Demon Baby in Pink Why Im Not Ready To Have A Daughter | Free Random Games

The Baby In Yellow was a game I played a long time ago and now that little devil has a sister named Baby in pink..I don't make the rules i'm just trying to daddy out here
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Song is "Sunset n Beachz" from USlikes's free audio library
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  1. Paige Gales

    Paige Gales6 hours ago

    Santa: RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR- .... Jay: um chile...anyways SO-

  2. FreQ

    FreQ20 hours ago

    9:53 H20 Delirious:*cracks knuckles*

  3. kayla hardware

    kayla hardwareDay ago

    He sound like a girl when he said 5:49

  4. Corina Lawson

    Corina LawsonDay ago

    damn i love it how you throw that baby around damn

  5. Corina Lawson

    Corina LawsonDay ago

    bro we put up with you cause you hella cool dude when you talking dirty and shit thats funny

  6. Corina Lawson

    Corina LawsonDay ago

    4:05 thats a torture chair

  7. Bau Bui Thi Chau

    Bau Bui Thi Chau2 days ago

    Wait that from 20h delirious? Huh I know a lot about youtubers today huh

  8. Ahfu

    Ahfu2 days ago

    Omg so funnyy

  9. Soft Mocha

    Soft Mocha3 days ago

    Am I the only one who had to go back to watch the intro so I could see his hair become messy also btw Jay I love I love how enthusiastic you are it always makes my day

  10. {Shadow_ Wolfz}

    {Shadow_ Wolfz}3 days ago

    Wew, u were babysitting babylirious, didnt know that

  11. Natasha Ott

    Natasha Ott4 days ago

    I was so suprised when he named the baby Natasha, since it's my name and quite uncommon. But then he changed it to Sasha.

  12. TheGrinch

    TheGrinch5 days ago

    The final game he played was from h20 delrious

  13. Connorawesomest

    Connorawesomest5 days ago

    10:05 I died when he yeeted the baby 😂

  14. CyroTopL

    CyroTopL5 days ago

    7:17 Bro turned into Link real quick

  15. Maya Yo

    Maya Yo5 days ago

    Ahh Jay would he a fine uncle to babylirious :)

  16. Maya Yo

    Maya Yo5 days ago

    0:34 he was genuinely scared and I was genuinely happy to laugh at that😂



    idc if im late "FIRE(its hot)" hmm yes the floor is made out of floor

  18. Lex

    Lex7 days ago

    That dude ain't Jesus he's Justin XD

  19. Myamagic Turner

    Myamagic Turner7 days ago

    7:25 can someone please just tell me what it means😥😐

  20. Yaoi Kitten

    Yaoi Kitten7 days ago

    Him not knowing who delirious is and the fact that it's babylirious because they just had a baby💀

  21. Nightmare

    Nightmare9 days ago

    "santa is getting lazy this year"

  22. Janet Michaud

    Janet Michaud9 days ago

    Plz send help

  23. Janet Michaud

    Janet Michaud9 days ago

    Jay:ok we need to get her a mask. The child:gets throne on the floor. Me:dies

  24. Janet Michaud

    Janet Michaud9 days ago

    If jay has a kid than he will be a very good father

  25. Sue A

    Sue A11 days ago

    Understanding that babydelirious is H20delirious.

  26. Kayree •••

    Kayree •••12 days ago

    i swear that jay is the definition of entertainment u cant change my mind

  27. Adneen Mithun

    Adneen Mithun13 days ago

    Father Jay : YOU WONT HAVE A BOYFRIEND UNTIL 35! everyone's mom : you won't have a boyfriend until 18!

  28. Zack Not a Chance

    Zack Not a Chance14 days ago

    wow never realized jay had gacha people watching him smh those red bracelet gang

  29. shiisaw

    shiisaw14 days ago

    I've finally found out that "my winky was a key" was from Austin Powers. I've always wondered where that was from lmao

  30. Gotchadarkfire871

    Gotchadarkfire87115 days ago

    I'm watching this video on at 3AM so I'm creeped out and when you're on the red side I turn the volume down all the way

  31. Gotchadarkfire871

    Gotchadarkfire87115 days ago

    Grabs poop out of but then throws it at the baby's head and then the baby gets revenge and eats you

  32. Alicia Kimbrough

    Alicia Kimbrough17 days ago

    0:40 when you a bigger man then jay and it just started

  33. Dumbass

    Dumbass17 days ago

    " are you screaming or moaning my guy? "

