Kubz Scouts
Kubz Scouts
Kubz Scouts

My name is Jay and I just want to have fun being dumb

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  1. cherry blossom queen xx Xx

    cherry blossom queen xx Xx22 hours ago

    That spider at the start looked like it was pole dancing on a web outside the window😂

  2. stacy joann

    stacy joann22 hours ago

    the girl you where playing the second time was the girl sleeping on the table , naomi

  3. Mohamed Salah Ammar Mouhoub

    Mohamed Salah Ammar Mouhoub22 hours ago

    Try to tame the rat with the sandwich to kill the frog Idk it came to my head

  4. Deniel_73

    Deniel_7322 hours ago

    When Jay say Daddy 😏



    i've seen the screen when you die too many times to be scared of it

  6. JAKE4744

    JAKE474422 hours ago

    When jay dident know cockroaches lead to mutant Mary jane

  7. iiCherrybombii

    iiCherrybombii22 hours ago

    CNN news

  8. ShrineBow

    ShrineBow22 hours ago

    Haven’t seen jays vids for a couple days, and holy shit feels good to be back

  9. •PurpleCat•

    •PurpleCat•22 hours ago

    12:31 bizim tava? :D

  10. Violet DeCastro

    Violet DeCastro22 hours ago

    Kubz he faded away to ghost McDonald's

  11. Vilma Quiachon

    Vilma Quiachon22 hours ago

    42:58 Pov: you are me and your house smells like dried stinky fish

  12. Ariana Hale

    Ariana Hale22 hours ago

    It’s a pity you can’t kill the mutant frog with the falling chandelier, the fire that killed the cat or the mutant rat (better yet, all 3)! That probably would’ve done the trick! 😅

  13. Toga Himiko's beloved

    Toga Himiko's beloved22 hours ago

    "how to make the plant grow harder?" -Jay 2021

  14. Eldar G

    Eldar G22 hours ago

    The mat that was by miu’s body was the thing missing in the storage room

  15. ?Dino¿ ඞ

    ?Dino¿ ඞ22 hours ago

    Jay: "yes I've been a good girl daddy" Me: THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID 😳

  16. Mini Nunbread

    Mini Nunbread22 hours ago

    You're moving mad 🤣🤣🤣

  17. Jada Marsh-Henry

    Jada Marsh-Henry22 hours ago

    i miss dark deception🥺

  18. socio

    socio22 hours ago

    do more free styles

  19. CuteKittyCat

    CuteKittyCat22 hours ago

    Jay:we are in a 3d version of akedemi high Me:but akedemi high is alredy 3d

  20. CNUG Editing Account

    CNUG Editing Account22 hours ago

    horses cant eat hay bale they eat *hay*

  21. bia

    bia22 hours ago

    7:28 😭😭😭

  22. Riana No

    Riana No22 hours ago

    The intro always gives me so much energy!

  23. Kᴀʀᴍᴀ Aᴋᴀʙᴀɴᴇ

    Kᴀʀᴍᴀ Aᴋᴀʙᴀɴᴇ22 hours ago

    Ah- yes my favorite character Kokoichi

  24. Emgbba

    Emgbba22 hours ago

    yass, this game it's great!

  25. Was this even worth It?

    Was this even worth It?22 hours ago

    Garcello:smokes Also Garcello Garcello: *rap battle’s Keith With a voice that’s cleaner then a boiling pot of water*

  26. E

    E22 hours ago

    😯🚬 Why did i do this

  27. usrnxme

    usrnxme22 hours ago

    K O K O I C H I

  28. idk anymore

    idk anymore22 hours ago

    jay, im sorry this is late by a day, but try vs starecrow

  29. Lindsey Nixon

    Lindsey Nixon22 hours ago

    "how do I make the plant grow harder " -jay (kubzscouts)

  30. Naomi R

    Naomi R22 hours ago

    I’m sorry but I’m seeing this now?

  31. Simply_ Panda'sxx

    Simply_ Panda'sxx22 hours ago

    anybody else notice the title? instead of it saying simulator its simualtor

  32. alizer fuentes

    alizer fuentes22 hours ago

    The voice acting sound cool

  33. Aks Explores

    Aks Explores22 hours ago

    Go go go go go

  34. WindedEmulation11

    WindedEmulation1122 hours ago

    Kill the little frogs, not the big one.

  35. Paul the potato

    Paul the potato22 hours ago

    Select fingers but male

  36. Crystal_ Luna

    Crystal_ Luna22 hours ago

    I like all of your video jay so new sub?

