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  1. SassyNinja03

    SassyNinja0328 minutes ago

    That tinkle just gave me a trinket in my eye - Jay 2020 😂

  2. coconut yo

    coconut yo33 minutes ago

    Dr bose eveytime Jay asks him something I don't know

  3. Shailey K.

    Shailey K.Hour ago

    Y’all at 29:38 I was not expecting that and literally screamed 😂😂 I’m currently recovering now😌

  4. PrincesseGuimauve •

    PrincesseGuimauve •2 hours ago

    I'm from the UK. The NHS is our nation health service. If this helps. Its free health care for all.

  5. Malia Jackson

    Malia Jackson4 hours ago

    Bro when doctor bose would appear behind Jay I would jump so freaking hard

  6. Mateja Medved

    Mateja Medved4 hours ago


  7. celine

    celine7 hours ago

    I love horror games Never got jumpscared this much holy shit

  8. _Oof_ UWU_

    _Oof_ UWU_16 hours ago

    Isn’t that the sign for The Society Against Evil? 1:17

  9. nagito meow

    nagito meow17 hours ago

    wait is jimmy that guy who's chasing her?

  10. elika picard

    elika picard18 hours ago

    Jay just pleading for his life while spinning in a circle in the hall Jimmy watching him: 😑😬

  11. Im Asian

    Im Asian22 hours ago

    youre really a speed runner. faster than cory

  12. Glytch Harkness

    Glytch HarknessDay ago

    can you edit the titles of these play throughs and put the numbers in the right order? It's giving me anxiety not knowing the right order. I'm not interested in playing guessing games either, so if you could please number the play throughs proper that would be lovely.

  13. absolutemadlad

    absolutemadladDay ago

    btw the nhs is the uk's healthcare system :> stands for "national health service". reason why it showed in the flashback / memory is because dr bose was wearing an nhs tag as hes a psychiatrist/ doctor

  14. - 愛アシャンティ -

    - 愛アシャンティ -Day ago

    Amy really said i can fly

  15. Oof the golden fox

    Oof the golden foxDay ago

    Point and click with sideshow bob

  16. Jimin cures cancer

    Jimin cures cancerDay ago


  17. yo yo

    yo yoDay ago

    I hope Jay eventually plays Dangonronpa 4

  18. yo yo

    yo yoDay ago


  19. Lena and Max

    Lena and MaxDay ago

    i was like wait im gonna close these tabs and join you and then i realized i had yt open whit this vid and i said wait no i not gonna close them

  20. Dhaviboy Alfarizhi

    Dhaviboy AlfarizhiDay ago

    is that a granny refrence? edit: 5:46

  21. Alessia Paslaru

    Alessia PaslaruDay ago

    this mf game is a whole netflix series it gives me those heeby jeebys

  22. Krystafur Wait

    Krystafur WaitDay ago

    Gotta admit this dude is fine. Definitely some eye candy.

  23. RyanシM416シ

    RyanシM416シDay ago

    28:40 HOW DOES HE NOT SEE YOU!?!?!

  24. Kiera Newman

    Kiera NewmanDay ago

    10:06 thats what she said

  25. Maisie Whitley

    Maisie Whitley2 days ago

    My paranoid ass is just waiting for the white three lines the turn red and when they do I just bite my tongue because I’m getting prpaired for the jump scare

  26. Taliah Thompson

    Taliah Thompson2 days ago

    22:47 ~~~ Me: Corvette covette~~~

  27. Midoriya's Notebook

    Midoriya's Notebook2 days ago

    Why isn't anyone talking about Dr bose's accent? 👀

  28. Tremaine Lewis

    Tremaine Lewis2 days ago

    did anybody noted the SAE logo

  29. InvaderTee

    InvaderTee2 days ago

    Diazepam is used to treat depression and anxiety though... It can help with having seizures in some people but it isn't normally used to calm people down or make them act less violent. The drug can lead to paranoia & can make depression worse if one quit using it cold turkey

  30. zushii

    zushiiDay ago

    Oh that makes sense, good to know. Your drawings are incredible, did you stop posting because you need to focus on your career as a nurse?

