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Kubz Scouts
Kubz Scouts

My name is Jay and I just want to have fun being dumb\n\nBanner created by @NeroArts

  1. ANnIe pLaYS GamES

    ANnIe pLaYS GamES15 hours ago

    9:27 my sister doesnt know you but shes diening to see this part

  2. Ronnie

    Ronnie15 hours ago

    Jay, I can only imagine you watching a movie in a movie theater. Do you make commentary while watching it there too? 🧍🚗 I’m just curious jay <33

  3. TheG_gang

    TheG_gang15 hours ago

    There he is, Jay from the Kubz scouts, educating his fans as he should

  4. Emerald Maker

    Emerald Maker15 hours ago

    9:55 I'm *CRYING* Dude My Eye's:👁👄👁 💧 💧 I Couldn't Breathe 😂🤣😂🤣 Also Me: IS THIS DUDE REALLY WEARING SKETCHERS

  5. Wally Fone

    Wally Fone15 hours ago


  6. Asaunie Lewis

    Asaunie Lewis15 hours ago


  7. Nightmarionette

    Nightmarionette15 hours ago

    her: wow a big scary hole sludge hammer time! oh ok thats a very dark room time to head in! oh I guess I'm the queen of weirdness now really lovein the crown eh I'm bored now sludge hammer time!

  8. Emeald Willis

    Emeald Willis15 hours ago

    ;<; that MTT level wasnt even their song-

  9. Kyogai Agapi

    Kyogai Agapi15 hours ago

    why jay can predict the future now

  10. Gachaclub gacha life Lumine

    Gachaclub gacha life Lumine15 hours ago

    Nobody is gonna ask why there are people in douch clothes behind mom? *dancing*

  11. Wally Fone

    Wally Fone15 hours ago

    LOL i have a brother named Bobby, should i trust him?

  12. Heejin Jeon

    Heejin Jeon15 hours ago

    Its a bad idea to eat while watching the first video plus having jay be the commentator like man i was eating and he talked about the hole looking like his A-hole 😂😂 anyways i love him for his amazing videos and commentary

  13. Oh Sangwoo !

    Oh Sangwoo !15 hours ago

    Jay: *sing it baby girl* Me: let’s just not tell him 👀

  14. Poopy

    Poopy15 hours ago

    I feel like the hole or the house is her health and the more it opens up the worse her cough gets nvm i have no idea

  15. Tim

    Tim15 hours ago

    Lona misa really jay??. I swear I’m losing brain cells by watching you

  16. Akaashi Keiji

    Akaashi Keiji15 hours ago

    12:32 and 12:39 .... *OCD INTENSIFIES*

  17. seokjins ramen

    seokjins ramen15 hours ago


  18. •『Andriaedits 』•

    •『Andriaedits 』•15 hours ago

    i am laughing of my ass rn , XDD

  19. Plainrocky420

    Plainrocky42015 hours ago

    tbh i feel nothin without Jay laughin and becomin a red tomato. I'M DOING ALL THE WORK HERE!

  20. ꧁Flower Wolf ꧂

    ꧁Flower Wolf ꧂15 hours ago

    Jay u should play Bhop go it’s like parkour and u might like it but overall it’s BORING

  21. Bri Salinas

    Bri Salinas15 hours ago

    Who else reminded the part where he took his shirt off? I'm pathetic bro 😅😣

  22. imnotrula

    imnotrula15 hours ago

    Jay's new compliment unlocked: *the oldest kardashian sister*

  23. Shirley Faizal

    Shirley Faizal15 hours ago


  24. Shirley Faizal

    Shirley Faizal15 hours ago


  25. HASTE YT

    HASTE YT15 hours ago

    There's a whack ass and an lazy ass in one reaction and jay starts toungin the cam

  26. Rodney Angelo Sia

    Rodney Angelo Sia15 hours ago

    hey Jay i think i got one wear gloves kill kokona and cyan friend of kokona and then go to the drama club and join em black hole every boys not girls! kidnapp one of the bassu sister black hole the other bassu sister ull see this glitch but i think its remove oh well lets try it

  27. • P • A • I • M • O • N

    • P • A • I • M • O • N15 hours ago

    She DOES look like Kourtney Kardashian lol

  28. kev granada

    kev granada15 hours ago

    Someone is going to make a vid out of this when he reacts to the some funny vids.

