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My name is Jay and I just want to have fun being dumb
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I Just Want To Be Happy
  1. Zack Dean

    Zack Dean23 hours ago

    When he said "I ain't ever trust anybody, ever since I came out of my mom butthole" had me dead😂💀

  2. R e s t l e s s L o v e

    R e s t l e s s L o v e23 hours ago


  3. Sarah singh

    Sarah singh23 hours ago

    Jay: It was commited "Not alive" Jay gone Family Friendly 100

  4. Frankie Love

    Frankie Love23 hours ago

    Nagito gotta stop the among us bun lol

  5. uwu

    uwu23 hours ago

    cutely watches this in 2020

  6. Sub to me becuase why not?

    Sub to me becuase why not?23 hours ago

    Jay: *Don't trust Bobby* Me:OK Me: *looks at my uncle Bobby*

  7. Marian Fierro

    Marian Fierro23 hours ago

    1:15:44 Lmao

  8. Christina Bel

    Christina Bel23 hours ago


  9. Slushee :3

    Slushee :323 hours ago

    Thi ng I find creepy at night is sometimes im awake on my chromebook and I hear loud banging noises. Not like creepy when someone is at ur window but almost like loud gunfire kinda farish away. Other times I just get annoyed at motorcycle drivers.

  10. trashyasyi

    trashyasyi23 hours ago

    jay where are youu ;(

  11. Kenia Reynoso

    Kenia Reynoso23 hours ago

    Picture cross the boy that has the pink hair

  12. Elizabeth Horn

    Elizabeth Horn23 hours ago

    if anyone is wondering you can get your DNA on a mask by saliva, hair, dandruff, or earwax so Jay if I get arrested for murder by the FBI, IT WILL BE YOUR FAULT OKAY? :)

  13. Amiri

    Amiri23 hours ago


  14. girl Ben drowned 19

    girl Ben drowned 1923 hours ago

    I never saw the demo of this game

  15. Cadence _

    Cadence _23 hours ago

    I really like this playthrough.

  16. Xxitz_ CrystalRain

    Xxitz_ CrystalRain23 hours ago

    hey jay if you click "/" and there will be a debug menu and click "O" it will activate an Osana Easter egg

  17. justusdoes

    justusdoes23 hours ago

    Because I'm your sister. 🤣

  18. Jenna.

    Jenna.23 hours ago

    Omid’s eyes are terrifying but I respected the homie. Rip Omid, & countless others who died 😔 & LEE OF COURSE

  19. Freya Morley

    Freya Morley23 hours ago

    Did no one see something behind the tree !?

  20. Kitty Unicorn

    Kitty Unicorn23 hours ago


  21. Tonya Frazier

    Tonya Frazier23 hours ago

    Are u Crying I'm i Crying like 😭😭😭😢

  22. Taehyung Kisser

    Taehyung Kisser23 hours ago

    I miss Jay so fking badly

  23. Alyamamh Ali

    Alyamamh Ali23 hours ago

    what the heck did i just watched wow i mean it wow that was SO scary wow just wow

  24. Axvqtt_.

    Axvqtt_.23 hours ago

    I know this is 4 years old but- Seeing jay in pain makes me very very upset

  25. Marian Fierro

    Marian Fierro23 hours ago

    1:00:47 YEEESSS

  26. Elizabeth Generation

    Elizabeth Generation23 hours ago

    You put Game 2 twice.

  27. •༒ drink B̸l̥ͦë̺͆a͟č̶h ༒•

    •༒ drink B̸l̥ͦë̺͆a͟č̶h ༒•23 hours ago

    the fact that he was sad to block people just melted my heart

  28. Pedro Alarcon

    Pedro Alarcon23 hours ago


  29. Melody Rosangpuii

    Melody Rosangpuii23 hours ago


  30. Trina Tuazon

    Trina Tuazon23 hours ago

    Can you play a horror game "Dreader" because I want to see your reaction to it hey heheheheheheheehehheehhehehehehehehehehhehehehehehehe.

  31. Rachel Muñoz

    Rachel Muñoz23 hours ago

    jay you are that dude yeet


    APPLE FOX23 hours ago

    HEY.... Who wants part 5 ?

  33. evina_ xox

    evina_ xox23 hours ago

    Why isn't jay posting anything for the last 2 days

  34. Gizelle M.

    Gizelle M.23 hours ago

    I won’t find the vid funny at all but when he laughs OMFG I START DYING 😭😭😭💀

  35. Mia smelly

    Mia smelly23 hours ago

    damn already 51K likes

  36. Jaylin Ortiz Velazquez

    Jaylin Ortiz Velazquez23 hours ago

    wht if you try to lower senpais sanity and if it works try killing osana

  37. •Shadow•

    •Shadow•Day ago

    1:12:30 LOL JAYS FACE CAM

  38. oumako !

    oumako !Day ago

    1:00:46 no it’s not we stan nagito in this house

  39. Timothy's crazy life

    Timothy's crazy lifeDay ago

    I watched you before you even started yan sim 😁

  40. K-Ann Garcia

    K-Ann GarciaDay ago

    Dang Jay You roasted Them Good

  41. Reagan Lacey

    Reagan LaceyDay ago

    "I bet he gets chopped up into little pieces and fried in butter. No, Mondo Butter." I- why would you do this to me-....?