  34. Ingrid Enriquez

    Ingrid Enriquez17 days ago

    Gold member in Austin powers third movie MY VINKY WAS A KEYYY

  35. joseph cool guy

    joseph cool guy17 days ago

    I dare u too play brush ur teeth a horror game

  36. Remi Mama Bear

    Remi Mama Bear17 days ago

    What is a kastick couch or how do you spell it

  37. Angel Wolf#7716

    Angel Wolf#771618 days ago

    I know this is really random but I’m like obsessed with the zero to song it’s the best song ever made so far

  38. Jewel Fontamillas

    Jewel Fontamillas18 days ago

    1:47 me instead of getting scared by the guy, got a jumpscare from Jay's scream

  39. Katski Bakugo

    Katski Bakugo18 days ago

    Jay: Scare me then scare me then Demon: RAAAAAAA Jay: AAAAAH aight im going back to my onlyfans

  40. April Swogger

    April Swogger19 days ago

    Delirious watching the third game like 👁👄👁

  41. Lexezombie

    Lexezombie19 days ago

    7:26 that's from Austin Powers ain't it?

  42. Hazel The shark boi simper

    Hazel The shark boi simper21 day ago

    Never knew jay was a PSY

  43. Sammy Cookiie

    Sammy Cookiie21 day ago

    first game be looking like a puppet combo rip-off

  44. Lora

    Lora21 day ago

    0:40 omg is it just me or do u get scared because of Jay mostly cuz hes loud? (Fixed punctuation so thats the edit) Edit: lol my mom was watching a movie and on 1:53 when u said that my mom said he took the words out of my mouth and it was perfect timing😆 (it was along those lines)

  45. Rainbow Unicorn

    Rainbow Unicorn22 days ago

    Jay crowing harder then that crow 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  46. Rainbow Unicorn

    Rainbow Unicorn22 days ago

    Jay you're probably not going to see this comment but remember the "chicken leg" I think those were human meat that already played the game before you and that box I was open was going to be your meat

  47. Trinity Pierce

    Trinity Pierce23 days ago

    Hay try playing Roblox good luck bey the way you are that dude!

  48. Kaydence Elliott

    Kaydence Elliott23 days ago


  49. Weeb fangirl

    Weeb fangirl23 days ago

    Unborn masonella reading jay's title rn be like:👁👄👁💧

  50. Nia Singh

    Nia Singh23 days ago

    Every time u say buckel up cause he we go I say it with u

  51. Centrillination X

    Centrillination X23 days ago

    you sound like H2O Delirious

  52. Rayshawn Hatcher

    Rayshawn Hatcher23 days ago

    Kubbbbbbbbbbbbb the best and he that dude

  53. Nia Smith

    Nia Smith23 days ago

    No one Jay gets a jump scare 2 seconds in the game

  54. Simply Kori

    Simply Kori24 days ago

    you better not snitch

  55. red velvie

    red velvie24 days ago

    Do u play to roblox or gacha life?

  56. Sharon Hawthorne

    Sharon Hawthorne25 days ago

    H20s delirious his rela name is Jonathan denis

  57. Unidentified Specimen

    Unidentified Specimen25 days ago

    That noise scared me to death, but Jay was just like "eh whatever." 7:06

  58. Shining Glitter

    Shining Glitter26 days ago

    Merry Christmas Jay!

  59. Esma Hasic

    Esma Hasic26 days ago

    Buckle up cause here we go Gets me so hyped up And jay you're that DUDE And you make me laugh 😂

  60. Mirrpoo

    Mirrpoo27 days ago

    The noise jay did killed me 😂😂🤣🤣 0:40 if you don’t know

  61. yumeko jabami

    yumeko jabami27 days ago

    Don't you love it when he tells you today is another journey from saying "Buckle Up Cause Here We Go!"

  62. StrxwbbLuvsCows

    StrxwbbLuvsCows27 days ago

    My dad said it was from Austin Powers

  63. Ferny Gonzalez

    Ferny Gonzalez27 days ago

    You played a game that was about h2oDelirious and a baby oh and also about the batcoon

  64. • L U L U •

    • L U L U •27 days ago

    *thats racoon and babydeilous* Ha u jusz wasted ur time

  65. Maxi Neko

    Maxi Neko27 days ago

    Jay:Come on get me!! Thing:well you did ask-

  66. ꧁Jᴜᴍᴀɴᴀ꧂

    ꧁Jᴜᴍᴀɴᴀ꧂27 days ago


  67. Kiley Johnson

    Kiley Johnson28 days ago

    Jay: oh yea I gotta- Demon: ✨demonic girly voice intensifies✨ Jay:anyway

  68. Octopus Charmer

    Octopus Charmer28 days ago

    Monster: RAWR Jay:anyways

  69. Yanderechan God

    Yanderechan God28 days ago

    You and delirious are my favorite USlikesrs

  70. Joséline

    Joséline28 days ago

    15:20 Did he just say “you don’t want him cus hes black??” Lmaooo😭

  71. Henry Hall

    Henry Hall28 days ago

    Jay: let’s call you Sasha Jay later: WHO TOUCH MY SASHA!?

