Hanako 花子さん is a Japanese urban legend of a young girl who haunts school bathrooms & 3 girls wanted to see if it was true.......turns out there's just more than Hanako inside the toilets of the school
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  1. Therese Pastor

    Therese Pastor6 hours ago

    When you only know this story from an anime

  2. Bohema

    Bohema7 hours ago

    The TBHK fans are really getting on my nerves, leave the iconic urban legend out of that mediocre anime 🙄

  3. Bohema

    Bohema6 hours ago

    @Therese Pastor bless their hearts

  4. Therese Pastor

    Therese Pastor6 hours ago

    Ay ay ay leave the weebs be as they are

  5. I am_WEEB

    I am_WEEB15 hours ago

    Me a TBHK fan: *disappointed face* Also me: GOOD ENOUGH Edit: that "are you hanako" sounded like jay voice acting nagito

  6. JAP WAI LAAM ���f�P

    JAP WAI LAAM ���f�P16 hours ago


  7. kartikey Dwivedi

    kartikey DwivediDay ago

    I am watching this in midnight

  8. Kat.theweeb😖

    Kat.theweeb😖Day ago


  9. Kissme Kokichiouma

    Kissme KokichioumaDay ago

    But our hanako (from tbhk) is cute: ''(

  10. Kristine Defalee

    Kristine DefaleeDay ago


  11. ACKfelipeACK

    ACKfelipeACKDay ago

    Woah tooilet bound hanko kunnnn waaaaaoah

  12. Xxfemale_SeroxX 1

    Xxfemale_SeroxX 12 days ago

    Is this toilet -bound hanako-kun 🤭

  13. かずじろ

    かずじろ2 days ago

    all i can think of is toilet bound hanako kun

  14. TsunamiVibes

    TsunamiVibes2 days ago

    We still need ending 1

  15. Oraka Yugi

    Oraka Yugi2 days ago

    me who simps for the TBHK hanako: *hi*

  16. Therese Pastor

    Therese Pastor6 hours ago


  17. Sienna Salinas

    Sienna Salinas2 days ago

    There happens to be a Eri *silently runs around my room wondering my they chose the name eri*

  18. LadyBioPyro KimiTheLynx

    LadyBioPyro KimiTheLynx2 days ago

    Going through the whole game and doing all that work, you should be given the best damn ending there ever was! A good ending makes it all the more rewarding. This was disappointing. Good work man, I wouldn't have the patience for it.

  19. Arcadia

    Arcadia3 days ago

    Ok but like what if shes actually nice, just like Hanako kun. At the beginning of TBHK the main character was scared to do the challenge, but it turned out he was actually nice and a bit of a perv.(I'm not saying she is!) Ok I'm still too much of a scaredy cat to do this though.

  20. some random frog

    some random frog3 days ago

    Ngl the only reason I came here is because I saw the word hanako🐝

  21. xbuttercup

    xbuttercup4 days ago

    me being a tbhk fan: *ah yes, here we go again.*

  22. Y /n

    Y /n4 days ago

    10:31 😳 17:49 😳

  23. Crizza Mae Pulpulaan

    Crizza Mae Pulpulaan4 days ago


  24. Crizza Mae Pulpulaan

    Crizza Mae Pulpulaan4 days ago

    *gasp* h....ha.........han....HANAKO SAN

  25. *-Bearixx-*

    *-Bearixx-*4 days ago

    This reminds me of toilet bound guys

  26. Girlfriend FNF

    Girlfriend FNF4 days ago

    *HANAKO SAN, HANAKO SAN* -Lonely Daikon Girl

  27. 0 amburgh0

    0 amburgh05 days ago

    guys guys guys we get it we get it you watch shitter-bound hanako

  28. manggapop

    manggapop5 days ago


  29. Brenna McCabe

    Brenna McCabe5 days ago

    the comments (including me): hsgahsjfkydid tbhk:D

  30. Zoey Lindbloom

    Zoey Lindbloom6 days ago

    hey at least the possessed mannequin didn't kill him

  31. Sienna Turner

    Sienna Turner6 days ago

    who else kept turning down their volume during this?

