In this episode of Yandere Simulator...a new sewer has appeared behind the school & it's a next level disposing method that can't possibly fail...right?? Also, there's a new easter egg that's pretty uhhh....you'll see
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  1. Terence Wright

    Terence Wright25 minutes ago

    why dude why

  2. gaby doe?

    gaby doe?3 hours ago

    Hey Jay! I have a question, 1. Kill someone 2. Grind them up 3. Pour the blood on someone 4. Quickly end the day What will happen?

  3. Korynna Escamilla

    Korynna Escamilla4 hours ago

    may i have help? Dont care, How do you open the debug menu?

  4. obito uchihas wife

    obito uchihas wife5 hours ago

    14:47 why is he showing his buttcrack tho-

  5. Ft. Wolfi

    Ft. Wolfi5 hours ago

    JAY SPEAK S SPANISH?!!!!!!?!!!!!!?!!!!

  6. ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっCookie_ Playzʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ

    ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっCookie_ Playzʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ7 hours ago

    Jay: Am I stupid?I think I am don't answer that in the comments My comment: *y e s* Jay: 👁️👄👁️

  7. ham Pig

    ham Pig8 hours ago

    Not sure if you're still doing the mythbusting videos, but here's one either way 1. Get Osana's phone charm (Don't give it to her though) 2. Kill her 3. Clean/destroy everything but the body Will anything happen? And do you keep the charm?

  8. Starliight

    Starliight9 hours ago

    Yandev added in self reporting in the newest update. And it gave me a thought. What happens if you kill all the students and then self report. Will you or senpai be arrested or will they just shrug it off?

  9. Mich. B

    Mich. B16 hours ago

    The delinquents duh!

  10. Dark Rie

    Dark Rie17 hours ago

    I wonder what would happen if you put someone to sleep then dump there body in the sewers🤔

  11. ¿Midnight?

    ¿Midnight?18 hours ago

    Jay i have a cool bug that I found out 1.Wait untill lunchtime 2.Wait for the mean girls to change into their swimming outfits 3.then go to the libraly 4.speed up time untill you will be "after school" 5. I wont tell you what it is,but after you do all of this, go look at the bullies(Its funny to me ok??)

  12. ky

    ky18 hours ago

    But the body is still on school grounds- its not like, decomposed or anything-

  13. Roma Miliauskienė

    Roma Miliauskienė21 hour ago

    Jay what would hapen if you kill 4 of the delinquents and leave only 1 will the club shut down or will the club activity continue🤔

  14. Kindya Clayborne

    Kindya ClayborneDay ago

    boy go to delinquents

  15. Alexander Elgawly

    Alexander ElgawlyDay ago

    Here is a juicy myth for you,Jay! Do the "bully osana scheme" and after her her reputation hits -150,Get the syringe and distract Raibaru then get osana to follow you to the gyms lounge and kidnap her. Will the osana suicide animation still pop up?

  16. Lateycia Rabbit Carrier

    Lateycia Rabbit CarrierDay ago

    Hey Jay! Can you put a unconscious body in sewer?

  17. Ja'Mareon Ellis-Allen

    Ja'Mareon Ellis-AllenDay ago

    cap cap cap they never found the body

  18. KatieNinja

    KatieNinjaDay ago

    I forgot this man exists.

  19. Shannon Obriensheldon

    Shannon ObriensheldonDay ago



    KUM4RUU PLAYSDay ago

    Wait jay are you half pinoy or-

  21. Scarlett Barfield

    Scarlett Barfield2 days ago

    Jay : Actually don't answer that Me looks at my comment also me EEEeE

  22. Martha Akot

    Martha Akot2 days ago

    For your next video how about you poor blood on kokona and see if the police cannot identify it

  23. Hcid

    Hcid2 days ago

    The same bug happened to me I had Osana commit suicide and then she confessed to senpai somehow

  24. Chris Mercer

    Chris Mercer2 days ago


  25. Lashea Rodden

    Lashea Rodden2 days ago


  26. Sarah Adams

    Sarah Adams2 days ago

    1.go in bad time mode and the one you don't go to menu. Can you do both attacks at the same time

  27. zoew w

    zoew w2 days ago

    Hey, Jay, I know you'll never see this comment but is it possible you can kidnap more than one student? 1: Kidnapped a student. 2: kidnapped another student will it let you kidnapped more than one student?

