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My name is Jay and I just want to have fun being dumb

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  1. gacha pinky

    gacha pinky43 minutes ago

    Me Watching this at night:ummm its already night jay Jay: say that when your about go to sleep

  2. THE_RickyReiter

    THE_RickyReiter43 minutes ago

    I mean, doesn’t minor just refer to under 18 or 16 or whatever, why jay keep caller her 12? I mean I don’t care but I was just thinking about it

  3. meester_waluigi

    meester_waluigi43 minutes ago

    Wow she is a minor and a fangirl for someone shorter who is I think adult

  4. Shai The Witch

    Shai The Witch44 minutes ago

    This is great I'm so excited to see your progress. I'm on my journey too homeboy.

  5. Naily Joe

    Naily Joe44 minutes ago

    Sky is a minor

  6. Ashley Real

    Ashley Real45 minutes ago

    Can you do more videos of you reacting to scary animations please.


    BABY_ GOLDEN _TOES45 minutes ago

    People saying sky is fictional she's based off a real person and is 12 you guys should be on a fbi watchlist.

  8. xXJohn_is_the_besttXx

    xXJohn_is_the_besttXx45 minutes ago

    I think someone do a meme of jay just screaming like a girl in 24 hours in zavodila mfm ( by the way mfm is mid fight masses )

  9. Christine Kinney

    Christine Kinney45 minutes ago

    I love the ammunition store I watch them every single day

  10. Uwu Owo

    Uwu Owo46 minutes ago

    Holy crap Jay just beat matt on his FIRST TRY

  11. Dalia Yuston

    Dalia Yuston46 minutes ago

    Kokona:he..he.. HIHI PLSS EGHJUQAGWUADGHW this scene is in 7:17 btw

  12. xXJohn_is_the_besttXx

    xXJohn_is_the_besttXx47 minutes ago

    16:37 kindergartens can't beat that but I can

  13. What Mom

    What Mom47 minutes ago

    You should try to finish the alphabet challenge

  14. Snail Crossing

    Snail Crossing47 minutes ago

    Sky is psycho sky-

  15. オビトうちは

    オビトうちは49 minutes ago

    4:30 the mha fangirls when mha is done:

  16. Jack Hutchison

    Jack Hutchison49 minutes ago

    Is it sad that if you Google sky FNF and you scroll down on the images just a little while you can actually find R 34

  17. Disxgustxing

    Disxgustxing49 minutes ago

    A wise man once told my its not my fault my Egg is shaped like a head

  18. starrlyn reynolds

    starrlyn reynolds51 minute ago


  19. Dave Swanson

    Dave Swanson52 minutes ago

    1. Steal someone’s phone 2. Take some underwear pictures 3. Self-report yourself

  20. broccoli aesthetic strawberry

    broccoli aesthetic strawberry53 minutes ago

    Sky looks like she's bf SISTA? I mean look at her hair

  21. Phoebe

    Phoebe53 minutes ago

    I had to turn my volume down

  22. Jeremiah Archibald

    Jeremiah Archibald54 minutes ago

    Shy do be like yundare tho

  23. tania δຶᴖ δຶ

    tania δຶᴖ δຶ55 minutes ago

    guys i think skys a minor

  24. Vivian Huang

    Vivian Huang55 minutes ago

    i'm so hyped for this

  25. Samir Monreal

    Samir Monreal56 minutes ago

    The girl is scared because ruv Mic is not on and he's screaming

  26. Ash Hallen

    Ash Hallen56 minutes ago

    She's cute lmao

  27. clueless 77

    clueless 7756 minutes ago

    yay jay got his basket ball skills back :D

  28. KIee isthatbruhgirl

    KIee isthatbruhgirl57 minutes ago

    The person who made sky is a minor and the real character she made is apperently 1 in a 19 year olds body shes also 13 irl now

  29. Random STUFF69

    Random STUFF6957 minutes ago

    222 likes NICE

  30. MrBacon

    MrBacon57 minutes ago

    I was able to complete this on easy mode somehow it was a lot of pain but I mean I did it without failing somehow

  31. Lanz Saceda

    Lanz Saceda57 minutes ago

    Jay can you play outlast? Both 1 and 2 if you have the time, I hope you see this thank you

  32. Lying GREMLIN

    Lying GREMLIN58 minutes ago

    Another day,woke up,bruahed my teeth and face,made breakfast, organized my room,AND STILL NO 50K I CANT ANYMORE-

  33. Wolfaria

    Wolfaria58 minutes ago

    I swear to god you have and always will be my favorite youtuber. This is so motivating man. I have been wanting to do a weight loss journey and I feel joining my favorite youtuber would motivate me

  34. Ultimate Despair

    Ultimate Despair58 minutes ago

    This gave me motivation to start a schedule for my friend and I. Thank you Jay.

