Kubz Scouts scary story animation reactions! In this episode we have one of the coolest and creepist scary claymations i've seen so far, a strange man following a family into a resturaunt and acting sus, two friends taking a road trip and experiencing a bizarre event & lastly we see what happens when you accept rides from people you dont know
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  1. Evelyne Howes

    Evelyne Howes4 hours ago

    I have two giant windows with no curtains but I'm on the second floor so I'm good

  2. Yoink E

    Yoink EDay ago

    Grandmas last words: damnit I should’ve finished that darn crossword puzzle. (Btw sorry I’m late lol)

  3. rosemary cortez

    rosemary cortezDay ago

    awe i appreciate jay’s word of advice at the end and how serious he was about it 🥺❤️

  4. JEM ofthe80s

    JEM ofthe80sDay ago

    THAT LAST ONE!! Just the idea of him waking up to find out that the kids he left behind were found emptied out in a LAKE!! I can only wonder how many REAL versions of that story exist on true crime sites...!! The first one, I'll bet Tim Burton is REALLY jealous of the guy who made it:)

  5. XxMidnight FroggyxX

    XxMidnight FroggyxXDay ago

    I sleep with my windows wide open -_-

  6. Aaron Stoner

    Aaron StonerDay ago

    Did that thing that popped out of the wall have two saggy ass nuts? Jay has his priorities straight.

  7. Izuku Midoriya

    Izuku MidoriyaDay ago

    That clay mation was the scariest and goriest thing ever..



    Bald guy: *pays* Woman: * refuses to pay* Waiter: EXTRA CHA CHING!!

  9. ja caм throkic

    ja caм throkic2 days ago

    Dude said his bladder would pop bit then all of a sudden he had to take a huge dookie

  10. Analiz Perez

    Analiz Perez2 days ago

    no one: jay:*yawns bc the man's voice sounds sleepy*

  11. Analiz Perez

    Analiz Perez2 days ago

    i actually have 2 windows for a person like him to reach or to knock on but there very high for him to even reach.

  12. Trevor Green

    Trevor Green2 days ago

    I have something to close but I will always leave it close also my house is a second floor and I'm on the second floor

  13. Trevor Green

    Trevor Green2 days ago

    The monster did head small

  14. Loki Scholtz

    Loki Scholtz3 days ago

    F in the chat for granny

  15. Wee. a . boo

    Wee. a . boo3 days ago

    I live in an apartment. On the 8th floor. without a balcony. so I think whoever's trying to look inside might as well be in a damn helicopter.

  16. // Mei-Lee //

    // Mei-Lee //3 days ago

    Did anyone notice that in the first animation (second video) he suddenly had a beard when standing up and walking away from the table?

  17. I CUP

    I CUP3 days ago

    Is anybody else gonna talk about that man growing a full beard at 11:18??



    i told her to make me cookies she didnt so i sicked my goons on her:):):):):)

  19. Gianna Swiskoski

    Gianna Swiskoski4 days ago

    poor granny 1 like = 1 pray for granny to have peace in heaven

  20. EJstalkerRZ

    EJstalkerRZ4 days ago

    Omg when ever I see old people get hurt its like MEH HEART!

  21. fran

    fran4 days ago

    i’m happy i don’t have a window 😈😈😈😈.

  22. Aeryal Cruz

    Aeryal Cruz5 days ago

    No body gon talk about the monsters in the 1st animation had 🍆. 👁👄👁

  23. Jm Gaming

    Jm Gaming5 days ago


  24. Barrenkala Nirmala

    Barrenkala Nirmala5 days ago

    Oh helll na oh my god na na no no

  25. Ciel Phantomhive

    Ciel Phantomhive6 days ago

    me watching this on a school computer: HA........ woah the kid next to me: bro..............WHAT IS THATTT

  26. Meh Gaming68

    Meh Gaming686 days ago

    Karma? That Badger looking animal just stayed at the road and never jumped out off the way.

  27. Nightjar

    Nightjar7 days ago

    uber drivers reading the title: *closes eyes* if i cant see it it doesnt exist!

  28. Kitty Kat

    Kitty Kat7 days ago

    thats why nepali windows are awesome

  29. DaisukeT

    DaisukeT7 days ago


  30. DaisukeT

    DaisukeT7 days ago

    Why am i watching this at night...?😫

  31. Honestly A’riel

    Honestly A’riel8 days ago

    Yes I have curtains in my room yes I have some of the closing the curtains and no I don't leave my church in at night open

  32. Airin Ariel

    Airin Ariel8 days ago

    Yes I have windows but I don’t have curtains but my house is 2 floored :)

  33. Lashawn Wiggins

    Lashawn Wiggins9 days ago

    I have four and I keep them shut I close them around like five or 6

  34. I be going like XD when I’m watching yOuTuBe !!!

    I be going like XD when I’m watching yOuTuBe !!!10 days ago

    Yes Jay...yes it did...