  31. InvaderTee

    InvaderTeeDay ago

    @zushii I'm a nurse

  32. zushii

    zushiiDay ago

    Thank you for clearing that up lol- but it’s a bit concerning that you know so much about it

  33. Julia Rozewicz

    Julia Rozewicz2 days ago

    Jimmy more like Jimmy the clown or S**TY

  34. Julia Rozewicz

    Julia Rozewicz2 days ago

    "Why was there a heater marked dangerous" Jay: Idk Dr Bose: Idk Jay: Ye, ofc you never know Me: -_-

  35. Vasw Ts

    Vasw Ts2 days ago

    Markiplier: _Floof the hair for power._ Jay: *_Rub the palm for luck._*

  36. Caramel

    Caramel2 days ago

    Damn I can't relate to Jimmy at all, my parents would instantly retort to counselling at the smallest mistakes

  37. John Johnson

    John Johnson2 days ago

    Times jimmy scared me: 4 Times spirits scared me: 84

  38. Pink haired potato

    Pink haired potato2 days ago

    Defaq was that ad

  39. I Caca

    I Caca2 days ago

    dr bose's ending is disturbing

  40. Lexis Shardá

    Lexis Shardá2 days ago

    dude my anxiety can’t take this game 😭 i love scary things but this feels like it’s on a whole nother level

  41. This_video unit8

    This_video unit82 days ago

    Jay: KAPOOOW The game: *uno reverse card*

  42. Nate Bullard

    Nate Bullard2 days ago

    Here's a tip the higher the floor the more likely he his there

  43. Clover Rose

    Clover Rose2 days ago

    guys dont be scared WHAT

  44. Sage!

    Sage!2 days ago

    My new ytber unlocked

  45. •Shadow- Kun•

    •Shadow- Kun•2 days ago

    Jay: “not sorry about what I’m gonna do to this game” Game: *bish you thought*

  46. tatsie toll

    tatsie toll2 days ago

    28:11 so cool that Jay noticed Jimmy. I had to slow the vid down to make sure he was really there, and he was 😂

  47. fishy boy

    fishy boy2 days ago

    tell me I'm not the only one who also yawned at 24:08-

  48. Son Geku

    Son Geku2 days ago

    also NHS is the name of the free medical care in Britain, for your information

  49. Son Geku

    Son Geku2 days ago

    Diazepam is actually used to treat disorders like mental health disorders (e.g. paranoia etc). Just here to tell some facts :)

  50. KenKen

    KenKen2 days ago

    What was Dr. Bose accused of that made the police come?

  51. Dio Brando

    Dio Brando3 days ago


  52. mux

    mux3 days ago

    when jay says "yay", it just makes my day better

  53. Isabel England

    Isabel England3 days ago

    Dr Bose: Yawns Also Dr Bose: Makes Jay Yawn Jay: Yawns Also Jay: Makes Me Yawn 😂😂😂

  54. Fetoes Le Chidl

    Fetoes Le Chidl3 days ago


  55. m a i —

    m a i —3 days ago


  56. IAmPriscilla

    IAmPriscilla3 days ago

    Wait so what exactly was Dr Bose accused of doing that led him to end it all??? I'm not sure if I missed the reason why 😐

  57. Fetoes Le Chidl

    Fetoes Le Chidl3 days ago

    Violence and stuff

  58. Mr. Low-key - san

    Mr. Low-key - san3 days ago

    Wtf 29:37 maked me jump out of my bed shit

  59. nightmare 3253

    nightmare 32533 days ago

    this game makes it feel like it was made to spread awareness... like saying "anyone can be more dangerous than they seem" or "sometimes peoples intentions are much different than the seam"

  60. Denki Kaminari

    Denki Kaminari3 days ago

    The NHS is like a healthcare thing in the Uk, i think

  61. Denki Kaminari

    Denki Kaminari2 days ago

    @M thanks.icompletely forgot what it stood for.

  62. M

    M2 days ago

    yes it’s the National Health Service :)

  63. Serenity's ShowVlog

    Serenity's ShowVlog3 days ago

    Am I just a sociopath r does everyone love watching dr Bose hang himself

  64. Rachel Taylor

    Rachel Taylor3 days ago

    No one not a single person: me: eating chips and dip drinking a gallon of diet green tea getting scared 💀

  65. Rachel Taylor

    Rachel Taylor3 days ago

    He can’t go in the stair case or the elevator and somewhere else I think the basement?