  35. Darshil K. C.

    Darshil K. C.58 minutes ago

    imagine if this was not spammable

  36. MaybeAGamer

    MaybeAGamer59 minutes ago

    SKY 👏 IS 👏 A 👏 MINOR 👏

  37. Rikka Takanashi

    Rikka Takanashi59 minutes ago

    fun fact: sky is an actual little girl irl

  38. Myusernameistheway YT

    Myusernameistheway YTHour ago

    Ruv vs ruv Cause why not

  39. Asia Moonz

    Asia MoonzHour ago

    She a mini yandere for the boyfriend But dang gf savage




  41. • K u r o u z u •

    • K u r o u z u •Hour ago

    the fact that the same 50k people who liked the drv3 series aren't liking the latest episodes :cry:

  42. Pan

    PanHour ago

    Haven't watched you in 3 years good to know your still great

  43. mr.ruster duster

    mr.ruster dusterHour ago

    Jay go like *chck* *chck* PLA PLA PLA

  44. Christopher Lopez perez

    Christopher Lopez perezHour ago

    Did jag leave the golden apple in the chest??!!?

  45. Ellie Ghaffari

    Ellie GhaffariHour ago

    i love this guy

  46. Reygenne

    ReygenneHour ago

    his head is shaped like an egg doe

  47. A person Man

    A person ManHour ago

    “Missing is like speaking French, I don,t know how” 5:37

  48. ǫᴜɪɴʟɪɴ ʜᴀɴᴅʟᴇʀ_ 9000

    ǫᴜɪɴʟɪɴ ʜᴀɴᴅʟᴇʀ_ 9000Hour ago

    7:45 23:40 how hyped and excited he's getting is low-key kinda cute omg lol

  49. Na Da

    Na DaHour ago

    Ayy you about to be on your hot girl summer type shii 🔥🔥🔥

  50. Jubbano

    JubbanoHour ago

    I just noticed how clean and smooth the bf and gf are. They are HD.

  51. Kayden King

    Kayden KingHour ago

    I will never enjoy rude titles

  52. Heartcakes production

    Heartcakes productionHour ago

    Dang the last couple dangnronpa vids like got 50k except for the one before this. Oop why did it get 83 dislikes tho? And only 37k. Me is TRIGGERED NOBODY BE WATCHING.

  53. Zarah Add.

    Zarah Add.Hour ago


  54. Uzumaki Kohana

    Uzumaki KohanaHour ago


  55. Mileena

    MileenaHour ago

    Jay, Evil Nun 2 has been out for a few months, will you play it on your channel?

  56. 「 神 」

    「 神 」Hour ago

    i joined expecting wii sports man, got rick rolled with jay's personal lyrics. life is nice.

  57. crazy_kitty_cosplays 1

    crazy_kitty_cosplays 1Hour ago

    corpse x jay

  58. Carlex Taxi

    Carlex TaxiHour ago

    “Sky is a minor” Rule 34 artists: *I’ll just pretend that I didn’t see that.*

  59. x.aziawaroki.x

    x.aziawaroki.xHour ago

    jay: IM A GOD also jay: *crys* WHAT IS THIS

  60. Fat Marshmellow

    Fat MarshmellowHour ago

    No joke my only sons name is Jasper too 😱😱😱

  61. Alexa Holloman

    Alexa HollomanHour ago

    sky why r u trying to be ur brother girlfriend xd

  62. Aries varney

    Aries varneyHour ago

    imagine your egg being shaped like a head couldn't be me

  63. Sythe

    SytheHour ago

    I'm a simp for sky

  64. Kenzi Barakat

    Kenzi BarakatHour ago

    Nobody going in a death not today- or else their hand that they write with would fall off ;-;

  65. jjastro

    jjastroHour ago

    Did y’all remember that sky is a minor?

  66. vminkook is life

    vminkook is lifeHour ago

    Boys be screaming like girls lol

  67. Flowerfell Frisk

    Flowerfell FriskHour ago

    Man bro girlfriend be a savage tho also love your videos Jay you that dude!!

  68. Grape Panta

    Grape PantaHour ago

    Anyways- remember sky is a minor 😕👊

  69. WeriBird

    WeriBirdHour ago

    To get good ending bar needs to be full

  70. Mark Gonzales

    Mark GonzalesHour ago

    i just realized teruteru's x mark on his portrait looks life a knife and a fork intersecting

  71. the nightmare animator x

    the nightmare animator xHour ago

    Sky is not a minor

  72. DRAGONMEYAH YT wildcraft

    DRAGONMEYAH YT wildcraftHour ago

    If sky and boyfriend fuse? Im talking about steven universe here lol

  73. o Goide

    o GoideHour ago

    Jay you want something hard huh play xchara mod you will suffer i bet my ass you can cook it if you beat it

  74. Unknown

    UnknownHour ago

    Whitty reference: 4:29

  75. Sara Chmielewski

    Sara ChmielewskiHour ago

    hey Jay, it was Meander with an M :)

  76. Lia-chan

    Lia-chanHour ago

    Great job Jay! Keep going I know you can your a very strong youtuber also YOUR THAT DUDE!!!!!!!

  77. Kendra Joyce Lato

    Kendra Joyce LatoHour ago

    Comrade elmo has join the chat*

  78. Nou Soneca girl Nezuko シ

    Nou Soneca girl Nezuko シHour ago

    Water and fire it Will turn to Americans Xd

  79. cqitlin

    cqitlinHour ago

    fun fact: the reason why it says "Sky is a minor" on the download page is because when the mod released people were spamming r34 of sky in the discord server (this is on her wiki btw)

  80. EmilyIsAway

    EmilyIsAwayHour ago

    Second song seriously sounds like skys having a tempur tantrum and sky just smashed the notes and made the song sound good And bf's voice sounds more calm its like hes trying to calm her down