. The ultimate Mitsuba kinnie

    The ultimate Mitsuba kinnie2 months ago


  55. Lilly Sands

    Lilly Sands2 months ago

    Anybody gonna talk about how the news anchor looks a little like Harry potter

  56. Toko Fukawa

    Toko Fukawa2 months ago

    Only ogs will remember this intro- “If you guys are cool with that and done with that, everybody get ready and buckle THE FUCK UP cause here we go.” It’s a subtle change, but you get it :)

  57. Renzo Franco

    Renzo Franco2 months ago

    the news anchor I feel bad about him he just said he worked hard for 20 years I would just scream and think god hates me

  58. Jeremiah Delacruz

    Jeremiah Delacruz2 months ago

    21:49 that was a nice accent

  59. Jeremiah Delacruz

    Jeremiah Delacruz2 months ago

    19:34 he got scared when he looked back

  60. Jeremiah Delacruz

    Jeremiah Delacruz2 months ago

    17:07 he started scrraming for his life 😂😂

  61. Jeremiah Delacruz

    Jeremiah Delacruz2 months ago

    5:40 he thought he was gonna die 😂😂😂

  62. XxLilyxX UwU

    XxLilyxX UwU2 months ago


  63. a̟r̟c̟h̟i̟e̟

    a̟r̟c̟h̟i̟e̟2 months ago

    Dem voice acting skills for the first game tho- I am s h o o k.

  64. hysterical aka mega

    hysterical aka mega2 months ago

    Dang that deus ex machina

  65. Theforreal Fanta

    Theforreal Fanta2 months ago

    When the grandma died and jay said nice I knew I was In the right place

  66. Nezuko

    Nezuko2 months ago

    2:08 damn he got that genocide jack tongue

  67. ZomboWentBlue

    ZomboWentBlue2 months ago

    Think of the CHILDREN *hits a child*

  68. The Office Maniac

    The Office Maniac2 months ago

    Jay: Welcome to another episode of free random games Still Jay: “buys the first game*

  69. Jude Benson

    Jude Benson2 months ago

    Ora ora ora ora ORA

  70. Abdullah Kassim

    Abdullah Kassim2 months ago

    Do 60 seconds series bring it back

  71. Russian Spy

    Russian Spy2 months ago

    Jay is a wholesome bean.

  72. 21st century vids or whatever

    21st century vids or whatever2 months ago


  73. fish boi

    fish boi2 months ago


  74. Boon

    Boon2 months ago

    Nice lol

  75. JakeisWorst yes

    JakeisWorst yes2 months ago

    SOXIE Games yum yum wtf did I write this I had nothing to write so I wrote this.

  76. Cristi Bañuelos

    Cristi Bañuelos2 months ago

    tfs gaming

  77. pc wewe

    pc wewe2 months ago


  78. Crazybearfish

    Crazybearfish2 months ago

    17:30 look at jays face

  79. BreatheOxygen

    BreatheOxygen2 months ago

    "Think of the children!" *Kills 2 children*

  80. new land

    new land2 months ago

    Jay:art sucks Me:hey!

  81. creepy camp animatoins

    creepy camp animatoins2 months ago

    I love this game I remember wen he played it

  82. Edgy MC My Chemical Romance

    Edgy MC My Chemical Romance2 months ago

    0:41 *harry potter?*

  83. cloud

    cloud2 months ago

    *me watching jay since like 3rd or 4th grade and just now realizing i wasn’t subscribed be like* 😪😭💔💔💔 lmao

  84. Fatma Mohammad

    Fatma Mohammad2 months ago

    Day 2 of requesting from jay to play silent hill , silent hill 4 ( the room ) is my favorite

  85. neko gal

    neko gal2 months ago

    Did he notice that when you kiss the school girl she follows you?

  86. Yume

    Yume2 months ago

    13:53 "Aura" Or "Nen" (Being a Hunter x Hunter Fan Is just-)

  87. Temmie Shop

    Temmie Shop2 months ago

    13:56 that was a undertale reference right

  88. Lyx Lye

    Lyx LyeMonth ago

    Hell yeaah

  89. Person

    Person2 months ago

    The first game reminded me of Ariana’s music video for her song one last time. Who else was reminded of it.

  90. KingCashCrownz

    KingCashCrownz2 months ago

    Metro 60 seconds NewAnchor Episode

  91. cherry pop

    cherry pop2 months ago

    Jay: THINK about the children!" * as he kills a child and ignores it *

  92. Liz Nava

    Liz Nava2 months ago

    Did anybody else look at the thumbnail and just thought "what on earth is jay doing now?"

  93. Naima Bah

    Naima Bah2 months ago

    News anchor: I have committed several war crimes and cannot enter heaven as a result.

  94. Reevers

    Reevers2 months ago

    This is my second video im watching by you lol

  95. Makayla Studios

    Makayla Studios2 months ago

    0:38 is that Phoenix Wright with non-spiky hair and glasses?- “Thanks to you, I am saddled with unnecessary... feelings”

  96. Debra Thomas

    Debra Thomas2 months ago

    I play it before. It fun.

  97. Abrianna White

    Abrianna White2 months ago

    Idk why my mind went to the hash slinging slasher from spongebob when no one was on the other end of the phone in the second game

  98. Yisacore Møller

    Yisacore Møller2 months ago

    17:37 That face tho

  99. Potato girl XD

    Potato girl XD2 months ago


  100. Finn Wheadon

    Finn Wheadon2 months ago

    He stole this from captain sauce

  101. Miudro

    Miudro2 months ago

    17:03 If Jay was actually in a life or death situation, this would be his reaction.

  102. Demdo PlayZ

    Demdo PlayZ2 months ago

    13:58 pervert pov "You cheer him on knowing hes going to win it fills you with determination!"

  103. •ßøßā ßūßßlēTēā•

    •ßøßā ßūßßlēTēā•2 months ago

    I have twooooo phone and two of them are watching kubz scouts right now :D