  32. Roseline Cuenca

    Roseline Cuenca6 days ago

    Me : watching this video My heart : *gets a mini attack*

  33. Wasabi Waffle

    Wasabi Waffle6 days ago


  34. Queenie Rose Perejan

    Queenie Rose Perejan6 days ago


  35. Queenie Rose Perejan

    Queenie Rose Perejan6 days ago

    The girls:ahhhh!!!!! Jay:help Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Sonic The Hedgehog

    Sonic The Hedgehog6 days ago

    Ever time he says Eri I think of Well I'm sure you know

  37. Sonic The Hedgehog

    Sonic The Hedgehog6 days ago

    Is Hanako really evil come on she's presenting herself as a friendly spirit There again Sachiko in Corpse Party did that too

  38. Ericka Silva

    Ericka Silva6 days ago

    The game: is called Hanako The anime watchers: hehee The manga readers: *I am four parallel universes ahead of you all*

  39. nicci minaj

    nicci minaj7 days ago

    *me knowing there's a jumpscare in the beginning cus like Jay doesn't put it in the beggining if there's no jumpscare:* i know him enough so much i know he's gonna do that..

  40. mary anad

    mary anad9 days ago

    Am I the only one that watched this bc: Jay is awesome two: I already know the legend

  41. Romana Krejčí

    Romana Krejčí9 days ago

    HAVE FUN green

  42. Romana Krejčí

    Romana Krejčí9 days ago


  43. Karla Rayas

    Karla Rayas9 days ago

    I was looking for someone talking about the little Sykkunos but the only thing I found was tbhk fans -by Fall Out Boy

  44. Hanako-kun

    Hanako-kun9 days ago


  45. Kokichis Panta

    Kokichis Panta9 days ago

    Jay:”her name is hanako-San” Me:”*cough cough*hanako-kun*cough cough”

  46. Piss Baby

    Piss Baby9 days ago

    Wait wait wait- was the black screen at the end legit part of the game? Does anybody else think all the time and effort Jay put into getting that part end up not worth it?? Like cmon, I wanted the girls to get out or something jeez


    BOB IS BOB YEET9 days ago

    dot dot DOT DOT DOT DEDEDED 😂😂😂

  48. pinkvelvetxo

    pinkvelvetxo10 days ago

    i’m going full screen for this one

  49. Sophie Lane

    Sophie Lane10 days ago

    Hanako... Like... Yandere simulator rival hanako???

  50. Petiks Gamer

    Petiks Gamer10 days ago

    When will I stop seeing comments about "hanako-kun"?

  51. Tai Yo

    Tai Yo10 days ago

    Jay have you played Red candle games if u say THIS is scary?? (The name of games are detention and devotion) omg I would love to see u play lemme check if u actually have done that

  52. Alice

    Alice10 days ago

    jay reading the first dialog sounds like lip from adventure time

  53. That Boi animate

    That Boi animate10 days ago

    5:03 they just diped

  54. Zaneya Chrystelle

    Zaneya Chrystelle10 days ago

    What is the name of the new year of a year and a year for a new year of

  55. Jûst Wīlløw

    Jûst Wīlløw11 days ago


  56. Melone

    Melone11 days ago

    "you a teacher at this school?" I hope the hell not-

  57. Melone

    Melone11 days ago

    Anyway the tbhk fans really found this shit huh

  58. Eri TheBear

    Eri TheBear11 days ago

    Wait! Only end 2 and 3? There's more endings! Noooo! That abuse to that dude who tried so hard to complete this for our amusement. What a slap in the face! Such cruelty.

  59. Sofka Ivanova

    Sofka Ivanova11 days ago

    Hanako is real

  60. ahmad Ahmad

    ahmad Ahmad12 days ago

    Every tbhk fan: IT IS OUR TIME TO SHINE

  61. des c

    des c12 days ago

    everytime someone talks about “hanako” i think of the anime “toilet bound hanako kun” with hanako nene and kou😭-

  62. lilac lover

    lilac lover13 days ago

    Me and every other TBHK fans: you called?

  63. Yuko Madaraki

    Yuko Madaraki13 days ago

    51:36 can someone explain why it was 1108 please? My smol brain can't figure it out... :(

  64. Virda

    Virda13 days ago


  65. Virda

    Virda13 days ago


  66. Shiroko Kurobane

    Shiroko Kurobane13 days ago

    When I hear hanako I think of asobi Asobase-

  67. Randomguy 09

    Randomguy 0913 days ago

    19:58 was that tamaki ?

  68. Cyanne Lewis

    Cyanne Lewis13 days ago


  69. Natalie Rueda

    Natalie Rueda14 days ago

    Bruhhhh not toilet bound hanako kun makeing a game

  70. XxTamiXx

    XxTamiXx14 days ago

    Did anyone else think of the anime when he said hanako?(Toilet Bound Hanako Kun)

  71. ZombieTurtle629

    ZombieTurtle62914 days ago

    Do the candles help with the wanderers since it's technically light from the natural world or are they just there to help give some extra light?

