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My name is Jay and I just want to have fun being dumb
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I Just Want To Be Happy
  1. Nevaeh Kelly

    Nevaeh Kelly11 hours ago

    do my dare next vidoe

  2. Gabriel left leg

    Gabriel left leg11 hours ago

    Play roblox please

  3. payton

    payton11 hours ago

    can y’all PLEASE get this video to 50k likes !!

  4. RuatmawiaHmar LegendaryxGod

    RuatmawiaHmar LegendaryxGod11 hours ago

    The first game you see the police box it's doctor who

  5. JaNikXs

    JaNikXs11 hours ago

    The like to dislike ratio on this video is incredible ngl

  6. Averyana P

    Averyana P11 hours ago


  7. Kjeana Forde

    Kjeana Forde11 hours ago

    At 19:41, 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♂️. What is this Roblox?

  8. Averyana P

    Averyana P11 hours ago

    Try you tkill sunpie

  9. Naima Bah

    Naima Bah11 hours ago

    Kassie: *having a normal conversation with someone* Jay: hai how are ya?

  10. Patricia Lee

    Patricia Lee11 hours ago


  11. Law forever

    Law forever11 hours ago

    Jay I'm sorry for asking but do you remember death park yeah I want you to play Death park2 you don't have to but I want to see you play it but like I said you don't have to because you THAT DUDE you get to choose what you want to play but just a suggestion.

  12. Itz Nellie

    Itz Nellie11 hours ago

    300K views 48K likes Me: 👁️👄👁️

  13. Seth Gile

    Seth Gile11 hours ago

    I like that Teruteru's death cross is a fork and a knife

  14. Advaith Sajoe

    Advaith Sajoe11 hours ago


  15. Meerieru Lanuza

    Meerieru Lanuza11 hours ago

    lmao that joke about leon ;-;

  16. Tyler Woodward

    Tyler Woodward11 hours ago

    Why did you have to put me in this game?

  17. Justin Shot

    Justin Shot11 hours ago

    The fact that I already knew his real name is *Robert Jay Perez*

  18. Yen Nguyen

    Yen Nguyen11 hours ago

    I don’t know if this is a spoiler thing or not but when monokuma said nagito reminds monokuma of “him”, I wonder if he means makoto orrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....?🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

  19. Strawberry Milkshake

    Strawberry Milkshake11 hours ago

    *SPOILERS* I have literally seen so much stuff about junko that made me believe she was a killer. I had a strong belief that she was a killer tbh so I'm lowkey so shook she is a victim

  20. 460 dgrs

    460 dgrs11 hours ago


  21. iObscurity

    iObscurity11 hours ago

    48K likes in a week, yikes.

  22. Laila Forman

    Laila Forman11 hours ago

    I actually missed the old yandere simulator I miss when you used to play it all the time make so many videos about it he would answer our questions I miss the old him too

  23. Glitch Afton

    Glitch Afton11 hours ago

    Toilet killer:comes alive again* Me: *a fnaf fan* I ALWAYS COME BACK

  24. Samara Ramsey

    Samara Ramsey11 hours ago

    I literallly had 2 pantie shots and i thought i could've taken a shot of the red hair girl But Im a broken record home No senpai

  25. Laila Forman

    Laila Forman11 hours ago

    What was the Nintendo switch right there I would let him out not care listen be free roam around and discover the world if they turning into me I will turn them into their own and they'll live back together in my Nintendo which I don't have

  26. Mai Trang Nguyen

    Mai Trang Nguyen11 hours ago

    Leave a like for the next episode!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. -Isabella -

    -Isabella -11 hours ago

    Is it just me who saw Junko in the USlikes mod ;-; 2:57

  28. Mxchi mood

    Mxchi mood11 hours ago

    Ojiknsdfm mR krABs Im F Ee Min g

  29. tricia zaira Elma

    tricia zaira Elma12 hours ago


  30. GachaEmika Al

    GachaEmika Al12 hours ago

    Hey Jay, so i was on Play Store rn, and i found a Horror game it's a new horror game, it's name is: Endless Nightmare, i suggest you try it out

  31. myo koko

    myo koko12 hours ago

    I think the first one is cartoon cat the scary cartoon movie but the cartoon cat want scary killer he is a scary league OMG....😱😱😱😵😵😵😨😨😨😰😰😰

  32. tremblin daddi

    tremblin daddi12 hours ago

    Hmmm there’s something about Jay that looks different... what is it.. what is it..

  33. Estella Shekret

    Estella Shekret12 hours ago

    That smirk at 9:32 make me bout to act up

  34. Shelby Paterson

    Shelby Paterson12 hours ago

    Why does ted in the thumbnail have no pupils thats scary Like he is prosest by the demon Yes i said THE demon 😈


    DON'TREADDIS :P12 hours ago

    “Not me cause I’m a MAN” “jk I’m scared of the dark, I’m terrified” Now I have something I can rub in your face u-u

  36. Baumann Summer

    Baumann Summer12 hours ago

    20:52 story time with Jay. That was so beautiful, so gud 4 u

  37. soda bottle _

    soda bottle _12 hours ago

    Yeaah! For the firemen!