  35. Jonah Ferguson

    Jonah Ferguson11 days ago

    rest in peace grandma

  36. Izzoy _

    Izzoy _11 days ago

    *Jay:* talking about how bald men are usually assholes *also Jay:* “if you’re gonna give him a pseudonym, give him a cooler one than Mark” (not directly quoted, but y’know what I mean) My dad, who is bald and is named Mark, and watched this video with me: 😑

  37. Ben Andersen

    Ben Andersen11 days ago

    Did he just grow a full length beard 11:19 pause

  38. Ben Andersen

    Ben Andersen11 days ago


  39. Xx_ Jasmin _xX

    Xx_ Jasmin _xX11 days ago

    I have my curtains closed Day and night

  40. OreoAnimating

    OreoAnimating11 days ago

    What did I watch 😰😰🤮 (not the whole video tho)

  41. OreoAnimating

    OreoAnimating11 days ago

    What did u watch 😰😰🤮

  42. wiesław wapiennik

    wiesław wapiennik11 days ago

    Hey Jay I have a stroy that happend so wen I was slpping then I sa slander mean in my windo I was frosen and I talk I dont know why I talk to him so in the next night slander mean was in in the windo again and I will remember this all of my life the end so what do you think Jay?

  43. Chunkobutt

    Chunkobutt13 days ago

    I don't leave my cutains open at all. I also keep my door shut and lights on all night and day

  44. zuri Servamp

    zuri Servamp13 days ago

    we just found the fake Jackson!

  45. 3D4ÁÇ0

    3D4ÁÇ013 days ago

    Yo how does he know about selling organs on the black market

  46. Kevin Morales

    Kevin Morales14 days ago

    I’m sorry 😐

  47. Nannette Abernathy

    Nannette Abernathy14 days ago

    Omg I am a big fan

  48. Miss. Editor

    Miss. Editor14 days ago

    I'm all alone and in the dark on a bunk bed thx god.

  49. Ashlyn Paige

    Ashlyn Paige15 days ago


  50. Chance Zimmerman

    Chance Zimmerman15 days ago

    The flavors of the snacks in the back lmao ice flavor, coo coo, salt flavor

  51. Veyron8 zx

    Veyron8 zx15 days ago

    19:43 LOlll

  52. Chance Zimmerman

    Chance Zimmerman15 days ago

    I have massive black-out curtains so no one's seeing shit in there

  53. Leillani Charles

    Leillani Charles15 days ago

    Every single night i all always close the curtains because I was afraid somebody might be watching me but then I realized my house is too high from the ground . So I felt safe but then they were ladders near the side of my house where you could put it on the wall and just climb up and watch me sleep so I kept the curtains closed.

  54. Julianne Marie Bejar

    Julianne Marie Bejar15 days ago

    Holy crap I was writing while I was watching this and when that twist came on the grandma I just stopped and look at it with wide eyes because it was just......unexpected.

  55. malmansoori2007

    malmansoori200715 days ago

    I love watching his reactions and his jokes are so funny!

  56. zombieslayer !!!

    zombieslayer !!!16 days ago

    9:12 dude be looking like Russman From black ops 2 zombies

  57. Jaylen Martinez

    Jaylen Martinez16 days ago

    The last story is true I googled crest chicken farm and Thairs bin murderes at that farm

  58. G Garmadon

    G Garmadon16 days ago

    I have to windows in my room. I also have light canceling curtains thumbtacked onto them.

  59. orange juice

    orange juice16 days ago


  60. vollmerbeast

    vollmerbeast16 days ago


  61. Ognjen Delic

    Ognjen Delic17 days ago

    did anyone notice that on 11:18 his beard grew in a second

  62. Thê rêd Firê god

    Thê rêd Firê god19 days ago

    The thing did

  63. I'm a waste of space smh

    I'm a waste of space smh19 days ago

    The grandma one is really sad. The doctor and the guy killed his mom because He didn't want to admit he was gay and his mom wanted to have grandchildren. I felt so sad when I 1st saw it. Btw I'm copying comments for fun so please don't hate on me

  64. Gaming 25

    Gaming 2519 days ago

    He has saggy nuts bro haha

  65. Marlyn Evangelista

    Marlyn Evangelista19 days ago

    wait when jay learned that she really died because of a night mare and said *what a twist* and then learned that the guy and the doctor kissed said again *what a twist*

  66. Marlyn Evangelista

    Marlyn Evangelista19 days ago

    i need to erase the first video from my mind it was just so disturbing i got chills i even had the intention to puke

  67. Cecilia Olivera

    Cecilia Olivera19 days ago

    "That souded like somebody preades there but cheeks on a. Window" like who thinks of those things

  68. Keira Ashley Arellano

    Keira Ashley Arellano20 days ago

    Imagine your dreaming that you were about to pee but when you woke up you actually pee your pants/shorts That happen to me when I was 7 years old How bout you?