  72. Alan Cruz

    Alan Cruz14 days ago

    17:59 I Actually Thought The Sculpture Was Gonna Make Noise, Plot Twist i was wrong.

  73. xτhατ_σηε_ωεεβx

    xτhατ_σηε_ωεεβx14 days ago

    Jay: scared Anime weebs: OMG HANAKO-KUN IS THAT YOU?!

  74. pickled Alien

    pickled Alien14 days ago

    This was so interesting-

  75. The Weirdo

    The Weirdo14 days ago

    Is no one gonna talk about Eri? like from MHA?

  76. Macy Maristela

    Macy Maristela14 days ago

    how was it 1108?

  77. nadiashii i

    nadiashii i15 days ago

  78. Romain Romain

    Romain Romain15 days ago

    51:38 first digit: number of crossed value intside the row/line, three last digit: sum of non-crossed numbers in the row.

  79. nya nya

    nya nya15 days ago

    i realized tbhk is based off this legend but more wholesome 😇

  80. Kinnie キニー :D

    Kinnie キニー :D15 days ago

    Tbhk fans when they did this at there school: 👨‍🦲

  81. Noriko Gervacio Denda

    Noriko Gervacio Denda15 days ago

    every time it says... he is like tHataasastatatattatatatatatata

  82. Summer PhitidesANKLJKA

    Summer PhitidesANKLJKA16 days ago

    Me every five seconds :" WHAT THE F-" "BRUH WHY" " HOW THE F**K IS HE ALIVE LIKE WHAT" and " DIE BISH"

  83. Leviathan’s Wife

    Leviathan’s Wife16 days ago

    Hanako kun?? Amane??😭✋

  84. Fortitudo Juday Gaan

    Fortitudo Juday Gaan16 days ago


  85. brickmon -

    brickmon -16 days ago

    Hanako San....

  86. lol nope

    lol nope16 days ago


  87. Miah Layshock

    Miah Layshock16 days ago

    You brought her back twice


    COOKIEMADMAN16 days ago

    Note to self, don't watch this while putting mascara on

  89. Sir Tomake

    Sir Tomake16 days ago

    I still can’t stop thinking about how he went through his way to beat this game 3 whole times 😭

  90. lol nope

    lol nope17 days ago

    ayo amane is that you he said no and yes im probably high its like 3am

  91. Call meh Llamay Ok

    Call meh Llamay Ok17 days ago

    In the beginning of the video when someone was behind you made me scream and drop my phone TwT

  92. ashesque

    ashesque17 days ago

    Me, a tbhk fan : 👀✨

  93. *『 Silvasantisteban 』*

    *『 Silvasantisteban 』*18 days ago

    When you have watched Toilet bound Hanako-kun-

  94. Michelle Makein

    Michelle Makein18 days ago

    that spider dude gave me a heart attack

  95. Gaming With Lonnie

    Gaming With Lonnie18 days ago

    Ima girl and I've tried this😃

  96. Just a random Purple man

    Just a random Purple man18 days ago

    30:40 is it me or this is danganronpa pink blood-

  97. Nur Qistina Rozisham

    Nur Qistina Rozisham18 days ago

    11:35 That was a "fairy". If you lose something that you love, that means the fairy is the one who stole it. If you look at them, you will lose too.

  98. Hajime Hinata

    Hajime Hinata18 days ago

    Trying to find the jumpscare list..? How pathetic.

  99. Akari Atsumi

    Akari Atsumi18 days ago

    This is not hanako yaaaaa not from tbhk

  100. Tsukasas Shoe

    Tsukasas Shoe18 days ago

    HANAKO SAN HANAKO SAN..ARE YOU THERE? hey it's hanako San I'm actually a boy and I have an amazing brother

  101. Useless•Jane

    Useless•Jane18 days ago

    All the weebs are here lol

  102. War Trauma

    War Trauma18 days ago

    this is what them little white girls in movies would do, try and summon a f@#&ing demon.

  103. Sir Tomake

    Sir Tomake18 days ago

    Big ball syndrome

  104. chris frank

    chris frank18 days ago

    51:38 This code was easy all you do is add all the numbers which are not crossed out those are the last 3 numbers the amount Golden or crossed numbers is the first number (which ever one is more dominant) look at every puzzle and use my advice it will all work out 15+16+17+19+20+21=108 there is 1 golden number and 1 crossed number making them tied for the first number making the code 1108

  105. Gaming

    Gaming18 days ago

    What could go wrong? Apparently a lot