From the same creatos of Life is strange 1 & 2, DONTNOD entertainment comes at us with a new game called Tell us Why, a game about two twins with a secret that only they've known for 10 years..if you've ever played Beyond Two Souls, then this game reminds me of that with a Life is Strange blend to it..Leave a LIKE if you want me to play episode 2 when it comes out in September!
Tell Me Why game link:

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  1. Kingston

    Kingston18 minutes ago

    Why dont you continue the game.

  2. Remy Pen

    Remy Pen6 hours ago

    As soon as the next episode comes out, you have to play it! JAY PLZ! I NEEEEEEEED IT!!!!

  3. Introv3rted

    Introv3rted7 hours ago

    Tell me whyee! Ain’t nothing but murdering our mom. Tell me whyee!

  4. FalPal146

    FalPal146Day ago

    Me guessing that Alyson killed marry Ann: LETS GO!! Jay figuring out that Alyson killed Marry Ann: 😳

  5. Karolina

    KarolinaDay ago


  6. oh no

    oh noDay ago

    Don't tell me Jay would'nt continue this one

  7. rhian

    rhianDay ago

    he prolly wont he never finishes games like this :(

  8. Tonya Frazier

    Tonya FrazierDay ago

    Are u Crying I'm i Crying like 😭😭😭😢

  9. Natalia Washington

    Natalia WashingtonDay ago

    Fuck hearing the dialogue, I love hearing Jay’s comments they make me laugh instead of being scared 😂

  10. lucyytoosloww

    lucyytoosloww2 days ago

    EPISODE 2 ?

  11. Bannanutbreadboy

    Bannanutbreadboy2 days ago


  12. Dandelia Morales

    Dandelia Morales3 days ago

    First of all, can anyone tell me y he discontinued Life Is Strange 2? Second, does anyone know when Episode 3 comin out?

  13. rhian

    rhianDay ago

    ive heard he stopped playing it cuz a dog got killed off

  14. Ethan Xiong

    Ethan Xiong4 days ago

    This game actually seems very interesting. It really shows how much the twins need each other to find out the truth about Mary-Ann and you know what I'm excited for episode 2

  15. Demonic-Kawaii-Cat

    Demonic-Kawaii-Cat4 days ago

    46:54 she was trying to kill the son as refferance to the begining

  16. Demonic-Kawaii-Cat

    Demonic-Kawaii-Cat4 days ago

    the mom pulled a gun on him that's why he stabbed her

  17. Demonic-Kawaii-Cat

    Demonic-Kawaii-Cat4 days ago

    she is kinda dead tho but she was kinda bad doe

  18. Demonic-Kawaii-Cat

    Demonic-Kawaii-Cat4 days ago

    "eyes pink from red eye" jay bless your heart lol

  19. jiji subliminals

    jiji subliminals5 days ago

    This hits close to home.

  20. Jeyda Acar

    Jeyda Acar6 days ago

    Are you going to play chapter 2?

  21. Meekestthings

    Meekestthings7 days ago

    Tell me WHY Ain't nothin' but a heartache Tell me WHY Ain't nothin' but a mistake Tell me why I never wanna hear you say I want it that way

  22. Henry

    Henry8 days ago


  23. Weeb.weirdo.

    Weeb.weirdo.8 days ago

    Dude when you going to do another one?

  24. captain rawr

    captain rawr8 days ago

    Me, seeing all the other trans people in the comments talking about Tyler and how Jay talks about Tyler: I love this place and I never wanna leave.. best community ever

  25. Rattuber

    Rattuber9 days ago

    10 years is fair since it was self defense I think

  26. Day Old Doritos

    Day Old Doritos9 days ago

    20:33 hi im I twim and I can say no that never happened to me

  27. lunayandere_chan

    lunayandere_chan9 days ago

    no you ain't the most awkward

  28. falling stars

    falling stars10 days ago

    1:18:35 I've always respected Jay, but now my respect for him is over the roof!

  29. Renata Aguayo

    Renata Aguayo10 days ago

    This is so cool!!!

  30. Wiwwy

    Wiwwy11 days ago

    jay! chapter 2 is out u should play it someday :D

  31. Hailey brown

    Hailey brown11 days ago

    Hey Jay chapter 2 is out!! You should play it in your free time😊

  32. kojack react

    kojack react12 days ago

    TELL me why aint nothin but a memphrase now tell me why I dont wanna hear you say WOOW I want it that way.