  28. Moonlight Star

    Moonlight Star2 days ago

    Where is the life note Easter egg? I searched for hours

  29. Teddy_bear Teddy_bear

    Teddy_bear Teddy_bear2 days ago

    If a mind slave can kill someone can the mind slave kill u or can u kill the mind slave 🧐

  30. XertoxGaming

    XertoxGaming2 days ago

    L-lady Dumitrescu in Yandere Simulator?? Wow, such an *AWESOME* easter egg. Dumitrescu fans watching this video: Kinda, but H O R N Y

  31. dangxedits

    dangxedits2 days ago

    I have a bug that I didn't mean to come across- I told Osana to meet up at the school rooftop at 7:15. Then I got rid of Raibaru by Budo's task. I got the knife from the occult club and then went to the science club and tried to heat it up, but then Akane (the student council member) caught me and I got sent to the guidance counselor. I clicked apologize and then was in Info Chan's room???

  32. Aulia Chan

    Aulia Chan2 days ago

    Oh wow ayano cosplay as Six XD

  33. Eat Me

    Eat Me2 days ago

    Damn, Jay's still playing YanSim to this day

  34. Shoto Todoroki

    Shoto Todoroki2 days ago

    can I ask something? What happens if its week 1 (osana) and you kill the second rival already? does she still come to Senpai on saterday?

  35. Sofia Roblox

    Sofia Roblox2 days ago


  36. maddie the cripsy memes

    maddie the cripsy memes3 days ago

    im so sorry i wheezed when you said be quite im sorry

  37. PotaToeCat •Mel•

    PotaToeCat •Mel•3 days ago

    Kubz Scouts is as close as I’m gonna get to playing YanSim rn, my parents said it’s too creepy :/

  38. Alan Doyle

    Alan Doyle3 days ago

    Uh dude the crowbar was in the game for a long time

  39. Jacqueline Sassy

    Jacqueline Sassy3 days ago

    Can I download this game on an Android phone or do I need a PS (if so can I use ps3)

  40. iva Stankovic

    iva Stankovic3 days ago

    Jay i have one 1. Get somone to follow u 2. Get into pool mode Will they still follow u

  41. Sherlin Solis

    Sherlin Solis3 days ago

    Sorry miss spel calling to claping

  42. Sherlin Solis

    Sherlin Solis3 days ago

    Wtf how or you calling lol

  43. Ella Dewdney

    Ella Dewdney3 days ago

    I have a glitch 1)get the tranquillizer and syringe(because you’re trying to kidnap somebody) 2)grab the knife on the roof 3) get saki to follow you 4)go to the kidnapping room 5)go behind saki and grab the knife 6)stab saki 7)she should fall to your feet and you won’t move I found this out on accident 😂

  44. Kiharo Tomazoro

    Kiharo Tomazoro3 days ago

    I hope Jay makes a video on the February 19th build.

  45. Ari'Aunna Pleasant

    Ari'Aunna Pleasant3 days ago


  46. Desi

    Desi4 days ago

    1 Millionth view

  47. Grace Potter

    Grace Potter4 days ago

    Jay i have one you may need an older build -Get someone to follow you -Kill them in the bush in front of the gardening club -hide the body in the bush (Mop up any blood) -Get someone else to follow you but dont kill them -Bring them to the bush Will they be able to see the body in the bush?

  48. Lily Cunningham

    Lily Cunningham4 days ago

    If you go into the garden and behind the shed should be a weapon called a old axe you should try to kill someone with it it is by far my fav weapon btw YOU DAT DUDE

  49. Luca Marjanovic

    Luca Marjanovic4 days ago

    14:43 senpai got his but showin IMAO

  50. Aubrey Red Horse

    Aubrey Red Horse4 days ago

    my barth day is on ester

  51. Jayme Caballero

    Jayme Caballero4 days ago

    Hey jay can you try this out please? So you know horuda puresu can make her reputation higher and then will the tan bullies still bully her?