  66. La_La_ LeahBoo

    La_La_ LeahBoo3 days ago

    use me as the "I yawned too button" 24:09

  67. Cheese Monster

    Cheese Monster3 days ago

    Jay : doesn’t know what the NHS is Brits: America is so screwed 😂🖐

  68. Marc Andre Colangoy

    Marc Andre Colangoy3 days ago

    jimmy the waiting person godz

  69. _blue Seaz_

    _blue Seaz_3 days ago

    wait are these real people acting and being put into the game or just straight up and made models with animations? the people look so awsome-

  70. _blue Seaz_

    _blue Seaz_3 days ago

    i never scream, not a single thing has scared me that i screamed, i usually get a little 'shock' when i get scared, but then there is this game, that has made me scream 5 times already-

  71. Avocadist

    AvocadistDay ago

    @_blue Seaz_ oh woow

  72. _blue Seaz_

    _blue Seaz_Day ago

    @Avocadist i simp for kaeya lmao- i have my bg on all my devices as kaeya, banner as him, i am drawing him every second-

  73. Avocadist

    AvocadistDay ago

    Sorry this is off topic but that Kaeya pfp tho

  74. KrIzzLy BeaR.

    KrIzzLy BeaR.3 days ago

    The moment when Jay Is childish And then Cold Mature Voice I am just like then : 👁️👅👁️

  75. honeymilk

    honeymilk3 days ago

    “You’re a ghost and he’s still alive, so, i mean, who took the dub there you tell me.” Jay do got a point lmao

  76. fandom trash

    fandom trash3 days ago

    My anxiety went through the roof everytime jay made a wrong turn , had to cover my eyes with a blanket lol especially when jimmy was right after him and jay's just like "nah lets risk it and leave the room"

  77. Life is hard without Mona

    Life is hard without Mona3 days ago

    don't mind me... im looking for the jumpscare timestamps

  78. Sofia Ariana

    Sofia Ariana3 days ago

    This scares the shit out of me. Whenever he screams I jump

  79. FamTon

    FamTon3 days ago

    "im gonna pause this real quick cause your boy need to go peepee" - jay

  80. Lolo Lois

    Lolo Lois3 days ago

    29:37 scared me so bad my clogged nose went away god DAMN!

  81. Smiley Pig

    Smiley Pig3 days ago

    5:48 hey can someone explain this to me? Did he try to kill himself? I'm sorry I'm slow

  82. SerenaSky

    SerenaSky2 days ago


  83. Lizzy’s Gacha things & more

    Lizzy’s Gacha things & more3 days ago

    Honestly the cutscenes are scarier than jimmy-

  84. Non-binary UvU

    Non-binary UvU3 days ago

    My heart before watching:💖 My heart after watching: 💓

  85. tyler costello

    tyler costello3 days ago

    any1 know what he might of accused bose of?

  86. Abigail Obrien

    Abigail Obrien3 days ago

    Me:so who’s the scariest character in the game? Jay:Ji- Doctor Bose:exist. Bose.........

  87. tyler costello

    tyler costello3 days ago

    i watched coryx kenshin do this but there is no pt 2 or 3 and im happy bc it brought me here

  88. Llama Queen

    Llama Queen4 days ago

    He really just said AHHH hey guys it's Jay from the Cub scouts

  89. gacha fan

    gacha fan4 days ago

    Jay got that wab

  90. Marely_ Flower

    Marely_ Flower4 days ago

    1:24 Bruh that was so funny XD

  91. Very Child

    Very Child4 days ago

    Does like anybody else watch his horror videos out of like the corner of your eye? While you do other things? Because that’s what I do and it makes the experience so much worse.