  69. Layla

    Layla20 days ago

    I got an entire ass tv in front of my window 😂

  70. BunniezPlay

    BunniezPlay20 days ago

    Wat a twist!

  71. Kristiana Rosales

    Kristiana Rosales21 day ago

    Jay look like he got bangs 😁

  72. Cheater Cxsh

    Cheater Cxsh23 days ago

    I’m black, so I’m DEFINENTLY not keeping my window open.🤣😄😁

  73. Gucci XXXtentcaion

    Gucci XXXtentcaion23 days ago

    He did the monster did have saggy nuts

  74. The-Crusty-Tomatos_ UwU

    The-Crusty-Tomatos_ UwU24 days ago

    *sigh* she didn’t even finish her crossword puzzle 😔

  75. Josiah Lujano

    Josiah Lujano24 days ago

    He grew a beard 11:17

  76. Cute_Dementor

    Cute_Dementor24 days ago

    The story where the boy got kidnapped is true. If you look up the sign that Mark saw (Chicken Crest Farm), there was this big thing called the Wineville Chicken Coop Murders. It was the kidnapping and murdering young boys at a chicken farm. Go look it up.

  77. Cute_Dementor

    Cute_Dementor24 days ago

    Sorry it's Crest Chicken Farm

  78. bunnie lover

    bunnie lover24 days ago

    Jay:*yawns* Me:yawn are contagious

  79. Jay Theg

    Jay Theg24 days ago

    Saggy nuts had them indeed


    CHEESE IS BEST24 days ago

    Hi. Hi. Hi HiHiHiHi. Hi Hi. Hi. Hi

  81. Hanging out with Erika

    Hanging out with Erika24 days ago

    1. My dad is bald lol 2. Yes the guy that came out of the wall had you know what 3. I have a window in both of my bedrooms, one is on the second floor, but they do both have curtains

  82. the not Mohammad

    the not Mohammad24 days ago

    Some wise words or helpful words you shall hear 12:40

  83. the not Mohammad

    the not Mohammad24 days ago

    3:13 WTF?! DID HE SAID?!

  84. A.R.M.Yバネッサ

    A.R.M.Yバネッサ25 days ago

    yessssss I have my window and curtains wide open at night lol but I live on the second floor so I feel safe enough

  85. Naveah Avila

    Naveah Avila25 days ago

    Also yes he had nuts🤣

  86. Naveah Avila

    Naveah Avila25 days ago

    Ur kinda cute😂 idek y I said that I just had to lol

  87. Naveah Avila

    Naveah Avila25 days ago

    I love ur channel btw💙

  88. DreamSimp 101

    DreamSimp 10125 days ago

    i have a theory that the docter posioned here with the pills

  89. Sunset Colored Lily

    Sunset Colored Lily25 days ago

    Fun Fact: 96.9% of people rewinded just to see those saggy nutz

  90. killua zoldyck

    killua zoldyck26 days ago

    21:16 walking dead?😺



    Granny, remember that one time where you forgot my damm chochy milk. I wont miss you grandma

  92. Jerson Empleo

    Jerson Empleo26 days ago

    Other videos: normal voice Road trip video: CORPSE voice

  93. Callista M

    Callista M26 days ago

    5:35 Always cracks me up lmfao!

  94. Miranda Samiec

    Miranda Samiec26 days ago

    that made me sick

  95. Tomo Tomi

    Tomo Tomi26 days ago

    I had chills from the forth animation😬😬😱😱

  96. TheBabyKnows N

    TheBabyKnows N27 days ago

    The monster did Jay hahaha!

  97. Jude Salber

    Jude Salber27 days ago

    13:03 hell nah, I'm on the top floor and my windows on the side of the building, but I still don't sleep with that shit open

  98. Jess D'Addabbo

    Jess D'Addabbo27 days ago

    I am 10 years old and I do crossword

  99. 『 ローレン 』

    『 ローレン 』14 days ago

    yeah that's the thing with crosswords. you're either really young or really old

  100. Jayden The Top Shotta

    Jayden The Top Shotta27 days ago

    My room is on the 2nd floor of my house so I don't have to worry bout weirdos knocking on my window

  101. Piggy is my dad -Roblox player

    Piggy is my dad -Roblox player27 days ago

    Omg the doctor was gay and they kissed what fell in his pocket was a dangerous medicine wtf

  102. 『 ローレン 』

    『 ローレン 』14 days ago

    yep lol

  103. نهى فتحي

    نهى فتحي28 days ago


  104. x Mad Arianna x

    x Mad Arianna x29 days ago

    So blood makes me gag never vomit but this time i almost vomited infront of my mom. She was like "Are you ok!?" and i kept gaging. NEVER PUT A VIDEO WITHOUT BLOOOOOD WAAARNING but it was really cool the animation so thanks.. I guess...