  52. player

    player4 days ago

    im so confuse hmm jay your video is cool and nice is so amazing your video jay

  53. Farhaシ

    Farhaシ4 days ago

    Pepole who love kubz scouts

  54. Himari Fujita

    Himari Fujita4 days ago

    I'm so happy your back with the Yandere simulator series i missed them

  55. mUg is Magicuglitch

    mUg is Magicuglitch4 days ago

    Y E S

  56. Raeex

    Raeex4 days ago

    Is nobody gonna mention the yellow raincoat being in the same update as the sewer...hmmm

  57. JessenLH

    JessenLH4 days ago


  58. wanafiqah04 hanna

    wanafiqah04 hanna5 days ago

    Lol i hate teacher

  59. jullia Gaming

    jullia Gaming5 days ago

    U need a stupi sticker on ur fourhead

  60. Cindy Bilaski

    Cindy Bilaski5 days ago


  61. Miriam Cadena

    Miriam Cadena5 days ago

    Hey! I don’t know if this is a myth or not but can you try this? 1- Fight with the delinquents and loose 2-Go to the art room and cover yourself in paint 3-Go to the teachers room and get in trouble so u can go to the counselor 4- blame the delinquents Will the counselor get them expelled or do something else? Bc now you are more injured Idk if it would work but can u give it a shot? :)

  62. JaJa-Chan Loves Slime !

    JaJa-Chan Loves Slime !5 days ago

    Is it a fact that yandere simulator is jay’s like longest series ever? That whenever I think of yandere simulator Jay is one of the youtubers that first comes to my mind.

  63. Little Devi

    Little Devi5 days ago

    Bro this was posted on my birthday 😭😭😭

  64. Bxxs_ Gacha

    Bxxs_ Gacha5 days ago

    Why is this DEMO

  65. ThiccBoiJames

    ThiccBoiJames5 days ago

    These Comments Suck Ass

  66. Michael Shepard

    Michael Shepard5 days ago

    yes you are

  67. Vhynz Joseff Garcia

    Vhynz Joseff Garcia5 days ago

    i have a mini myth jay. what happens if you mop up blood on cleaning time?will the reaction be the same or no?

  68. Adela Hernandez

    Adela Hernandez5 days ago

    Ayano on her 🗣YONCE

  69. Oka Ruto

    Oka Ruto6 days ago

    Myth: (This involves the decapitate osana method). (1) Befriend Osana and meet her at the roof (2) Get anyone(I would use Midori) to distract Osana (3) Beat the distracter to Osana (4) Kill Osana when she/he is close Will the game bug out or will she still die the same old way?

  70. Luis R2

    Luis R26 days ago

    Me being a bum ass😅😅 the thinking a Crowbar is a wrench 😌😌😌😑😑

  71. Lydia Gahs

    Lydia Gahs6 days ago

    Ok I want you to do another myth vid plzzzz!!!!!!!

  72. c00kieCrumblesZ

    c00kieCrumblesZ6 days ago

    Jay I found something that made me laugh and I hope it makes you laugh too! 1. Put a note in Osana’s to meet behind the school 2. Crush Osana and have Raibaru be all sad and stuff 3. Pour water onto Raibaru 4. Ta-da! Raibaru should have a shocked face and should be talking (like how she does with Osana under the tree by the fountain) Edit: I’m playing on the 2/19/2021 build I’m unsure if it works on others

  73. Creativity in a box

    Creativity in a box6 days ago

    Anyone know escape the night? If so when he searched her up it looked like Colleen at first

  74. killua zoldyck

    killua zoldyck6 days ago

    I know I'm late but can you try throwing a sleeping student in the sewer

  75. Mens Op aarde

    Mens Op aarde6 days ago

    there is actual readable text in the book of senpai when osana is reading it you can see that they are actual letters in it and I saw ayano her name in the book so I think senpai has a crush on us 🤭(I didn’t have enough time to read the pages)

  76. せんぬをふりなち・

    せんぬをふりなち・6 days ago


  77. Ruby Batt

    Ruby Batt6 days ago

    I have a question can you get a teacher to chase you and then dump a body in the sewer?

  78. james jack

    james jack6 days ago

    how do i open the easter egg menu

  79. Lauren Sandford

    Lauren Sandford6 days ago

    i think i have something 1.ask someone to follow you 2.go behind the randomly placed desk 3.teleport to the classroom If you teleport to not the classroom will the person whos following you also teleport

  80. iiDanixi

    iiDanixi6 days ago

    I got a cool glitch! -First, Get anyone to follow you at the beginning of school -Get a Knife (Knifefu)and kill the follower at 7:12 - 7:13 in front of the teachers in the faculty room (I did Toga Tabara) once the four of them pin you, info chan will send you a hint at 7:15 then press enter to take out your phone then save the game - Load the part that you saved then you'll see all the teachers frozen -Enjoy! And your that dude! It works currently in the 2/14/21 build -You can do this with the student council and everyone will be gliding in the surprised pose!