    THAT DUDE4 days ago

    damn dr bose shoulda just quit the job man ur life aint worth it 😟😟

  93. fkasyoki

    fkasyoki4 days ago

    Jeez this game is TERRIFIYING

  94. Bella Hobbs-Giroux

    Bella Hobbs-Giroux4 days ago

    My whole body takes a screenshot when a jump scare happens

  95. Redj Monster

    Redj Monster3 days ago


  96. Awkward weird Alien

    Awkward weird Alien4 days ago

    Horror movies don’t scare me horror games don’t scare me but this SCARES ME SO MUCH,I screamed I swear I wanna stop watching but it’s so good.

  97. Muffin with horns

    Muffin with horns4 days ago

    Jay: aw he’s making my day, that’s cute Jimmy: (///0-0\\\)

  98. djordje rocenovic

    djordje rocenovic4 days ago

    "AH. JESUS!!" Jimmy:I'm not jesus. But I'm sending you to him.

  99. Night Dog

    Night Dog4 days ago

    29:37 GOD, THAT SCARED ME !!

  100. Elias Friberg

    Elias Friberg4 days ago

    It took Jimmy 4minutes and 28 seconds to go from THE first floor to the third floor

  101. emily surtees

    emily surtees4 days ago

    he 19:00 jimmy comes im eating my biscuit it ended up on the floor i think u can guess why

  102. Angry_Small_ Potato

    Angry_Small_ Potato4 days ago

    As soon as Jay found the broken mirrors I immediately thought about the glass sandwich Jimmy made for good old doctor Bose 👁👄👁

  103. Angry_Small_ Potato

    Angry_Small_ Potato4 days ago

    There are a bunch of people giving tips on the game and so I’m watching there menu button to see if it turns red or anything. Even though I’m doing all this I’m still hella paranoid that jimmy is going to pop up somewhere-

  104. Hailey B

    Hailey B4 days ago

    I would play this game but I am too scared. If jimmy wasn’t in the game or somehow he was killed then maybe I would

  105. Kawaii Demon

    Kawaii Demon4 days ago

    me ones i saw the mirrors and my detective ass wanted to think WhErE ThoSe UsEd FoR thE SanDwIcH

  106. ꧁༺『Rock filler』༻꧂

    ꧁༺『Rock filler』༻꧂4 days ago

    Is the baldhead Jimmy the kid Jimmy that bullied Amy and was getting treatment by Dr.Bose?

  107. Austin Alli

    Austin Alli4 days ago

    Thanks keep saying buckle up because it reminds me of journeys to my grand parents

  108. Cuteberry kiki

    Cuteberry kiki4 days ago

    1:32 Dr.Bose : I am ded bish. So u cant have neck message

  109. Somethingawesome7

    Somethingawesome74 days ago

    Does anyone else recognize that symbol on the wall from Escape the night

  110. Nidhi Suresh

    Nidhi Suresh4 days ago

    Jay: *locks himself in the bathroom* Jimmy: *enters* Hmm.. I saw him come here.. Where'd he go? Should I check the bathroom..Naah he might have jumped off the window. Imma leave.

  111. Ahmad Syaqeeb

    Ahmad Syaqeeb2 days ago


  112. Coke Pota

    Coke Pota4 days ago

    Cutscene: a man yawns Jay:yawns* Me:yawns too

  113. •niightxlighty•

    •niightxlighty•4 days ago

    *JUMPSCARE TIMESTAMPS* (and extras) 1:08 (Cutscene) 6:42 (Cutscene) 10:48 (Jimmy appears in peephole) 11:03 (Jimmy appears in peephole) 11:46 (Jimmy’s shadow) 12:41 (Cutscene) 15:54 (Cutscene) 18:33 (Jimmy peeping from a corner) 18:46 (Jimmy appears in peephole) 19:39 (Jimmy peeping from a corner) 20:05 (Jimmy appears in peephole) 22:34 (Jimmy peeping from a corner) 27:30 (Jimmy peeping from the other side of the door) 28:11 (Sound of Jimmy-sighting) 28:27 (Jimmy appears in peephole) 29:37 (Cutscene) 32:57 (Cutscene) 34:35 (Jimmy peeping from a corner) 37:08 Cutscene) 38:41 (Jimmy peeping from a corner) 38:56 (Jimmy appears in peephole) 41:10 (Cutscene) 43:54 (Cutscene) 46:11 (Cutscene)

  114. ms

    ms4 days ago

    Thx so much!