  29. Crimson_Warrior456

    Crimson_Warrior45615 hours ago

    They Gettin freaky on a friday night, yeah!

  30. HASTE YT

    HASTE YT15 hours ago

    We tongue twistin here boisss

  31. Kenji Saku

    Kenji Saku15 hours ago

    20:08 There’s a poster of corpse on the wall

  32. Aelius

    Aelius15 hours ago


  33. Sweet Melz

    Sweet Melz15 hours ago


  34. abundle ofsins

    abundle ofsins15 hours ago

    I like how jay says either ‘AAAH’ ‘OH MY GOD’ ‘HOLY CRAP’ ‘OH GOD’ ‘WTF’

  35. JAP WAI LAAM ���f�P

    JAP WAI LAAM ���f�P15 hours ago


  36. Aurora_UvU

    Aurora_UvU15 hours ago

    7:54 THE SENPAI AND BUDO ENDING!! I FINALLY FOUND ITTT. Ive seen it in hatsune elissu's vid

  37. Darkstone_OFFICIAL_

    Darkstone_OFFICIAL_15 hours ago

    Mettaton would totally have a collection of old 90's workout videos xD Change my mind.

  38. LazyPandaLand

    LazyPandaLand15 hours ago

    2:30 Me: *sees the word "stucc" Also me: Help me step-bro! I'm stuck!

  39. Alizee lara

    Alizee lara15 hours ago

    Jay your screams make my day.

  40. PSYCHE

    PSYCHE15 hours ago

    I bet Jay googled "Who is the oldest Kardashian"

  41. Mia Locks

    Mia Locks15 hours ago


  42. Kind but Crazy

    Kind but Crazy15 hours ago

    Why are you so bothered by this girl coughing in her own home with nobody around? Who is there to get sick from her, besides the tongue demon in the wall? If she was not in her own home or if there if there were other people there with her, I'd agree with you, but she IS quarantining herself, weather it's because of being sick or not. She orders what she needs and she doesn't socialize at all. Can't get much more distant than that, if you ask me.

  43. Liliane Auza

    Liliane Auza15 hours ago

    4:11 that sounds awfully familiar


    AURABLADE16 hours ago

    Tell this man about sir pelo

  45. Private 404

    Private 40416 hours ago

    I kinda have a problem with the purple arrow. Like, sometimes I just don't notice it at all.

  46. Choops946

    Choops94616 hours ago

    Anyone else noticed that his acne cleared up real good, like he needs to drop that skin care routine ong✋😫

  47. Mitchell Dambra

    Mitchell Dambra16 hours ago

    (in the background: BONG BONG) BUCKLE UP, CUZ HERE WE GO!

  48. Purvi

    Purvi16 hours ago

    "Is that mona lisa??" "nahh it looks different" "like *lona misa* " im ded 💀💀

  49. Amy Luke

    Amy Luke16 hours ago

    I found Danganronpa through you Jay, and I'm so glad. Recent times have been extremely chaotic and worrisome for me, and watching you play this series was the best escape from reality I could get. You truly give these games a type of life and entertainment factor not many others can. Thank you for all the work you put into your videos 💛

  50. yes uwu

    yes uwu16 hours ago

    no one: nobody: flies when they see crap: 6:42

  51. Hayden Lee

    Hayden Lee16 hours ago

    They gave her the Crown because she lick them tongue

  52. Yasmin Gonzalez

    Yasmin Gonzalez16 hours ago

    Can we all just appreciate how long he had them headphones

  53. Aceh

    Aceh16 hours ago


  54. Eeee - •

    Eeee - •16 hours ago

    jay should make a merch says ''everybody get ready and buckle up!'' lol

  55. Yham Cruz

    Yham Cruz16 hours ago

    random bruh: oh my dev where do you get that icecream jay:oh you want it jay:laugh yan chan:*drops icecream* me:sess the icecreeam gone me;what the heck ;-;