  42. Jhamel Andres

    Jhamel AndresDay ago

    Can you do reacting to BTS k-pop

  43. Sayuri Blossom

    Sayuri BlossomDay ago

    When her mom tells her to do the chores:

  44. Chhim Sokha

    Chhim SokhaDay ago


  45. Nini

    NiniDay ago

    Sometimes I worry that he’s gonna catch a fricken heart attack 💀

  46. SKIN cRaZe

    SKIN cRaZeDay ago

    I cant do it fuck man 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  47. chee_ tahbear_

    chee_ tahbear_Day ago


  48. keep undertale alive

    keep undertale aliveDay ago

    Jay replyed to alot of comments on this

  49. Anushka Pathak

    Anushka PathakDay ago

    Holy shot 51k likes-

  50. Wolf cookie pup Smith

    Wolf cookie pup SmithDay ago

    Bad time mode is sans

  51. Calvin Lewis

    Calvin LewisDay ago

    This show is sad so much deaths

  52. Victor Vizcarra

    Victor VizcarraDay ago

    Jay: "I hate these controls" Me: "You mean classic Resident Evil style tank controls? For shame"

  53. Kawaii Unicorn

    Kawaii UnicornDay ago

    Amai: im so sorry to hear that Add: BUY THE NEWEST CAR Five minutes later Guidance Counselor: this is a very serious accusation i hope your not lyyyyyyyiiiiinnnngggg

  54. Jesseca Cando

    Jesseca CandoDay ago

    por clem

  55. Kayla Gomez

    Kayla GomezDay ago

    16 mins in that was hillariis<---- I know I spelled that wrong

  56. Hoe Moe

    Hoe MoeDay ago

    You okay Jay?

  57. David White

    David WhiteDay ago

    Pause at 13:03 you see the season 2 dog bite

  58. Ameila Rosalina The Hedgehog

    Ameila Rosalina The HedgehogDay ago

    This is so amazing and cool I love your videos so much jay

  59. Jennifer W

    Jennifer WDay ago


  60. Windy Mchordel

    Windy MchordelDay ago

    Hey Jay, i got one for you! 1. Push a student off the roof 2. Grab the circular saw 3. Dismember the body but don't pick it up. 4. Burn the circular saw but let the body parts stay were they are. 5. End the day Will the police still consider it as suicide or something else?

  61. InfiniteFire

    InfiniteFireDay ago

    i just changed my profile pic i made the anime girl on pitsmaker

  62. May

    MayDay ago

    12:25 why did it skip??

  63. Dinah Lyndon

    Dinah LyndonDay ago

    yayyy 51k :DD

  64. Kayla Gomez

    Kayla GomezDay ago

    Jay screamed louder than that dead girl

  65. Ky’leigh Luafutu

    Ky’leigh LuafutuDay ago

    Yes we hit 50K now we just gotta wait for the next one

  66. ghazal taheri

    ghazal taheriDay ago

    "if u die ,ill kill u" me :confusion

  67. Mulkie Kat

    Mulkie KatDay ago

    Its 51k likes now *where is the next episode jay*

  68. InfiniteFire

    InfiniteFireDay ago

    omg jay u were kassie's bf before

  69. Buyankhishig Munkhjargal

    Buyankhishig MunkhjargalDay ago

    Jay’s voice was literally shaking when he said “ Oh my god, this dude is passing out with a paper bag over his head” I was dying

  70. Ernesto Murillo

    Ernesto MurilloDay ago

    He's not my boyfriend, just dating I didn't kill Osama I dust stabbed her in front of a teacher



    You can also do a easy kill like this get a knife and go to the kidnap box and put the knife there and talk to somebody to follow you and shot the kidnap door and take a knife and kill

  72. Bella

    BellaDay ago

    Osana: Drowning Jay: Wait stop that!

  73. christine sophia remitar

    christine sophia remitarDay ago

    They are the delinguents but they girls

  74. Juju Ju

    Juju JuDay ago

    I thought Mia wrote Maya as a dying message for her sis, or something. I am so wrong.

  75. yxngmez

    yxngmezDay ago

    casually watching gameplay jay: ooouuu ima fxckboi me:😳😳😳

  76. d i s g u s t f a c e

    d i s g u s t f a c eDay ago

    Can we just say how great of a youtuber Jay is?? ps. ur a great youtuber jay

  77. Kiyotaka Ishimaru

    Kiyotaka IshimaruDay ago


  78. Ayumi Ordono

    Ayumi OrdonoDay ago

    I got scared the jumpscare from it is just close my tablet

  79. Tei Kim

    Tei KimDay ago


  80. Lexi Ledford

    Lexi LedfordDay ago

    Jay: ok every body don't get sacred he's right here Me: "jumps"