  37. Purple Zach

    Purple Zach22 hours ago


  38. Glezy Divine Garganta

    Glezy Divine Garganta22 hours ago

    0:41 when my mom is tired after walk she does this whenever she likes

  39. jadoo lover

    jadoo lover22 hours ago

    Hey sorry

  40. Chocolate And cotton

    Chocolate And cotton23 hours ago

    That was the special cigarette it can literally kill you like him lol



    not a lot of things scare me but the last game freaked me out

  42. Miraculous Junebugg

    Miraculous Junebugg23 hours ago

    Jay: He bout to get whipped in hell Garcello: goes to heaven Nagito: Aww no one to join me

  43. Marcus Brown

    Marcus Brown23 hours ago

    I feel like Morgan's is igor

  44. zach cass

    zach cass23 hours ago

    rule number 1 always know how to fight

  45. Raúl Stop Spam

    Raúl Stop Spam23 hours ago

    Fun fact, people who made this mod made a photo of ghost garcello that said R.I.P garcello and that he e was on the ghost mc donalds lol (or something like that)

  46. {_.Tsukki._}

    {_.Tsukki._}23 hours ago

    can I just say THANK YOU JAY SO MUCH I LOVE U 😫😫🤚🤚🤚🤚🤚

  47. x XXFallenAngelsXX x

    x XXFallenAngelsXX x23 hours ago

    Jay i have a strategy maybe this will work so first make the rat as your pet and when the frog is after you go into the room where the rat is.

  48. Pancake Junior

    Pancake Junior23 hours ago

    jay all ways make it funny when i get bad

  49. kine btw

    kine btw23 hours ago

    I think we all agree we need the RATATATA back like fr tho

  50. ibuki mioda

    ibuki mioda23 hours ago

    Jay from the Kubz Pads is that dude

  51. Yuuka

    Yuuka23 hours ago

    8:15 did Jay said 'this grandma is some bobo'? HAHAHA

  52. Lucy Lu13

    Lucy Lu1323 hours ago

    Only a boss can beat tricky the clown mod that is kubz scout

  53. Dareen Ziad Hikmat

    Dareen Ziad Hikmat23 hours ago

    1:54 lmfao lolllll

  54. seven deadly sins

    seven deadly sins23 hours ago

    Well this is 😎 🆒️ 😎 cool

  55. Brook Somebody

    Brook Somebody23 hours ago

    Happy birthday Jay

  56. Mini Mochi

    Mini Mochi23 hours ago

    Jay, pls make a gameplay of Resistance Evil 8...its trending recently.

  57. Yohan Benedict Marcos

    Yohan Benedict Marcos23 hours ago

    I did the tetris beatbox and I BEATED it hehe how you like that kubz?a 9 year old beated you at the tetris mod

  58. Lucy Lu13

    Lucy Lu1323 hours ago

    Oh shit i droped my phone on my face

  59. Ysaes Audios

    Ysaes Audios23 hours ago


  60. • Aero _Tri •

    • Aero _Tri •23 hours ago

    Jay saying sorry to the cat *kindergarten memories when Jay microwaved a cat*

  61. I Like Simping

    I Like Simping23 hours ago

    2:09 stick that claw up there

  62. Jacqueline Pires

    Jacqueline Pires23 hours ago

    hey Jay can you go on Friday night funkin so you can try the starecrow mod (it is creepy)

  63. Ioana Anca Monu

    Ioana Anca Monu23 hours ago

    This man has like different voices

  64. Laura

    Laura23 hours ago

    How did she not notice,he said "i will drop you off your apartment". If he didn't know u,how does he know where you live?

  65. Kaden Barnard

    Kaden Barnard23 hours ago

    Try going to the room with the rat when the frog comes

  66. Neko

    Neko23 hours ago

    I love how Jay is trash talking with his pistol that has 0 bullets

  67. khalasso

    khalasso23 hours ago


  68. Allen Yang

    Allen Yang23 hours ago

    Selever: bi*** Fu** Me: Shut The He** up Robert

  69. Cecelia Melman

    Cecelia Melman23 hours ago

    Who else would say hi other me just cause your lonely?

  70. Sweet Cookies

    Sweet Cookies23 hours ago

    (this is not a hate comment) im many years younger than you and Im better than you in manifest (the last song) another reminder THIS IS NOT A HATE COMMENT i love ur content but i just thought it was funny ;-;

  71. ILikeToTalkAlot

    ILikeToTalkAlotDay ago

    Me when i saw Chara: *UNDERTALE-*

  72. Alexi Moore

    Alexi MooreDay ago

    The spooky minigames are just Halloween version of WarioWare lol

  73. Jesus Quackity

    Jesus QuackityDay ago

    "Is the mom gonna die because of the WET" hol' up, what?

  74. Chocolate Noodle banana

    Chocolate Noodle bananaDay ago

    We all hated Taka at first🥺

  75. Luhg Vekr

    Luhg VekrDay ago

    Like the video pls

  76. BabysOnTheCarpet

    BabysOnTheCarpetDay ago

    Guys if you want to vape get one without the bad stuff it works like normal just more healthy and you won’t die

  77. Afnan Arrahmani

    Afnan ArrahmaniDay ago

    Jay newgrounds has a new game called geometry dash and i would really appreciate if you played it its probably the best game I played so I thot to recommend it to you:)

  78. Alexis Jacobs

    Alexis JacobsDay ago

    Om god

  79. hello

    helloDay ago