  38. vanessaupward

    vanessaupward12 hours ago

    Sorry I meant April

  39. Laila Forman

    Laila Forman12 hours ago

    Ohhhh GOD WHY

  40. WhenTheAuntIsCreepy

    WhenTheAuntIsCreepy12 hours ago


  41. Amat Aljuhaim

    Amat Aljuhaim12 hours ago

    I watched a video on a dummy

  42. Amat Aljuhaim

    Amat Aljuhaim12 hours ago

    A. A a a a a. A a a. A a a a. A a a. A a a

  43. vanessaupward

    vanessaupward12 hours ago

    Maya: I am not gui- Jay: BEGONE THOT!

  44. ꧁Angel Cookie꧂

    ꧁Angel Cookie꧂12 hours ago

    Hi Jay, I have a question for you and I’d be very glad if u answered :) I just wanna know where did you download yandere simulator from? And was it free?

  45. chow.x2

    chow.x212 hours ago

    carlos: man, i should’ve brought my nightlight. children: *giggle and laugh* CARLOS~

  46. nobody Flores

    nobody Flores12 hours ago

    12:21 BDSM at its finest people

  47. depressed and lonely

    depressed and lonely12 hours ago

    KoKONA: I still love myself even though I look like a burnt chicken nugget I still love myself

  48. LemonZ

    LemonZ12 hours ago

    When he said "cold and stinky" it brought back the memories of the magic school bus and Mrs. frizzels WAP ;-;

  49. Baumann Summer

    Baumann Summer12 hours ago

    If you like hollow spaces here not on earth because when you get the hollow spaces in 60 secs it equals minus a radio or sickness so screw that.

  50. sinead harper

    sinead harper12 hours ago

    I’m 10

  51. Casey Canfield

    Casey Canfield12 hours ago

    Well I do love cats but if you don't it's just your opinion

  52. Baumann Summer

    Baumann Summer12 hours ago

    Ten minutes in and he’s only in 20 days because in 60 seconds by now he’s at least in 40 days.

  53. Kawaii playz!

    Kawaii playz!12 hours ago


  54. ThatRedBird

    ThatRedBird12 hours ago

    Was it just me or did the jump scare not scare me? I guess I’m just built different

  55. yobroits meyahomie

    yobroits meyahomie12 hours ago

    Here's a fact! You see more in your peripheral vision than you do looking at something straight on, so if you see something move in your peripheral and you look at it, the thing that moved is technically still there!

  56. Sofie Morgan

    Sofie Morgan12 hours ago

    That orbit question

  57. adnaan abdirzak

    adnaan abdirzak12 hours ago

    Bro jay is the best

  58. DashieMagic (Minecraft)

    DashieMagic (Minecraft)12 hours ago

    Omg yan chan doesnt get scoliosis that made me laugh when u said it jay

  59. Raquela Vazquez montalvan

    Raquela Vazquez montalvan12 hours ago


  60. kukuh iman putra raharja

    kukuh iman putra raharja12 hours ago

    the title sounds like 'frustrated jay' instead of 'scared jay'. ON GOD

  61. Gabrielle Foster

    Gabrielle Foster12 hours ago

    I'm definitely Kazuichi in the roller-coaster

  62. Zanaiyah Dre Agulto

    Zanaiyah Dre Agulto12 hours ago

    Poor steveie

  63. frog sushi

    frog sushi12 hours ago

    Yall need to try harder man

  64. *Gacha_MidNight *

    *Gacha_MidNight *12 hours ago

    27:53 jay: she is a legend Me : legend no goddess yes

  65. Briana Jones

    Briana Jones12 hours ago

    eep this is a very early version

  66. Emmkawa

    Emmkawa12 hours ago

    I watched this at midnight but my groupchat kept blowing up so I felt safe


    PAPYRUS THE FOX!12 hours ago


  68. Basically SiimplyCraft

    Basically SiimplyCraft12 hours ago

    "Supana Churu" Lmaox

  69. Katherine

    Katherine12 hours ago

    4:05 when you ‘borrowed’ something from your sibling

  70. Nanin Holly

    Nanin Holly12 hours ago

    Nobody: *YES DO IT JUST DO IT* Me:the heck no oof

  71. vanessaupward

    vanessaupward12 hours ago


  72. harambe the gorilla

    harambe the gorilla12 hours ago

    game: "your son's birthday is in 2 days" jay: MAN I DONT GIVE A SHI* that didn't age too well

  73. Moises Thaddy

    Moises Thaddy12 hours ago

    Running was invented in 1612 People in 1611 (first game):

  74. ¡Vibes Studiø!

    ¡Vibes Studiø!12 hours ago

    The moon orbits the earth dude!

  75. Noah

    Noah12 hours ago

    12:22 SCP-96 be like

  76. aiko

    aiko12 hours ago

    7:42 hes good at imitating sakuras voice, even if it sounds joke-like

  77. David Guaman

    David Guaman12 hours ago

    Pause it when the letters glitch it shows a message

  78. Frayza Elgrim

    Frayza Elgrim12 hours ago

    1 hour? Damn, keep up the long bangers

  79. archie

    archie12 hours ago

    Butter puns ^-^ Pls