  81. Big Bang Attack

    Big Bang Attack6 days ago

    Btw her name is lady Dremerestcu something like that

  82. Hamza Mohammed

    Hamza Mohammed6 days ago


  83. E T

    E T6 days ago

    Jay go to the gardening club and go behind the shed there should be a axe

  84. Aimie Statton

    Aimie Statton6 days ago

    The raincoat looks like six's from little nightmares

  85. Morgan Boilard

    Morgan Boilard6 days ago

    hi jay, i haven’t watched you in a while. my sister used to watch you religiously, she introduced your channel to me but in 2019 she passed away. i’m just coming back after two years. the first thing i ever watched was yandere simulator, i’m so glad to see years later you’re still playing this. i feel sad watching this, nostalgic and happy as well. keep making shining content.

  86. Sabra Rodriguez

    Sabra Rodriguez7 days ago

    0:52 Why she remind me of hachishakusama

  87. mocha !

    mocha !6 days ago

    Yeah ik 👀

  88. Ally Gamer

    Ally Gamer7 days ago

    Oh I posted that text before I heard don't answer that I'm sorry don't read that please

  89. Octavio Cuesta

    Octavio Cuesta7 days ago

    Yo Senpai has, not one, but TWO buttons unbuttoned on his button down at the end

  90. CrazyNaturekitty Live

    CrazyNaturekitty Live7 days ago

    Hmmm i wonder if its possible to tranq a student then put them in the sewer

  91. Jayme Wilkes

    Jayme Wilkes7 days ago

    um in the final game if u go to the town u can buy one i mean a crowbar

  92. Milagros González Piñeiro

    Milagros González Piñeiro7 days ago

    Hi!! I just found a new bug...idk if you wanna try it(i haven't seen anyone try it at the moment, so if you already know im sorry) *Wait for students to be all in there club rooms* 1.kill all leaders to have the power of the spider girl. 2. Go to the music club and grab the guitar. 3. Kill the new leader 4. Giggle and get caught by the vice president When you get caught, they will find the body and call the police as usual. Then it will say "The police witness actual evidence of the supernatural, are absolutely horrified, and run for their lives" When you try to continue it wont let you cause it will keep repeating the same thing but the police wont be there. PLZ TRY IT!!

  93. Soggy Nugget

    Soggy Nugget7 days ago

    Jay what if you go into snap mode when your sanity is 0%, does snap mode change from when you enter snap mode, having a sanity is at 100%? tl:dr Does snap mode change when your sanity is at 0%? Yes or No?

  94. hiddenbangtan

    hiddenbangtan7 days ago

    2:09 yes u r

  95. Dangaronpa memes

    Dangaronpa memes7 days ago

    hey i have a bug 1. activate ciborg mode 2. activate the nurse easter egg 3.order a sedative from info-chan 4.steal the the only weapon in the nurses office 5.join the gaming club 6.boost your biology 7.ask the nurse to follow you 8.kidnap her 9.then look in the basement and you will see... PS:im using the 02/10/2021 build

  96. Dangaronpa memes

    Dangaronpa memes7 days ago

    sorry,then ask her to kill osana when,for me,the nurse attacked osana she bugged,the take a pic of her before she end's her life,then see

  97. •Promyse Vlogs•

    •Promyse Vlogs•7 days ago

    Hey Jay, There is a Yandere Simulator Danganronpa mod, I think you should play it!

  98. •Shøpping_gørl•

    •Shøpping_gørl•7 days ago

    Question: Cannu poison a teacher?

  99. Mel Yandere

    Mel Yandere7 days ago

    hey jay, I got one. if you frame someone, and send them home, what will the police say. not forgetting YOUR THAT DUDE!!!

  100. Jay Montgomery

    Jay Montgomery7 days ago

    4:58 *it's his s l i p p e r s*

  101. Khoko Zoé Piña palacios

    Khoko Zoé Piña palacios7 days ago

    Pobres pandilleros xDDD

  102. Yes No

    Yes No7 days ago

    make sure to look in ur sewers for a body or....poop