  33. kojack react

    kojack react12 days ago

    btw this was from a try not to laugh chalange

  34. Allante Kelley

    Allante Kelley13 days ago

    Two twins duh its twins

  35. Starlord_B

    Starlord_B14 days ago

    I knew it from the start that Tyler took the blame for Alyson. It felt so good to see. I knew it

  36. Tallie Colon

    Tallie Colon15 days ago

    To everyone who wants to know what would've happened if you get Tessa to spill (spoilers obviously): Tessa was a traditionalist who gave Mary-Ann the pamphlet for The Virtue Seekers Youth Camp that was found in her room. That youth camp was a conversion camp. Mary-Ann had confided in Tessa about her struggles with Tyler, and with Tessa's "good" knowledge of the camp, she recommended it to her. However, Mary-Ann didn't take that suggestion well, and that was the subject of their argument in the office. Mary-Ann was actually fine with who Tyler was, and still loved him. This makes everything more confusing, I know.

  37. Strawburry Milk

    Strawburry Milk15 days ago

    The whole start is just *I LIKE YA CUT, G*

  38. Jesse Miller

    Jesse Miller16 days ago

    He’s never gonna do chapter 2 😔

  39. Benny Rodriguez

    Benny Rodriguez16 days ago

    But I love it

  40. Benny Rodriguez

    Benny Rodriguez16 days ago

    Tyler want to go on a killing spree

  41. Brianna Fern

    Brianna Fern18 days ago

    Jay : I wouldn't be caught dead near a haunted house Me : I live in a haunted house and have for years

  42. Amateur Animation

    Amateur Animation19 days ago

    Why does he talk like tyler killed her like a murder It was self defense

  43. Brayce Dickens

    Brayce Dickens19 days ago

    Why won’t u play the next 2 chapters

  44. Jackeline Vasquez

    Jackeline Vasquez21 day ago

    When are you going to do chapter 2?

  45. Max _yt

    Max _yt21 day ago

    Can u do the second episode

  46. DevilArt Studios

    DevilArt Studios21 day ago

    Jay: they served some good chipotle Tyler: hmmm, the sweet taste of overcooked halibut- Jay: *that too-*

  47. Layla

    Layla22 days ago

    Im not even trans yet seeing that not only is Tyler trans but they actually used young Tyler instead of using his deadname makes me so happy

  48. Song_bird _

    Song_bird _22 days ago

    Play 2!

  49. Song_bird _

    Song_bird _22 days ago

    Play 2!

  50. Courtney Louise

    Courtney Louise24 days ago

    “You know what I don’t like about,in games like this.When people talk about things,we clearly don’t give a DAMN about” Lmao literally though🤦‍♀️

  51. Courtney Louise

    Courtney Louise24 days ago

    8:49 Jay pissing around with the camera and beatboxing is such a mood lmfao

  52. kimwithluvv

    kimwithluvv24 days ago



    ABANDON X25 days ago

    you should do episode 2

  54. Faith Unknown

    Faith Unknown26 days ago

    You did the Tessa one wrong J

  55. Myla Banks

    Myla Banks26 days ago

    When r u making ep 2

  56. Addijaye

    Addijaye27 days ago

    Jay! Please play more of this game! There are more episodes out (:

  57. Cloudii_Oasis

    Cloudii_Oasis27 days ago

    Continue! (No rush though)

  58. Clinii Fox

    Clinii Fox28 days ago

    It's the way how we're never getting a video for the rest of the series.. 😔😔

  59. Moonlicious

    Moonlicious22 days ago

    fr, he always does this when playing these games. He even did it with LIS2 like bruh- just continue ffs

  60. Everything Courtney

    Everything Courtney26 days ago

    Honestly 😭

  61. Kaisun Rotha

    Kaisun Rotha28 days ago

    Make a part 2

  62. The Gaming Nerd

    The Gaming Nerd29 days ago

    I wonder if Jay is gonna play chapter two and three?

  63. Lady Serepis

    Lady Serepis29 days ago

    well, TECHNICALLY, he could stab her, for self defense. They can't arrest him, so basically the kid is of the hook. Edit: he could go to jail, only for about three years to a few months.

  64. Stephanie Chandra

    Stephanie Chandra29 days ago

    Kinda like this game :(

  65. Maria Assaoud

    Maria Assaoud29 days ago

    can we go back to this game

  66. Stephanie Sua

    Stephanie Sua29 days ago

    I really want Jay to play Chapter 2 and 3 :(

  67. _ RayBound_

    _ RayBound_29 days ago

    Trans squad ✌️

  68. Just Mady

    Just MadyMonth ago

    jay: what is that cookies tyler: well birds its your lucky day jay: TOLD YOU IT WAS BIRD FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. EugeOrochi

    EugeOrochiMonth ago

    It's been four weeks! Please Jay only two more episodes, this series isn't that long...