  56. Kokichi Ouma

    Kokichi Ouma16 hours ago

    Thanks for liking Nagito instead of labeling him as Psycho after the first trial Q_Q edit: ALSO THANKS FOR NOT INSTANTLY CALLING FUYO A JERK, BUT ACTUALLY THINKING HE JUST A COMPLICATED CHARACTER.

  57. Name

    Name16 hours ago

    No one: Literally No one: Jay: Lona Misa

  58. Despair Mikkī

    Despair Mikkī16 hours ago

    I knew the last story also she can do that cuz that’s the end of the story lol

  59. •Lavender• Is Confuzzled•

    •Lavender• Is Confuzzled•16 hours ago

    Damn, I wanna see you do the good ending. I can’t believe its over. I’ve been binge watching your Jimmy videos for hours.

  60. Cian Lawrence

    Cian Lawrence16 hours ago

    jay thats cap

  61. 《•Fløwərs Təa•》

    《•Fløwərs Təa•》16 hours ago

    28:54 "How do you die twice?!" Popee The Performer characters: *am I a joke to you?*

  62. Light Speed

    Light Speed16 hours ago

    I didn't even know who they were until I watched your vids who are they fooling? I hear u mention them in every video and see their water mark. I just learned about fair use in school and Jay was in that area.

  63. AniMask

    AniMask16 hours ago

    What a beautiful musical piece, Jay!

  64. Astxrism

    Astxrism16 hours ago

    I thought the thumbnail was her licking a spoon-

  65. Catherine Kimbrough

    Catherine Kimbrough16 hours ago

    Corpse on her wall

  66. nagito meow

    nagito meow16 hours ago

    wait is jimmy that guy who's chasing her?

  67. kadabgamer

    kadabgamer16 hours ago

    Why is 90 percent of comments about clems hat

  68. XenoHellFire 5

    XenoHellFire 516 hours ago

    The Wansee Story Actually Happened To Me Not The Pain Pills Just The Breakup And Depress Part

  69. LEMOoNk

    LEMOoNk16 hours ago

    just wanna compliment that man bun like it bouta make us act up

  70. Paradraw Zombie

    Paradraw Zombie16 hours ago

    Blood pacts are no joke. They are scary shit. It can be cute and the such in fiction such as novels and tv but that shit is serious business.

  71. Isabela Aguilar

    Isabela Aguilar16 hours ago

    Damn, Jay be giving out hearts left and right. I'd like some of that action too you know

  72. GadelOfficial

    GadelOfficial16 hours ago


  73. soupcat

    soupcat16 hours ago

    yooo comments pog

  74. jaira paclibar

    jaira paclibar16 hours ago

    am i the only one who noticed emmy raver lampman in one of the stories? idk if that's her or im just imagining stuff cause i watch too much umbrella academy.

  75. T Gauff

    T Gauff16 hours ago

    The thumbnail was hella sus And the lonameca was an exellent piece god damn it

  76. Junko Enoshima

    Junko Enoshima16 hours ago

    Wow...Jay was way more proud reading that whole video game context then my mom when she read her pregnancy test, and...she had me!

  77. Ashlyn •_•

    Ashlyn •_•16 hours ago

    I just noticed he turns red when he laughs


    SYARA SYAFRINA Hassan16 hours ago

    jay if some one disapierd in the locker

  79. Wisyah

    Wisyah16 hours ago


  80. Willow Holmes

    Willow Holmes16 hours ago

    Oh god, my scariest experience is when I was dreaming and this old woman was pushing her long ass nails into my chest , the time was 11:05 pm and then I woke up, I looked at the time and it was 11:04 and then I heard the closet door open Not actually real it's just really creepy