  72. Henry Hall

    Henry Hall28 days ago

    Jay: let’s call you Sasha WHO TOUCH MY SASHA!?

  73. Anthony Vang

    Anthony Vang28 days ago

    Can't believe he got Crowlirioused 14:17 XD

  74. kirsteinism

    kirsteinism28 days ago

    "no dating til' 35"? isn't that a bit too old? 😂

  75. kirsteinism

    kirsteinism28 days ago

    sasha? aww

  76. kirsteinism

    kirsteinism28 days ago

    5:17 mans pulled an armin 😏 iykyk

  77. Mirio Togata

    Mirio Togata28 days ago


  78. cheyenne kottman

    cheyenne kottman28 days ago

    "No dating 'till u are 35." That sounds like a overprotective dad.

  79. cheyenne kottman

    cheyenne kottman8 days ago


  80. Janet Michaud

    Janet Michaud9 days ago

    He will be a really good dad

  81. LawrenceindaSky

    LawrenceindaSky28 days ago

    Sound effect from 1:26? I've been searching for hours

  82. :-Madi Club-:

    :-Madi Club-:29 days ago

    10:06 yeet that baby XD

  83. Gh0st_Flankz

    Gh0st_Flankz29 days ago


  84. Alex The Weird Kid

    Alex The Weird Kid29 days ago

    Can we just take a moment to appreciate how hard Jay tried to make his hair look "ok" Jay if you see this (which you probably won't) don't take this personally I love your hair (your hair is 1000 times better than mine lmao)

  85. Alex The Weird Kid

    Alex The Weird Kid29 days ago

    Jay: *opens door* Demon: *makes "scary" sounds* Jay: ... Anyway

  86. sincere peoples

    sincere peoples29 days ago

    1:45 Finds a key *Proceeds to walk to his death-*

  87. hi hi

    hi hi29 days ago

    The doors be moaning like anime girls when you open them

  88. LillieX

    LillieX29 days ago

    Am i the only one confused why that baby is wearing some ugly medieval knight mask or am I not paying enough attention

  89. Sofia Miller

    Sofia MillerMonth ago

    the bb in pink was made for h20 delerious bc he had a baby girl

  90. Basement Dweller

    Basement DwellerMonth ago

    This is baby in yellow but reskined.

  91. Luce Harlow

    Luce HarlowMonth ago

    At 1:49 my lightbulb burned out and my whole room went dark. 💀💀💀

  92. Amazon ite?

    Amazon ite?Month ago

    Jay somehow not knowing who h2o delirious is: ima call you sasha then throws her on floor.

  93. Itz Kawaii Chan Meow Girl

    Itz Kawaii Chan Meow GirlMonth ago


  94. Angel J

    Angel JMonth ago

    I'm not even shitting you right now I've been laughing for a good 5 minutes now because Jay threw the baby on the floor

  95. Softsunoh

    SoftsunohMonth ago

    7:08 to 7:19 killed me

  96. Mieuwh :3

    Mieuwh :3Month ago

    The voice on the telephone for the baby in purple is actually Liz, H20 delirious his girlfriend

  97. bianca

    biancaMonth ago

    i tell everyone ur my yt dad

  98. Tabena Juli

    Tabena JuliMonth ago

    NOBADY: not even the ghost in my room: MY LITTLE SISTER: is jay Mexican

  99. Dan L

    Dan LMonth ago

    Ur videos makes my day little easier

  100. Dan L

    Dan LMonth ago

    Hey jay! Just wanted to tell u how much i love ur videos!!!

  101. cutekitten lps

    cutekitten lpsMonth ago

    U are coocoo sir

  102. cait

    caitMonth ago

    first game gave me SO much anxiety, the graphics, and never knowing where the killer is but knowing he's coming, and that disturbing choking sound when u die is SO nerve wracking

  103. Autumn Ramirez

    Autumn RamirezMonth ago

    Jay When you get scared it give me vibes btw love the video👁👅👁🌝