  70. •Milly Marshmallow•

    •Milly Marshmallow•Month ago

    Not even kidding i got an ad about this game while watching this

  71. JEANIE

    JEANIEMonth ago

    I hopr jay countie yo play

  72. KvttMxra

    KvttMxraMonth ago

    This kid shouldn't have gone to jail, in America if you feel your life is in danger you defend yourself and you are allowed to kill if your life feels threatened. They lived in Alaska at the time, which is in America, which means they should've never gone to jail.

  73. 333.Hailey.666

    333.Hailey.666Month ago

    I came back 3 weeks later and I’m still waiting for him to keep playing

  74. Mami Boo

    Mami BooMonth ago

    I forgot why jay didn't finish the 2nd life is strange can anyone tell me?


    THE KLASSIC GAMER29 days ago

    @Tori Really?

  76. Tori

    ToriMonth ago

    It's because the dog got killed off.

  77. Caedence M

    Caedence MMonth ago


  78. valentina

    valentinaMonth ago

    pleaseeee second episode

  79. salami

    salamiMonth ago

    continue ittttt!

  80. TFP Stories

    TFP StoriesMonth ago


  81. Hafsah

    HafsahMonth ago

    Jay: No way!!! Tyler: No way! *Jay just laughing his a$$ off*

  82. Josh 316

    Josh 316Month ago

    Why do u feel like he wasn’t paying attention lol

  83. Jonathan isgood21

    Jonathan isgood21Month ago


  84. Lilah Garcia

    Lilah GarciaMonth ago

    Am I the only one that gets reminded of sangwoo mom when I see their mom

  85. F.F WIFE

    F.F WIFEMonth ago

    Jay why you so damn funny, you almost made me drop my croissant


    WHERE IS THE LAMB SauceMonth ago

    I lost it when he started barking

  87. Naura Istitah

    Naura IstitahMonth ago


  88. cupcake awesomeness

    cupcake awesomenessMonth ago

    so we not gon talk about how his self defense story wouldn’t even make sense because she was stabbed from behind

  89. Maverick Evans

    Maverick EvansMonth ago

    This game is so much like the last of us

  90. Yvette G.

    Yvette G.Month ago


  91. miraculouslyloren

    miraculouslylorenMonth ago

    Tell me I'm not the only one who started singing I want it that way when he said the title of the game

  92. Marque de LAFAYETTE

    Marque de LAFAYETTEMonth ago

    Yo Jay! When’s you uploading the next episode? ILY Jay

  93. Silver Revlis 2

    Silver Revlis 2Month ago

    jay when are you gonna upload the next one..?

  94. Mariah Lawley

    Mariah LawleyMonth ago

    Please do the second episode !!

  95. CeeCee

    CeeCeeMonth ago

    Gosh i love this game so much! I really hope Jay continues playing it

  96. Ash'ton

    Ash'tonMonth ago

    When is episode 2 coming out the creators made it already, really want to see you play it

  97. Daphane Martin

    Daphane MartinMonth ago

    Maybe the reason the mom bought the book is to find ways to make his life worse Like ways to dehumanize him, ect

  98. Kuro

    KuroMonth ago

    NO WAY! No way! WHAT THE HECK!?

  99. Samantha_Music_Lover

    Samantha_Music_LoverMonth ago

    Me:me hearing jay said "Tell me why" Me singing: *takes deep breath to sing*TELL ME WHY AINT NOTHING BUT A HEARTACHE!!!! TELL ME WHY!!! AINT NOTHING BUT A MISTAKE!!!! I WANT IT THAT WAY!!!!!

  100. Aaliyah Skeen

    Aaliyah SkeenMonth ago

    Please post more 😭

  101. Cj Leal

    Cj LealMonth ago

    More I want more

  102. XxEskiimo

    XxEskiimoMonth ago

    i thought u were joking about not finishing life is strange 2 lol

  103. •Sunflower_studios•

    •Sunflower_studios•Month ago

    13:25 was kind but when he saw the old man he straight up turned back XD

  104. Nysiem Yarborough

    Nysiem YarboroughMonth ago

    Me going straight to the chat like tEll Me wHY I neVEr want To heAR yoU saY I wAnT iT thAt wAy

  105. Xxx_ animates_Xxx

    Xxx_ animates_XxxMonth ago

    The was add in this video and the add was about the GAME XD

  106. Deziray Crowley

    Deziray CrowleyMonth ago

    Please finish this one unlike life is strange 2 😞

  107. Brady Foster

    Brady FosterMonth ago

    loving this